Standing with Mimiko

People of goodwill must take a stand against nepotism and god-fatherism. The good and enlightened people of Ondo state must look at the fake ‘Asiwaju’ in the face and tell him at the poll in an unequivocal manner that we can never change progress for retrogression, positive changes for the darkest cloud of mediocrity as represented by him and his stooge - Rotimi Akeredolu.

I have no respect for elders who shamelessly spats on the faces of the ordinary person on the street. The entrance of Chief Rotimi Akeredolu is an insult to all citizens of Ondo state who have good memories of the past. How can we forget the invasion of the home of the great awoist from Ondo state, in person late Chief Michael Ajasin; our amiable late leader and statesman? Where did Akeredolu find the face, dignity and peace of mind to stand before the people of Ondo state and plead to become their governor?alt

When Abacha turned Yoruba-lands to graveyards and unleashed his army of occupation on the people of the south west, it was political turncoats like Rotimi Akeredolu that gave Abacha’s representatives in the south-west the leverage to govern in peace. Unknown to many, Chief Akeredolu was a member of the legal think-tank of that administration by virtue of being the then commissioner of justice in Ondo State. He helped in formulating obnoxious laws against the very people he now wants to govern. God forbid!

I have made it clear in several media, that Chief Bola Tinubu is not a leader of the Yorubas; and he will never be. Yorubas are too sophisticated, politically conscious, well read and cultured, to be rule by persons of questionable characters. People who are known with discredit and shameful past. Men whose lives are riddled with criminals records.

The machinery of ACN is desperate to takeover Ondo state, just to create the impression before the whole nation that Tinubu is the new political face of Yoruba-land. But the good people of Ondo state must resist them. We must not make the mistake of falling to the dummy propaganda about Yoruba political integration. Those in ACN talking about Yoruba integration should first tell us why they failed to provide dividends of democracy in their states when they were in the saddled as governors.

Evidences are there for all to see. Tinubu, Akande, Osoba and Lam Adesina were the worst governors ever elected to power in the states of the south west. These men were bad managers of state resources that no meaningful project or developmental programme can be attest to their names. Today, these are the men backing Rotimi Akeredolu for governor in Ondo state. Shame!

I wonder what advice they have for him (Mr. Akeredolu) on good governance. It is easy to judge the character and the ability of a man by the type of company he keeps; Akeredolu is in the wrong crowd. And with all sense of purpose he is not fit to be governor of Ondo state.

Governor MImiko had performed and is still performing. He has changed the face of Ondo state for the better. Voting him to continue in office is the collective responsibility of every voting adult in Ondo state. For a vote against him is vote for decadence, a vote for hypocrisy; surely our people deserve better.

After the gubernatorial election in Ondo state come October 20, and by God’s grace Mimiko is declared winner. The next stage is to rescue other brother states particularly Osun state from the grips of a political thug cum governor. If this governor can throw decorum to the wind and insult a fellow governor, just because the other governor refuses to join his party then he is not worthy of any respect.

Beside I strongly think it time we ask Aregbesola to give account of his stewardship as commissioner of works in Lagos for eight years under Tinubu; without commensurate achievements to back those years he was in the office. It was during his time that these empty brains resorted to telling Lagosians that these roads are Federal Roads please bear with us. How comes under Fashola, this treacherous slogan is not longer enunciated to Lagosians? The reason is simple; Fashola knows what it takes to be in government; unlike his brainless political godfathers.

Assemblage that herald the declaration of ACN candidate, Rotimi Akeradolu speak volume about the kind of leadership Ondo state will witness, God forbid if he becomes governor. From Tinubu, who cannot justify his eight years of rule in Lagos; to Akande who simply redefined and eulogized poverty in Osun state. And of course Osoba and Lam Adesina who spent four years in office not knowing what to do. The lists of these non performers as the declaration of Rotimi Akeredolu, is enough to make discerning minds think properly.

Governor Olusegun Mimiko, has changed the face of Ondo state for the better. We can now hold our faces high in the committee of states in Nigeria. Because our state is now a clear example of a state where things are working, excellently. We, the people of Ondo state are not prepared to throw away another four years of good governance under Mimiko. Let the truth be told, these ACN hawks are in the wrong place.

To take a stand with good governance, to take a stand with focus leadership, to take a stand with people oriented government, to take a stand with the continuity of awoism and the guiding principles behind it; is to take a stand with Mimiko. And that’s where I and generality of Ondo state people are. God’s willing, come October 20, the people of Ondo state will again reaffirm their total support to the peoples’ governor, Governor Olusegun Mimiko.

By Olurotimi Adeola

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