Silva: Good riddance

Until we are ready to get rid of misfits in the corridors of power without waiting for our ‘monetised' judicial interpretation, we might never get our democracy right. Those who argue for respect for the rule of law, should be honest enough to admit that some judges are hindrance to laws of natural justice. These judges are clogs in the wheel of progress of our democracy, by the infamy they commit in the name of judgment. Timipre Silva knew there will always be succour for a non performer like him in our courts, that's why he rush there.

If Governor Silva have been a leader of the people, he won't need the court to fight his present political travail. The poor people of his state would have been the ones championing his battle. They would have made the entire state ungovernable by now. But his over four years stay in power as governor is more of an eyesore. The state is still in an underdeveloped level, with virtually all the infrastructures in different stages of decays. Yet some people are telling the rest of us, that edging him out is undemocratic.

Because leadership in this part of the world is all about glamour and grandeur, any nincompoop can easily walk in and join the fray to contest available elective position depending on deepness of their pockets.

Forget whatever the PDP represents in your psyche, by stopping governor Silva from seeking election under their platform they have gradually realise to strengthen our democracy and justify their hold on power they have to present competent candidates to fly their party tickets. If the PDP have realised this earlier, the likes of Alao Akala and Akwe Doma, of Oyo and Nassarawa states respectively won't have fly their party's tickets in April poll. We all knew they were the reason PDP lost the gubernatorial seats in the two states.

Governor Timipre Silva cannot justify his bids for re-election. Those who hide under respect for rule of law to support him, should explain to us how a man who receive one of the highest federal allocations, while governing one of the smallest state, both in population and landmass have nothing to show in over four years in power. The man – Timipre Silva would have drown other contestants with resources of Bayelsa state at his disposal, if he was allowed to contest the primary with them. In this ‘monetised' democracy we're presently practising, all Silva needs is the money to settle delegates. How many of these hungry delegates can withstand the temptation and allure of free money? What about the threats that will be made to their lives by armed thugs under government payroll?

Chief Silva, in spite of his youthfulness only help to fault the argument that leadership belong to the youths. He would have used his energy and strength to provide good policies and governance. Rather he used his stamina to laden his pockets and those of his associates. He weakened anyone who he feels is a possible political rival; that was why he insisted that Timi Alaibe should be remove as Managing Director of NDDC, even when the man was doing a yeoman job. Equally, commissioners under him who tried to perform above average, are also seen as political threats by him; and he quickly get rid of them.

There is nothing undemocratic about edging out Timipre Silva from contesting the PDP gubernatorial primary, he was given enough time to prove himself as an administrator of men and resources; he fumbled. Despite this man having the gut to list the fencing of generator house in government lodge as part of his achievements in office, I am still in a shock why there is any sympathy for him. People like him can only show their faces in our nauseating society. A man like this should have been history a long time ago if the legislators in Bayelsa state are true representatives of the people.

Since the PDP has shut its door on Governor Silva, the man should have prove his popularity by decamping to another party. Why hang on to the PDP, I thought the people of Bayelsa state would be the ones to determine who becomes their governor at the election proper? If Timipre Silva believes he had performed, he should seek another party to actualise his ambition and not disturb the polity with senseless court actions.

Silva's time is up. Whatever his supporters are saying should not change the decision of the PDP leadership. Bayelsans have suffered enough from leaders who are just pocketing their collective wealth to themselves. A state with abundance of crude oil, but an impoverish population should be assisted in weeding away pretenders in the corridor of power.

Meanwhile I have these words for Governor Silva – "You want justice? What kind of justice do you want? Is it the same kind of justice you deny the poor people of Bayelsa in the last four years?" If this Silva and his followers have any honour left, they would quietly accept their deserved fates and wait for the end of their undeserved tenure.

PDP should be commended for this good riddance; other parties should follow suit. When governors realised their second term tickets hang on their achievements during their first term in office; they will be more responsive to the plights of their people. PDP truly deserves Nigerians accolade over its decision on Timipre Silva.

By Olurotimi Adeola

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