Those who are in a hurry are out there

They wait for traffic light to turn green

So they could cross, stopping other harriers

Originally stopped by the red light

Not him, for he's found a new religion

It is called slow living

Such that he must use his senses

And cross the other side without waiting for that green light.

Patrick Nwadike is a member, Writers Cave, Tokyo.


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Re: Exalted Senses Of The Mad
Anwulika posted on 10-23-2011, 07:49:47 AM

How refreshing! Please make your poetry a regular, Patrick. I really look forward to reading them and I know others do as well.

Like the ''yam'' poem, this one is also multidimensional (like most great poems) which I REALLY love.

I have read it a couple of times not because there is no understanding but that I enjoy it so much and a beautiful thing happens each time I takes on a different meaning...every time!

Thanks for sharing.
Re: Exalted Senses Of The Mad
Prof penkelemess posted on 10-23-2011, 16:57:13 PM

hadnt thought of it befoo !
will do so now, or rather NOT,
in memory of Andre Breton Hans Arp and the rest...

if that is allowed...

keep the good work goin'


Obelix Gerd - never anonymous: NEVA!


you did not plagiarize from ??? WHO again ???

I forgot - entirely.

was it W.S from that Igbo poet or the other way round ?

No, it was the poet Shehu Sh. from Hafiz:

they were both heavy smokers,

and that proves...

WHAT ???
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