Even Governors buy official aircrafts?

Please wake me from this nightmare. Someone should tell me is not true, that this is just a dream. Oh, such insensitivity, such callousness, why does it continue unabated in Nigeria? it's time this shadowy democracy crumble; honestly we cannot continue to live under this charade.

To imagine that many of these Governors came from backgrounds of penury and stricken poverty, puzzle one on how they develop this taste for splendour and reckless living. How can they be so wicked that their personal comforts mean more than the welfare of the generality of the people that gave them the mandates to be in power?

Rotimi Chibuke Ameachi of all governors, had the pertness to seek for a new aircraft after the one bought by his mentor and former governor of the state, Victor Odili is believed to have become moribund and costly to maintain. In a manner that oozes heartlessness and greed, Ameachi a man from a very humble background is asking for a new aircraft just to assuage his ego, from the treasury of a state he told the world cannot pay eighteen thousand naira minimum wage as a result of lack of funds. So where in the world is the money for his loved aircraft coming from?

Governors who have acquired or about to acquire aircrafts like Rotimi Amaechi are shameless and heartless. While they travel around the world in their vain search for investors; leaders who received them in these developed clime merely laugh at them behind their backs; wondering why people who come displaying such opulence can be begging for aids and investments.

Only a sick minded leader will seek to enjoy life in the midst of the squalor manacling his own people. Four years and still counting, can Amaechi honestly show the people of River state what he has done to deserve a jeep not to mention an aircraft? Beside the cost of maintaining the mindless plane they want to dispose of, in the last ten years or more, these so called executive governors from Odilli to Amaechi have been incurring debts for River state in terms of parking space and personnel for this egocentric aircraft.

The respected lawyer, Professor sagey seems right when he said the people of the south-south region have been enslaved. Their mindset as a people cannot be comprehend by any reasonable person. Their governors receive the highest allocations from federal purse monthly, yet states that receive less particularly those in the north seem to be faring better in development strives than them. So how on earth could any of these governors win convincingly the way they did in the April polls?

South-south geo-political zone in spite of its resources as a crude oil hub is perhaps the most shambolic in terms of infrastructural and human capital developments. Their leaders are quick to justify their ineptitude and corruption on unfavourable environmental factors which they claim militate against massive construction of roads, hospitals, schools and other facilities for the good of the people. In the last twelve years, the region have had the misfortune of leaders who are clearly insensitive to the general well being of the people. Yet they were returned back to power.

Even the militancy in the restive Niger-Delta prior to the amnesty did not bear any footage of a group of youths fighting for good governance. Rather they were demanding for control of their resources even when the ones allotted to their governors were not judiciously spent and accounted for. Is most unfortunate, that youths from the Niger Delta have refuse to look the right way, preferring to chase shadows instead of substance. They close their eyes to the atrocities of their political elites and blame the entire country for their woes.

As the chairman of Governors' forum, Governor Ameachi should be leading by example. Though he is been celebrated by some people for bringing some semblance of development and security to River state, he should also endeavour to show by his conduct a strong sense of fellowship for the malnourish and longsuffering masses of his state. To start this is to jettison his new desire for an aircraft.

White elephant projects is the order of the day in the south-south zone; from new airports to new government houses, yet none of this add value to the lives of majority of the impoverish people in the region. Some of these governors even celebrate erection of wooden bridges, fencing of generator house, procurement of hoes and cutlasses, fishing nets and baskets for their people.

Why should a country enmesh in poverty like ours allow sitting governors use scarce resources to buy aircrafts for their comforts? What kind of democracy are we operating that enrich the rulers and impoverish the people? Why are the people not demanding and enforcing that the right thing be done? What is the use of organised labour in this country? All they seem to do is demanding wage increase, and closing down the economy over wage issue, but remain ineffective in making governance impossible for those who are living big on our collective wealth.

There will be a day of reckoning if not in this life time definitely in the hereafter. For the love of God, Governor Ameachi should think deeply; is it right to buy aircraft for a state in which public transport is in a sham? This man should reflect on his past and recall his long walk to power. Power is to serve, not to oppress, Ameachi; remember the present and future is in the hands of God, you will not be there forever.

By Olurotimi Adeola

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