They say I’m a congenital robber

I’m branded as an unrepentant kidnapper

That I churn out babies to be sold

Because I worship god of gold

I’m the architect of every fake

The defective item is my make

If there’s a Nobel for the dubious best

I’ll win it without much contest

My tents extend to the farthermost borders

I’m always the first to implement orders

I compel water even in desert places

With my charm and industrious aces

I command the hard forbidden ground

With incantations my forebears found

I brood and nurture and watch over it

Till it delivers the bounties I must eat

In a fit of madness; I sold my ease

I had to buy the Golden Fleece

To the ends of the earth was I primed to go

It’s the path the tribe is fitted to toe

Despite my hefty sacrifice

And the massive price of remaining nice

Each time they seek a scapegoat to kill

I’m always the one that fits the bill

I want to run; they won’t let me

They threaten to break my weakened knee

If the track of my life must come to a close

It will be on terms I freely chose