Global Igbo Alliance (GIA) is a coalition of various Igbo unions across the globe. GIA is a not-for profit

organization that includes advocates, technocrats and Igbo leaders from different parts of

the world. The objective of GIA is to protect and advance the legitimate rights of Igbos anywhere

in the world. These include the right to life, co-existence and right to peaceful and lawful assembly.

As a global advocacy and human rights group, GIA has a moral duty to intervene in the plight of

Igbos and human rights violations of Igbo people in Nigeria and diaspora.

The history of wanton massacres of Igbos in Nigeria dates back to 1945 and has continued till

date. It is on record that three hundred thousand Eastern Nigerians predominantly Igbos were

massacred in Northern Nigeria in July, and September 1966, and March 1967 in what has now

been recorded as Africa’s first massive pogrom of the 20th century.

The Igbo people whose population is estimated at 50 million have continued to endure random

and frequent massacres in towns, hamlets and cities across Northern Nigeria by irate northern

mobs, Boko-Haram terror group, Fulani herdsmen, and members of Nigeria’s security apparatus,

without provocation. Instances of such massacres are numerous and recorded. A Danish

cartoonist representation of Prophet Mohammed in faraway Denmark resulted in the massacre of

dozens of Igbos in Maiduguri in Northern Nigeria on 18th February, 2006. In April 2016, Fulani

herdsmen invaded Nimbo community and killed over 48 Igbo people in cold blood. In November

2016, France 24 Cable news broadcast showed live pictures of Nigeria’s army and Police

shooting unarmed Igbo boys and girls who were participating in a peaceful rally in the city of Aba.

The trauma and despair arising from the endless threats and actual acts of genocide against

Igbos is made worse by the fact that the perpetrators are never arrested or charged. GIA reserves

the right to take appropriate actions in protecting and advancing the inalienable rights of Igbo


The Recent Crisis in South East

Global Igbo Alliance condemns in the strongest terms the deployment of soldiers to the South

East by President Mohammadu Buhari without the requisite legislative approval as mandated by

the extant Constitution of Nigeria. The military invasion followed well-publicized “QUIT ORDER”

otherwise known as a warrant for genocide issued against all Igbos residing in Northern Nigeria

by the AREWA YOUTH FORUM (AYF). There has been no judicial action by the Nigerian

government to sanction AYF for threats of genocide and conversion, nor did the government bring

to book, originators of the genocidal song that emerged on social media against the Igbos.

GIA strongly condemns the military invasion of Mr. Nnamdi Kanu’s home and the kidnappings,

murders and the indignifying and inhuman treatment to which IPOB members and the larger

citizens of Abia State were subjected by Nigeria’s military. GIA demands that the federal

government and the Nigeria’s military produce Mr. Kanu alive or avail the people of Abia State

and the entire Igbo land of his corpse and those of his other family members who have been

missing since the unprovoked invasion.

The murders and other acts of indignity meted out to Kanu and his unarmed and harmless men

and family members in their home, do no admit of any justification under any domestic or

international humanitarian law and we consider these as crimes against humanity. We condemn

the branding of IPOB as a terrorist organization. The international community, including the United

Nations and the European Union have all rejected the idea of IPOB being a terrorist organization.

GIA stands firmly with these groups in their rejection.

We condemn further the cold murders of about 48 Igbos by the Fulani Herdsmen on 25

th of April, 2016 in Nimbo, Uzo-Uwani Local Government, Enugu State. We regret that none of the

perpetrators of this heinous and terrorist crime has been apprehended and/or prosecuted by the

relevant authorities.

We wish to remind Nigeria’s government that there is no statute of limitation against crimes

including international crime of genocide.

Global Igbo Alliance wishes to reaffirm the following positions:

1. We respect the rights to self-determination and/or regional autonomy and affirm

unequivocally that the current structure of Nigeria must be negotiated.

2. We will take appropriate actions at both local and international level to seek justice for the

Igbo people with respect to documented human rights violations.

Global Igbo Alliance demands the following:

1. Immediate release of Mr Nnamdi Kanu and his family members.

2. Nigerian police to produce Mr Bright Chimezie for his next court hearing in line with court

orders in this regard.

3. Independent judicial commission of inquiry into the allegations of torture, kidnappings,

murders, genocide and other acts of indignities by the Nigeria’s military against Igbo

youths during the invasion of Abia state.

4. Federal Government to liaise with families of the victims of Nimbo Uzo-Uwani massacre

for fair and appropriate compensations.


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