It is quite clear that the elections currently going on in the country has nothing to do with taking the country to the "next level", bridging the gap between rich and poor or better governance. The clear desperation of all concerned shows that the country will not fundamentally change its trajectory from a failed state to an egalitarian and progressive one. 

Nigeria is still an unapologetic plutocracy and the will (if they still have one) of the people is ruthlessly gaslighted through shameful impositions orchestrated through monetary inducements and thugs who masquerade as security forces. And the tragedy of the whole scenario is that the people are active participants in their own oppression. In fact, the rather psychotic tendency of Nigerians to live vicariously through their leaders is legendary. They will risk their lives for "oga", some potentate or someone they consider a benefactor without counting the ultimate cost because of the immediate pecuniary advantage. The rulers get away with misrule mainly because the majority of people in Nigeria do not enjoy any form of stability in their lives and no matter what issues you consider in the form of basic index of human needs, most Nigerians are in dire desperation and willing to sell their souls in order to survive.  

What many overlook is that the nation or its geographical area was subjugated and its future mortgaged more than a hundred years ago. What happened at independence was simply a renegotiation of the original agreement between our leaders and the real masters of the country. The agreement was that the country should have the semblance of self-governance but with extremely weak or non-existent institutions that could accelerate its evolution into a self-sufficient and progressive entity. Though beneficial to the ruling class, this arrangement has challenged our effort at becoming a real nation. For example, how could an organization saddled with conducting elections be as ill-prepared as INEC despite the nauseating resources at its disposal and the fact that this is not the first election it is conducting? Postponing elections have become a national pastime without national protest. In fact, some of the most vociferous comments about the fairness of our electoral process are from outside the country. When American and European politicians or their surrogate institutions hover over our elections as "observers" and "approvers" of the legitimacy of our electoral process it is time to question our so-called independence. But don't be fooled. These angelic foreign powers have no iota of interest in our "national development", they care only about one thing - their political and economic interests. Just see how much care they have had for the Congo since its "independence".

The way Nigeria's leaders treat citizens during elections is a study in the absolute contempt they have for those whose permission they need to govern.  Citizens abandon their personal comforts to stand in the sun, rain or cold for hours (sometimes the whole day) in order to perform a civic duty without the guarantee of coming back home alive. Elections have become a theater for the demonstration of self-hatred that is at the heart of the African tragedy. They keep the people in the dark as to who really has the power to change Nigeria. They do this by enforcing a strict and ruthless hierarchy that is maintained by keeping the majority poor, ignorant and uneducated. It is from this army of the disenfranchised horde that the political class recruit into their brigades of shame. These thugs have become the bane of our political ascendancy.  Electoral violence never affects the leaders, only the pitiable and ignorant electorate. The day Nigerians wake up to the fact that their leaders are paper tigers who cannot last more than a couple of weeks at the onslaught of "people power" the country will change.

The current process of voter registration, card collection, card readers, accreditation and voting is an egregious citizen-abuse. It is too cumbersome and time wasting to participate in Nigeria's electoral process. The fragility of the system is so obvious that only a ruling class bent on maintaining political instability and a manipulatable, corrupt electoral process at the expense of the progress of the nation will continue with the current electoral process. 

The current president of the country has had the chance of signing a new electoral bill into law but failed to do so. The current electoral process ensures that the ruling class continues to be the beneficiary of a warped system that is an encumbrance to a hapless and obviously ignorant electorate. 

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