Oddly enough, the strongest motivation for my support of marriage equality as we know it comes from the strident opposition to marriage equality, by citizens who have assumed a toga of moral superiority to decree which adult gets to enjoy certain rights and privileges in the society, and who does not.
Like many other people out there, I didn't initially care about the issue because I surmised that it did not concern me. But the more I saw and heard opponents of marriage equality speak in that hoary, angry, damning, judgmental tone, the more I felt compelled to make a stand as a moral agent and as a student of history.

The human history is replete with examples of instances where minorities are persecuted as weirdos – where they are harassed, tortured, burned alive and killed just for appearing different, by fellow humans who barely understand why these 'other people' seem different or, for that matter, how they are different.

Nothing is as dangerous as the un-tethered rage of the majority, as derived from the assured assumptions of this same majority in these situations. Only those who have lived through it know how deadly it can be. The assurance of the majority is very often blind to reasoned restraint, as it derives its power and assurances, not from wisdom or commonsense, but from intoxication over the sheer mass of its numbers. It is all-consuming in its condemnation and total in its destruction. It holds everything and everyone hostage to its wrath. It is what fuels the crowd that rounds up four young people on an accusation of theft that is barely proven, and has them beaten to a bloodied pulp before setting them ablaze!

Up till a little over 50 years ago, variations of the laws that are being used to deny marriage equality to some people today also forbade people like Barack Obama Sr. and Ann Dunham from being legally married in many states in America. The fact that the State of Hawaii did not have such laws in its statutes was the only reason why it was possible for the couple to be married in that state at the time, before they birthed the man who is now the American president. Yet the majority of people who lived during those times, too, were certain of the incompatibility of the black human and his white counterpart to be united in any kind of matrimony, 'holy' or otherwise.

No doubt our humanity has come really far, from a period when a respected essayist once described as "the bawling infancy of our existence" when we didn't know "A" from "B". Today, however, we are analyzing genes and decoding our DNAs, not only of the living but of the long dead – and of the unborn, too. Mankind is doing many great things that can easily qualify in the eyes of those who do not know the science behind it all as ‘miraculous’.

Yet we know that man's current knowledge – in relation to what he does not know – is infinitesimal. That alone suggests that we must thread with caution in taking absolutist views concerning our knowledge and beliefs in general. Unfortunately, many of those who operate on a tableau of faith, among whom many hold the doctrinal view that the dictates of their faiths is immovable, cannot be convinced to view things differently, which is probably why the rank and file of the godly faithful is depleting by the day – especially in the more developed, more enlightened climes of our human civilization. The opposite of course is the case with the less developed regions of the world, where new-age knowledge and enlightenment has not fully penetrated, making the area prone to actively hostile and often violent reaction to the notion of marriage equality.

Of course those who claim to know the latter societies better than the least knowledgeable among us would argue about alien cultures invading their homelands, even as they adopt a democracy passed down from the Romans, alongside Middle Eastern faiths that were once as alien to the beliefs and civilization of their forebears as pork is to a Saudi restaurant menu.

In any case, I cannot in good conscience be in opposition to the right of my fellow man [or woman, for those who care for more precision!] to enjoy the rights and privileges that everybody else takes for granted.

And I don’t begrudge those who disagree with me in this regard.

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