Of Chat Room Insults And Operant Conditioning/ Chief Olisa Metuh

O' boy, you see say some damn Nigerian youths are supporting those who looted their patrimony.

Really? That's good for democracy! No?

But the idiots and brainwashed PDP morons and irresponsible rats can't see past their noses. Why is it hard for them to fathom the carnage and corruption of these thieves and what they stole from everyone including them. You would think these lousy senseless idiots got a little food money from these greedy fat arrogant bastards to make then not see what's wrong. But the fact of the matter is, these little wannabe supporters of the common thieves are stupid and clueless.

"idiots", "morons" "irresponsible rats" "lousy senseless idiots" "arrogant bastards" "stupid and clueless": May I ask if the above expressions are for human beings on this our earth? With these expressions, how are you different from them?

Because when people actually look at what these young men are thinking and talking about ,what else describes them. Do you have a problem with that? If you do, maybe you need to sit down and read their trash . The problem with our people is no one is willing to say what they feel and you all want to be politically correct. Take the time to read their comments and you will be appalled that people who claim to have an education can reason like that. If it doesn't bother you, it does to me and millions of people. You can't tell me that people can see nothing wrong with a man that stole $400 million and they are angry he was handcuffed and brought to court. If that does not offend anyone's conscience I wonder what would.

Hmmm! I know that someone was brought before a court but I'm not aware that any Nigerian "stole $400 million". On a serious note, I will be bothered if such stealing took place. Still, I can communicate my fervent feelings without.....

Sorry I meant N400 million taken by Metuh. I guess I'm used to the dollar and that was a mistake.

My brother, I'm not sure how to address this. Did Metuh take or stole NGN400m? If he took NGN400m, was it wrong for him to have taken these millions? Why did he TAKE it? If he stole the money, from which vault? Who said that it was stolen?

Metuh was one of the principals that diverted N2.1 billion earmarked to purchase arms to equip the armed forces fighting insurgents at a time Nigerian soldiers faced off against better armed and determined Boko Haram terrorists. The money was basically shared among 8 men or so......When can people see wrong and call it exactly what it is? Fraud, corruption and outright stealing is an epidemic in Nigeria because politicians and people in power have no fear of consequences. This fraud was uncovered by the new Buhari administration that innocent soldiers were slaughtered because they were sent into battle with inferior weapons and lost their lives doing so. Where is the justice for these soldiers and their families? Why should a group of greedy men share this money with no fear of consequences under a Jonathan led administration? That's a national outrage and may I also add that more than 60 soldiers were sentenced to death for refusing to fight with inferior weapons and we're court- marshaled. These are men with families trying to do their jobs but were betrayed by greedy remorseless men. If my calling the supporters of these men names you found horrible, excuse me. I have a first cousin in the armed forces in Nigeria and why should I expect him to die fighting with inferior weapons when he should have all the means to protect himself and the country. These kids are all over Facebook complaining about a thief in handcuffs because he is Ibo. Where is their anger on how these past governments have destroyed the country buying properties in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Europe and USA and sending their children and relatives to expensive private schools. The stupidity is looking at these people's profiles, many list self employed as their occupation which in Nigeria for the most part is jobless......are they not angry that money that may or could have provided them jobs and opportunities went into private pockets? I generally don't get into their little comments but I was outraged reading their support for a thief that was caught and asked to return his loot, refused and became belligerent . That's why he was handcuffed. The others were in court with police escorts in Black Marias as the law stated. So, these people need to understand the damage these greedy thieves have done to the country, the families of slain soldiers and victims of terror attacks and abductions because of insufficient and lack of modern and reliable military equipment to do their jobs.

I read all you've written above but Metuh had said that he did not steal. Don't you think that it is better we wait for the court to decide what actually happened? Receiving NGN400m is not the same as stealing up until a court says so. No?

Ok! Let him go to court and tell the EFCC how that money ended up in his account and what he did to work for it. That's not for us to decide. He is guilty until proven innocent which is a tough task because the money trail ended up in his account as one of the beneficiaries.

Well, I don't think anyone is guilty of anything until proven innocent. Courts exist to say who is guilty or not. And he need not go to court. The case and Metuh is already in Nigeria court. Is he not the guy that was brought to court with handcuffs? So, let the court decide.

That's my point. Let him plead his case. I said he is guilty until proven innocent because the presumption of innocence is typically with the defendant there. I don't agree with that but in the court of general opinion, he is. Many Ibos are upset he came to court in handcuffs while the others did not. The police said he was violent and they had to restrain him, it should not offend anyone. Even non violent offenders are brought to court here in the US in handcuffs and no one uses their status to come to court with an entourage and this is what these men are expecting.

Suspects all over the world are normally placed on handcuffs with some, even behind their backs. It shouldn't be an issue. I look forward to reading Metuh's defense. In court decision only, I stand. If the court decides that he is a thief, I will call him a thief. Where the court says otherwise, then, he is not a thief. Until then, he is a suspect. Thanks!


I also want you to observe that we've just been having a conversation. You did not in any way insult me, neither did I. That is how it should be. Have a nice week ahead!

Thanks a lot and I appreciate your understanding of the situation. You're a very astute and intelligent person and the dialogue we had shows someone that seeks to understand and use diplomacy and communication to make his point. I am absolutely respectful of your position even if I had wanted to disagree. But I get what you had to say. I'm sorry if some of my words to describe certain individuals came across as being harsh. I've lived here most of my life and I am still very Nigerian regardless. So, I find it hard to accept certain behaviors that I see as very unpatriotic and rarely speak ill of Nigeria even though I haven't lived there in more than three decades. Thanks again and take care of yourself and best wishes.

Patrick Nwadike

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