‚ÄčThose who are opportune to know Oshiomhole the way I do, were not surprised when the sad event of his encounter with a widow went viral. Maybe all his years of pretence and showmanship about fighting for the cause of the common man has finally been exposed.

Oshiomhole donates N2m to widow

The greatest deceit is for an inhuman being to give the generality of the people the impression that he is a caring person. Adams Oshiomhole is evil personified; my only regret is that the people of Edo state do not have another opportunity to send this charlatan out of the corridors of power.

Oshiomhole is not part of the struggle for the emancipation of the defenceless. He is one character who impresses the people in day time and embraces their oppressors at night. Have anyone wonder why he is a close ally of Ibrahim Babangida, Obasanjo and late Abacha? These men put together, brought the greatest miseries on the lives of Nigerians.

At the eve of the election that gave Oshiomhole another mandate to rule Edo state, I implored the people of Edo state to look deeply; I equally gave them a brief history of Oshiomhole’s atrocities as a labour leader. I painted the pictures of lives, lying desolate and in ruins in Kaduna, as a result of Oshiomhole’s betrayal. The people of Edo state in their wisdom including the helpless widow gave him another mandate. Well the rest is said to be history.

Oshiomhole’s outburst to the helpless widow was not done out of uncontrolled anger. This is just his true character coming out in the open for all to see. His encounter with the widow was God’s way of exposing his real nature to the people. Can late Awolowo, Mandela, late Ahmadu Bello or late Aminu Kano speak so heartlessly, even in anger? These great men are genuine lovers of the defenceless; and they gave their lives fighting for the cause of the poor.

As a people, we have witness a long absence of authentic and ideal leadership, that’s why it is easy for political neophyte like Oshiomhole to bamboozle the people with rhetoric; and making some people believe he is a leader.  

The people of Edo state will not recover from the Adams Oshiomhole’s disaster that is speedily befalling them. Unfortunately, only a few of them can see beyond the expensive but sub-standard roads, schools and hospitals he is presently constructing.

Those who hail people like Oshiomhole are Nigeria’s greatest problem. They are the ones who cannot differentiate an empty orator from a quiet but gifted leader. They hurriedly queue behind these charlatans just because they know what to say in public. Close to five years in the saddle as Governor of Edo state, what has Oshiomhole done differently, to show he is better than those he was criticising when he was Nigeria’s labour leader?

Can anyone point at any spark of leadership? Has Oshiomhole done anything different from the usual constructions of roads, schools, hospitals, which other governors are known for? Where is the ‘creative mind’ of the Fashola of Lagos, in Edo state? Even President Jonathan in spite of the Boko Haram terror, is more proactive in governance than Oshiomhole.

A governor, who goes about cleaning the state capital that is populated by very poor people, is only telling the world that he has no idea on how to alleviate their poverty.

This charade call Oshiomhole must be stop from our national psyche. Younger generations of Nigeria, particularly of Edo extractions should be told the story of the real Oshiomhole; else they will make the same mistake like their older folks of viewing him as a leader.

I weep for the helpless widow, Oshiomhole told to “ go and die”; thankfully a rival party has promised to rehabilitate her. Beside may I remind Oshiomhole that his own mother was once a poor widow; if his mother was asked to go and die, who would have fed and taken care of him?

That Widow in Benin has children to take care of. She has to be on the street to earn a legitimate wage. She wants a better future for her kids, just like Oshiomhole’s mother. If Oshiomhole has shown quality and enterprising leadership, perhaps that woman would not have been on the street. She would have depended on a state sponsored welfare package as it’s done in civilised climes, to make life less cumbersome for her and her kids.

Oshiomhole’s apology is belated. He took her goods, arrested her (even though she was released twenty minutes later), and asked her to go and die; how can a mere apology assuage what that woman went through?

Where are the civil right groups fighting for the cause of widows? Please Edo state beckons on you all. They should go there and make Edo state ungovernable for Oshiomhole. Adams Oshiomhole must pay for his ‘sin’ against widowhood.

The likes of Oshiomhole must be stop from parading themselves as leaders, if our country is to move forward. I pray Nigerians who eulogise him can now see the true face of this despot. I rest my case!

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Written by Olurotimi Adeola