We can beat this stumper/ Edith Ohaja

Following the news can be quite depressing, especially now that the Nigerian economy is in the doldrums. This is largely tied to our misplaced dependence on oil as the mainstay of our economy. Many people's expectations of employment, increase and promotion are hanging. Some are even losing their means of livelihood. My heart goes out to everyone who is trapped by the hard times. I know, however, that this is not the end of the road for us as individuals and as a nation. I am hopeful that we will get to the end of the tunnel and see brighter days ahead in the near future.

My hope is predicated on my faith in the living God who loves this country and who has proven this time and again by pulling us from the brink. As part of His love for Nigeria, God has specially equipped us with the attributes we need to survive harrowing times and come out stronger. And what our abilities cannot produce or fix, His miracle-working power will see to.
Our part is to be submissive to Him, to be sensitive to His direction and to take whatever practical steps He asks us to in order to address our economic challenges. As individuals begin to do this, the aggregate effect will transform the nation. That idea you get in your closet as you soak in His presence may turn you into the next Dangote and we'll all be the better for it.
It's true that the government has a crucial role to play in bringing economic prosperity through prudent use of resources, strategic partnerships with other nations and investment in key sectors, but let's not fold our hands and wait for the government to spoon-feed us. We should harness what God has deposited in us and we'll be amazed at where we'll be as individuals and as a nation in no time. 
Here's a short cheery poem I did that encapsulates what I've said so far with greater certitude. I wish you all a blessed day.
Nigerians are so resilient
Even when times are inconvenient 
They brace up, they tend to rally
They don't recline in the valley 
They have this sense of humour 
No wonder they are seldom dour 
They believe that come what may
They'll surely see a brighter day 
So since crude has lost the power
To pump in cash for our land to flower
Nigerians will show their prowess
We'll beat this stumper 'cause we've got the grace