Asaba Airport – The Most Beautiful, Timely, well-conceived and Very Strategic
Governor Uduaghan of Delta State should not have any regret for building the most beautiful, most strategic and most timely Airport in Nigeria rather he should beat his chest for possessing the creative, business and strategic sense to build an Airport that have been serving the multitude of business tycoons from Anambra State who had been forced to travel to Enugu or Owerri before coming to Nnewi, Onitsha, Oraukwu, Awka, Abagana, Awka Etiti etc. I have used the brand new Airport on two occasions and I can tell you authoritatively that this is the best thing to happen in Delta State in recent times not minding the cost. The day I stepped into the sophisticated Airport I shed tears wishing that the Airport is in Anambra State. In less than one year, Dr Uduaghan built what Anambra people have been debating and wasting precious gift of time for nearly 20 years. A wise son and deep thinker Governor Uduaghan capitalized on the stupidity and political irresponsibility of the leaders of Anambra and built a solid Airport that will stand the test of time. And with the coming of Asaba Airport I do not think anybody that has an eye for goods will go to Enugu or Owerri Airports. Compared to Asaba Airport, Enugu and Owerri Airports are no Airports.alt
I am therefore appealing to all Deltans to set aside this politics of idiocy, acrimony and bitterness and give honour to whom honour is due. Governor Uduaghan deserves monumental praises for not only lighting up a near 40km expressway from almost Umunede to Asaba but he has also built an Airport that will remain the pride of Delta State for a long time to come. A prophet they say is not without honour except in his own land. You see, history will forgive us for taking wrong decisions but will never forgive us for not taking decisions at all. Governor Uduaghan has the same mindset with Governor Fashola of Lagos State. They are big and deep thinkers and we have to understand them. They are Big Picture students!
Asaba International Airport is telling a big story today and I am one of the 20,000 passengers that have the great story to tell after using the Airport. I do not care about the cost of the project. I do not care about how much has entered peoples' pockets. I do not care about sentiments. All I care about is that a monument has been conceived and built in Delta State and every right thinking Deltans and Nigerians should praise this project.
I am from Nnewi in Anambra State and I am going to be a regular user of that great Airport. It solved a big problem for me and people from Anambra State. Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan has business sense. If the cost is huge please know that you spend money to make more money. Only the best is good enough for those who have eyes for aesthetic.
Those who have been criticizing Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan for building a costly! International Airport are not business men and women. They cannot get it. They are hut builders. They are Ogogoro sellers in the creeks of Delta State.
Please give me a break! What is worth doing is worth doing well. Asaba Airport will become one of the busiest in Nigeria in days ahead and it is only then that the critics of this Airport will go to bury their heads in the sands of shame. Asaba Airport is most beautiful, timely, well-conceived and very strategic. Case rested!
Joe Igbokwe