I was shown a model of paradise

Unparalleled in beauty, unmatched in size

Earmarked for victims of the status quo

The possessed, the dispossessed: that pitiable duo

Haunted by the prospect of hell on earth

Hunted by the usurpers of our commonwealth

With each viewing, my longing grew

Till I was ready to explode like fermented brew

Along came this gangling dude

With piercing eyes and a sour mood

Here was the architect and promoter of paradise

One with a reputation for hating lies

He promised to transport me to that abode of bliss

Where everything happens with ordered ease

But I had to pledge him my love and loyalty

In return for a foretaste of abundance and serenity

“Away with that drunken, clueless one!” he urged

Even as the hormones of longing and desire surged

I had to unceremoniously dump my companion of six years

As a darling who couldn’t cure my crippling fears

I left him with the sad eyes of a jilted lover

Though he still sported that smile that first won me over

Now I must endure the new man’s grouchy demeanour

If only to escape this stifling squalor

And so began my adventure with the familiar stranger

A journey I was certain was fraught with danger

Barely six poles away the vehicle came to a stop

The longsuffering contraption had finally given up

From his body language I knew there was no replacement

Adventure had swiftly transmogrified into predicament

Then he began railing at my erstwhile companion

Taunting me for having been his accomplice and minion

“Under him, mindless corruption abounded

And he’s responsible for our being grounded”

“Duped!” My present fate without a shadow of doubt

“Stranded,” but I must now wangle my way out

I’ve aborted this ill-fated voyage to ignominy

I must return to make amends for my sin of calumny