The Way forward For Nigeria is Spiritual Healing 

Something is surely wrong with a country that is politically rich, but is financially and morally bankrupt. It takes a matured mind to know that, you cannot fight spiritual matters with your muscles, prison, or any physical thing. You only turn to the maker of heaven and earth for divine direction, greater grace, and wisdom. This writer has the strong conviction that God does not torpedo a good plan that would better his people. Rather, the devil does, through his demonic agents, people who are nefarious that built the present seat of power in Nigeria. Every community is destined to have leaders, both present and future, so the question is where are the people to lead Nigeria? It will amount to a blatant lie for anyone to say that, God did not give leaders, to Nigeria after the enormous wealth bestowed on the nation. 

Our attitude determines our altitude, so we need God's grace right now to direct our attitude as we go into year 2007. Good leaders were not, or are not given the opportunity to lead Nigeria. Late Pa Awolowo, is an example of a magnanimous person, a man with vision who led the West of Nigeria into educational limelight and civilization, but was denied total leadership of Nigeria. How would any body explain a child of 46 years (Nigeria) is still groping in this modern age and time? Indeed, the nation remains as a neophyte. Furthermore, we hear that someone like OBJ who managed a diaphanous government with disciplined track record up to 1979 is different today in leadership. We're shocked and astonished to read in the dailies that, OBJ used oil money to buy his concubines jeep. If these stories are true, then, there is a spiritual problem. However, if these stories were not true, why would OBJ shut his eyes to the wanton destruction of lives and government properties by hoodlums and they go scot-free when the nation's Police are controlled by Presidency? Another observation is that, Nigerians put themselves in a gossamer position hence most of them speak negatively about any person in authority. Guess what, years after the person is out of office, the poll on the same person changes. This writer reiterated just before now, that most Nigerians lack good sense of judgment because the analytical skills are lost in them. They are inept in analyzing issues and what they specialize in is censuring people. Thus, no matter how good someone is, the mere fact that, he is not from your region; he can never be national hero. When the electorates take voting bribe from a demagogue, don't they know that the man must get his investment back, if so from where? In essence, the electorates making all the noise are party to the looting. It's disturbing to hear recently from Dr. Nwaiwu Obiyo, medical adviser of Norvatis Pharmaceuticals that, Nigeria spends over 132 billion naira yearly on malaria. Honestly, should normal human-beings be reminded to clean their environment to reduce mosquitoes that spreads malaria? Years back when the Idiagbon/Buhari introduced sanitation, they were berated, and the next silly administration that discouraged this useful exercise was healed. Isn't this enough to say that, many Nigerians are mad people? If 50% of 132bn is invested yearly on agriculture, can you imagine how this would elevate hunger? 

It's true, management problems in Nigeria are numerous despite all the education we posses. Being foolish is not only at govt. offices. A young man with a suitcase of certificates was invited to manage a failed bank. The first thing this man did was to buy himself a Lexus Jeep to enable him pose in public. Of course, the bank did not see the light of the day as it has since been swept away. Apparently, the man failed to realize that buying the Lexus jeep at the commencement of that assignment further exacerbated the tiny capital of the failed bank. The consequence of this is that many careers have been ruined and they are out of job today. Instances abound of the inability of most people not been able to transfer the supposedly "knowledge" to real life situation. In another instance, you will think that there is knowledge in a person who graduated from a Federal University much before age 30, was a senior manager in a huge corporation. Ironically, this man went back to school to grab a law degree, and his age is in the same bracket with present world leaders. When you sat him down to discuss simple matters in year 2006, you surely observed mountain of stupidity instead of wisdom in him. Looking at the West of Nigeria that is synonymous with the best education in Nigeria, you will imagine that these people understand a Constitution. What we see today is the drama of impeachment today; then, court nullifies it tomorrow and impeachment again the following day. Of course, violence accompanies all these. A situation where crime is being orchestrated by the hierarchy is a shame. Recently, Abuja had to place his hammer on both the corrupt and those that are nonchalant in following laid down impeachment process. Even within the Presidency, the feud between Atiku/OBJ is absolute nonsense coming from leaders of a nation.  

One school of thought thinks that, the saga is a lesson to future Aso Rock occupiers. Thus, no amount of cogitation will hide the truth forever. When they become "pregnant" by stuffing their stomach with stolen funds, to cover that pregnancy with one hand becomes impossible. However, other thinkers believe that, the level of disagreement is shameful to the nation. A country that has Traditional Council with supposedly wise men, dispute in the Presidency could decay to this extent without their timely intervention to resolve the matter, yet they have the effrontery to want to be called "Royal Fathers." It's time to close that Institution considering the fact that, they're no more relevant to governance in Nigeria, and most of their actions in terms of mismanagement in their various domains gave rise to the formation of youths today. Moreover, the experts had repeatedly told us that the shorter the management chain, the more effective it is, so what is the role of the traditional rulers right now? In all of these, there is spiritual problem ravaging the nation, and only spiritual healing will ameliorate it. When decision makers cannot be tutored in management because new ideas can no longer be inculcated into them, and the status quo cannot change at this point, the way forward is spiritual healing. 

Malcontent Nigerians should join voices with this writer to appeal to OBJ to seek spiritual healing before Jan. 1, 2007. We can only extirpate that evil spirit through fervent prayers and terminate the devil with his addresses in Aso Rock, the National Assembly, and the airport in Abuja. OBJ should organize a committee to provide security and cleanse Abuja. Both OBJ and Atiku should leave Abuja and let the purity run through Friday to Sunday. The Muslims will take their turn on Friday, while Christians will end this cleansing on Sunday. All other religion that could not participate in either of these days will then take their turn on Saturday. When the nation receives spiritual healing, Nigerians would desist from diatribe and be focused. They will engage in constructive criticism. Nigerians will be able to achieve excellence, which is the mediocrity of yesterday. The political contestants would clearly address their campaign managers and instruct them to avoid blood-shed during political rallies and voting. The human diversity will become a blessing to the nation as it is in the United States of America. The nation's resources will be harnessed to improve the standard of living of Nigerians. Remember there must always be conflict. However, conflict is a normal aspect of human interaction. Good managers use conflict to improve ideas but the timid managers rejoices in conflict and they use it to run people down and tear united people apart. If one side of the equation is clueless, then the only option is to turn to and uplift the spiritual rhythm of the people/nation. All we need as a people are in God's presence. We cannot continue to remain poor as a nation, kill ourselves over nothing, and mismanage our resources without making effort to know the exact cause that definitely is a spiritual problem and only spiritual healing is the solution. 

November 5, 2006 

Tosan Okotie

Lives in Texas, USA