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A jury convicted a Laurel woman late today of taking part in an extortion scheme against a neurosurgeon with whom she had an affair. Queen Nwoye, 28, was accused of conspiring to extort $180,000 from Ikemba Iweala, a doctor at Providence Hospital. Prosecutors said Nwoye and a partner - who has not been charged in the case - threatened to reveal the affair unless Iweala turned over the money. Iweala, who is married, paid the money but then alerted authorities, prosecutors said.

Jurors deliberated less than two hours before returning their verdict. Nwoye likely faces a prison term of 30 to 37 months under federal sentencing guidelines, prosecutors said. U.S. District Judge Ellen S. Huvelle set a Jan. 18 sentencing date.

The 59-year-old Nigerian neurosurgeon at Providence Hospital confessed that he started an affair with Nwoye, a nurse who hailed from his native country.

He told the jury yesterday that his stupidity sullied his and his family's reputation and seriously wounded his marriage.

"Things will never be the same," a frail-looking, gray-bearded Iweala said with a sigh as he testified this week. "I am still married. . . . But I feel very angry at myself. And, I have lost a lot of money."

Iweala hoped to conceal the affair and protect his community standing in the United States and in Nigeria, he acknowledged to prosecutors. Other members of his family, based in the cozy suburb of Potomac and with high profiles in their own fields, had much at stake as well.

His wife, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, is a former foreign and finance minister for Nigeria and a veteran employee of the World Bank. She is a Harvard-educated economist and was mentioned as a possible successor to Paul D. Wolfowitz, who resigned as president in June. This month, the new World Bank president, Robert B. Zoellick, made her one of his top deputies.

Uzodinma Iweala, the couple's son, who graduated from St. Albans and Harvard, is the author of the critically acclaimed "Beasts of No Nation," his first novel. The fictionalized story of an African child warrior was released last year.

Nwoye insisted that she, too, was a victim.

Testifying in her own defense, she admitted yesterday that she helped collect the money and helped her boyfriend, Adriane Osuagwu, pretend to be her cousin so he could conceal his identity. But with a sullen face and insistent cries, Nwoye testified that she was powerless to resist the orders of Osuagwu, whom she described as a physically abusive, controlling man and as the scheme's mastermind.

"This is a sad case," Nwoye's attorney, John Iweanoge, told jurors in opening statements earlier in the week. "You're going to hear evidence of adultery, no question. You're going to hear about money going into Ms. Nwoye's accounts."

But, the defense attorney continued, "Ms. Nwoye was a victim too, She made the mistake of her life falling in love in the middle of a divorce with the wrong man."

According to court papers, the story began in early 2002 when Nwoye, then a nurse in training, noticed the doctor's name in a hospital directory. She said she recognized Iweala as a fellow Nigerian and introduced herself. They became friends, and, in September 2002, they became lovers. The sexual relationship ended in August 2003, they both say, but their friendship continued.

Nearly three years later, in February 2006, Iweala testified, he received a surprise call from Nwoye. She told Iweala that he must call her cousin "Ufondu" in Georgia. It was then that "Ufondu," an alias that the nurse's new boyfriend was using, demanded that the doctor pay $20,000 or he would tell Iweala's wife about the affair. Within a week, the man demanded another $20,000, prosecutors said.

On March 10, 2006, Nwoye called Iweala to suggest that they meet because "she said she had not had sex in a while," according to court papers. While the two were having sex in the parking lot in Nwoye's car, someone approached and began taking photographs. That night, "Ufondu" called Iweala again to demand an additional $100,000, the court papers said.

Iweala said the demands by "Ufondu" continued. Authorities say Nwoye picked up some of the checks and cash and deposited the money into her and her boyfriend's bank accounts. "There is a lot I could have done," she told the jury. "I really wanted something to be done, but I couldn't help myself."

Iweala brought the case to the FBI's attention and agreed to help authorities in the prosecution. "He felt compelled to bring the culprits to justice in order to prevent others from falling prey to a similar scheme," said Iweala's attorney, Vincent Cohen.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Angela Hart-Edwards told jurors that the case is not about getting the money back. "That's gone," she said.

One unanswered question for the jury so far concerns the boyfriend, Osuagwu. If he orchestrated this extortion plot along with the nurse, as the government alleges, where is he, and why hasn't he been charged, too?

"Beats me," Nwoye's attorney said. "I'm surprised he's not here now, as a defendant."

Prosecutors declined to comment on why Osuagwu has not been charged.


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Re: Ikemba Iweala in sex extortion update:
Fjord posted on 11-03-2007, 15:02:14 PM
This is the 3rd thread on this matter. Very interesting. Of course, we see this item so much and it becomes un-ignorable. Beyond the lessons of faithfulness in a committed relationship and one supported by the force of legal law like marriage, not submitting to extortion, and the stupidity of disturbing the peace - or, what else to call it - in a parking lot, why should this be a big news item?

The Iwealas should be left to sort themselves out through these difficult times; and Ikemba Iweala ought to be allowed to bear his disgrace with some measure of - how to say it? - dignity. If it's news to the Washington post, it ought not to be big news to Nigerians. In this matter, the American way is rotten; the French way, though, is better. The biggest thing going for this piece of, er, news is Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala's name.
Re: Ikemba Iweala's sex extortion update: Queen Nwoye Convicted
OmoNaija posted on 11-03-2007, 16:23:28 PM
Ikemba Iweala has suffered enough being shown as a silly old fool and losing $180k to boot. Perhaps its time for all of us to leave the Iwealas alone to heal in private. Maybe there is a lesson here to learn from some of us as well.

As for Queen Iwonye, I have no sympathy for her predicament except hope that she spends her time in prison reflecting on her actions and comes out a better person. To deliberately lure a married man into an affair is repugnant enough, following that with extortion for money merely confirms she's a common prositute.
Re: Ikemba Iweala's sex extortion update: Queen Nwoye Convicted
Mikky jaga posted on 11-03-2007, 17:31:06 PM
Some things are very expensive! Just a romp in the park for $180k, not even in a five star hotel!!. The man must be real mugu. If anyone knows his address, they should give me. I believe there is more to be got from where that one came from.

I have a cream that will remove all his grey beard one time and make him look young again, if he can only cough out $200k. It is a sure remedy that never fails, and madam Iweala will love him more for it.

So, over to you guys.
Re: Ikemba Iweala's sex extortion update: Queen Nwoye Convicted
Abraxas posted on 11-03-2007, 17:46:47 PM
Hi, folks!

I wonder what impact this scandal has had on Dr. (Mrs) Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala's sexual lifestyle: 100% celibacy? Corner-corner love? Hired nubile congo shining young gigolos? I wonder.... Poor Ngo.


Don Juan-Carlos ABRAXAS (III)
Re: Ikemba Iweala's sex extortion update: Queen Nwoye Convicted
Zanderlex posted on 11-03-2007, 19:05:23 PM
Oh poor man! !. All dogs eat **** but when you eat and stain your mouth then you become **** eating dog. In Nigeria this would have been a no issue.
Re: Ikemba Iweala's sex extortion update: Queen Nwoye Convicted
Okenikpoto posted on 11-03-2007, 19:11:22 PM
I am most suprised at the unfortunate escapade of Dr. Iweala. It stints with irresponsibility, callousness and a loose lifestyle. That he would be involving himself in an extramarital affair knowing the dangers thereof is very unfortunate.

To Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and my good friend, Uzodinnma, they have to brave up to the embarassment the acts of their father has brought to them.

Let them accept him back and still give him all the respect he deserves because, were he Oyinbo, this is enough for him to jump into the river.

For the Nwonye girl that has brought herself into this mess, let her serve her sentence; at lease it will help her learn a lesson never to put asunder into what God has joined together.

May God help us not to fall into this kind of temptation ooo.
Re: Ikemba Iweala's sex extortion update: Queen Nwoye Convicted
Oguguo Yakere posted on 11-03-2007, 20:18:06 PM
This has nothing to add or substract from the Nigeria problem that we should be more concerned about. Let those who want to waste their time on this private issue Pm each other.
Enough said about a private matter.
Re: Ikemba Iweala's sex extortion update: Queen Nwoye Convicted
Oloye posted on 11-03-2007, 20:52:46 PM
Good job NVS for publishing this story.

Please never mind the two or three sanctimonious, self-righteous, goody-goody, people who enjoyed reading the story (some even three times) and then complain that the story should not have been published because it has been around enough or has nothing to do with Nigeria problems. Was NVS established to publish "nigerian problems" only?

When will people stop trying to dictate to NVS what is important to publish and what is "nigerian problem"? The same people read hundreds of stories on NVS on OBJ, Orji Kalu, Artiku, Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, Ijaw stories and they never complain. Give me a break please!

This is a story about Nigerians and I am glad it is published.
If you have seen the story before many months ago, there are JJCs who are seeing it for the first time, so don't complain that it has been published three times before.
Re: Ikemba Iweala's sex extortion update: Queen Nwoye Convicted
JAGA-JAGA posted on 11-03-2007, 21:42:51 PM
At 59 with grown up children and a stable home, this man decided to play around or rather be seduced by Queen Nwoye. This is unfortunate and I would prevail on the family to please forgive him and rehabilitate him. I'm sure he has learnt his lessons not to play with fire. Imagine what is now going through his mind since this matter became public and how he would cope with family and relations/friends.

However, my only joy is that the so called seducer/adultress Queen Nwoye would cool off behind the bars. After her prison terms are over, I believe she should go and get married to Osuagwu as she claims or forever bemoan what will befall her.
Re: Ikemba Iweala's sex extortion update: Queen Nwoye Convicted
Fjord posted on 11-03-2007, 22:13:34 PM
Reading comprehension problems abound almost everywhere; they're more likely to manifest in people who have some access to long words via dictionaries, online and elsewhere, and an Internet connection where they can punish their fingers at the expense of their brains. What has infected the fingers has probably also infected the head, because fellows as that insist on making a diagnosis of enjoyment, including the rather curious knowledge that people they've never met have read hundreds of articles on matters Nigerian. One danger for such posters is the inability to differentiate between matters of national and rational importance to that of - how to say it - bodily orifices.

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