When the night came

We hid in torsos, the world turns

It was a hard surface but our tears rusted the floor pan

And licked water, rain water that escaped turned to blood

Let us imagine the death of a bulldozer

That bulldozer that ratcheted up noisily; that bleated the world ears

That night, from a cemented hole, he came out searching for air, and found his death

But not so easy a death, for they pierced his nostrils to make him look yuppie, rubbed lipstick on his lips, and pierced his ass, no, his anus with a barman’s sharp knife.

The ship stowaway from Empire Building became a darling of sorts

Until another night came in some distant desert

A haze of smoke ensconced this barricaded being

A representative of Augustus Caesar

But never mind who he represents

He ventured out, smoked out like Saddamy Hussein

He must have taken a plunge on the street

Why the great fall down these days on the street, like Wall Street?

Patrick Nwadike

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