At some point, you doubt

Questions creep into your mind

To brood actions that may not seem necessary

Keep doing it

Profits are often suspended

So that you'd know the joy gained

Eventually when achievement calls

Keep doing it

I have seen men shed rivers of tears

And this for wastes in opportunities

When they look back, it's all regrets

Keep doing it

Had they tarried awhile

Had they taking a further step, probably a little more

The sun like glistening stars would have crowned their heads

Keep doing it

Emulate my life

For I've never been rich by world standard

But I've never been poor by poor standard

For all the wealth out there, never my pocket dry

Because I kept doing it.

Patrick Nwadike is a member of Writers Cave, Tokyo.


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Re: Keep Doing It
Aguabata posted on 10-09-2011, 11:50:57 AM
Nice one. keep doing it!
Re: Keep Doing It
Chi2 posted on 10-09-2011, 17:35:04 PM
The poem is inspirational and it has a narrative seamlessly woven with philosophical touch. It is a poem that has a lot to learn from. It is accessible and vivid. It conveys feelings, reflections, and mood. You achieved these poetic ingredients through careful choice of words.

A true treat.
Re: Keep Doing It
Prof penkelemess posted on 10-09-2011, 18:07:03 PM

poems should be.... inacessible...

and Patchos' was !

That#s why I like it.

gerd - NEVER and so on ...
Re: Keep Doing It
Chi2 posted on 10-09-2011, 19:39:47 PM
@Prof Penkelemess

When all poems become riddle and inaccessible, those of us, without sufficient intellectual equipment to decode such poems will mourn for the day we were born. If you have a tremendous reservoir of sympathy for people like us, while writing a poem, you must make a few lines lucid, and at the same time spice other lines with poetic trigonometry for higher mind like yourself.
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