Boko Haram, that apparently bigoted sect in the North of Nigeria has further vindicated my earlier position that the most dangerous primate is one who goes to "war" believing that God is on his side. From the horrible stories recorded in both the Quran and the Bible, human beings have a long but demented history of murdering each other while clutching to a stupid and unshakable believe that their deity so commanded. This is shameful.

Rather than join the litany of voices [especially from the South of Nigeria] that condemn the bigoted "Islamic" group based in Maiduguri, I wish to take a different route. Having pondered over this evil scenario for quite some time now, I have come to a conclusion which is almost religious in nature; Boko Haram is the brain child of the Northern elites which is as a result of their orchestrated negligence to pull that region away from the shackles of ignorance, poverty and disease. Military men of Northern origin that usurped power in the past made nonsense of tackling the vices listed here while in office; this to me might one day be viewed as a sin by the bomb-throwing bigots roaming the dirty streets of Maiduguri, Bauchi and similar places. The last time I checked, the only thing that continues to peak in the North of Nigeria remains the number of folks who can recite the Quran; this is in place of giving proper education to the millions of children who have been forced by their society to assume that wretched garb and gait of an Almajeri. This is evil.

I am particularly miffed by the stone silence of all the past military adventurers of Northern origin in the face of the murderous and deranged escapades of their brothers of the Boko Haram sect. The little we hear is a tongue-in-cheek crap of asking the "warring" fanatics to sheath their swords and embrace peace. Mention must be made of my shock in hearing the CBN Governor‘s hypocrisy in asking his Muslim brothers not to engage Christians in "any argument"! This is nonsense and a failure by that erudite Islamic scholar to join the beautiful voices that condemn Boko Haram as a group of demented hooligans who's every action must be condemned openly by every individual. I make bold to say once again that the system of governance and leadership obtainable in the North of Nigeria remain the number one culprit in this bomb-throwing madness. All across the North, one is daily assaulted by the level of institutionalized poverty, ignorance and a well oiled system that produces illiterates whose only claim to "enlightenment" is their ability to recite the Quran, and a high-wired readiness to join any mob that wants to burn down a church, or kill a Youth Corper.

All the so called leaders of Northern origin should show some shame and contrition; they should come out openly to apologize to their people for having short-changed them thus. Where are the Buharis, the Babangidas, the Abdusalamis, and all the top brass ex-military men that once held this country down by their misadventure into power? What will be that tangible shift in world-view and mind frame which these men will claim to have brought about in their region? While they live in opulence and struts about in private jets and snow-white agbadas, millions of their brothers and sisters remain in that social strata that represents the worst human condition any decent mind can fathom. Go ye to the North of Nigeria and you will be shocked at what you will discover- a people that are still so backwards in thinking, a

people that die of very avoidable disease, a people forced to embrace ignorance because of the absence of schools, a people that know practically nothing about Nigeria, their country of birth. This is why you see a Governor Kwankwaso spread the evil lie that vaccinations for polio were meant to be used to spread other evil designs by white people [he later denied this with a different version]. Have anyone out there bothered to find out why even though that the official government census records maintain that the North remains more populous, [I don't believe this though] that region remains at the top of the list of places where children do not go to school?

Boko Haram? Well, a society that breeds children who are taught right from childhood to abhor enlightenment remains a budding field for angry young men and women. The comedy in the sinful demand of this sect turns into agony and anguish when one daily sees the seriousness with which they vent their bigotry. Though I blame religion for giving us this murderous charlatans, I really do not lay any blame on members of Boko Haram who appears to be genuinely convinced that there awaits them in some heaven a harem of beauties who must be virgins. Now, it is only religion that can make otherwise sane minds to commit atrocities that will shock even the worst of us primates; there is no way anyone can convince these folks that murdering fellow human beings who embrace different cultures and life-styles in order to land in heaven to romp 72 virgins is wrong. Religious convictions remain one that is extremely too difficult to shake off-this is what we have in Boko Haram today. Why would anyone wake up in this jet-age to insist that "Western education is evil"? Who would have thought up this huge joke except somebody whose mind was corrupted from childhood with stories of wars, jihads and all that blood-letting? Do you now see why the Northern Muslim elites will never come out to condemn Boko Haram, rather they compare them to the Niger Delta militants!

I find it too perplexing that the Nigerian government appears to be talking of granting amnesty to members of Boko Haram. How can you slip in amnesty to a group of young men who are well looking forward to dying as martyrs? The agitation of Boko Haram makes theirs a very complex fight anyone can imagine, I for once do not understand what their fight is all about. Western education is haram? Really? Well, it has been alleged that this sect sends out emails to claim responsibilities for the bombs exploding all across the North, they wield AK47s, they detonate bombs, and sundry warped actions-all products of Western education. Now, I will start taking this guys serious the moment they resort to donkeys and camels, writing on papyrus[instead of emails], using bows and arrows to engage our security forces, etc. only then will I sit down to say that well, they may have a point or two and accede that they can look forward to their 72 virgins.

However, I remain resolute in my condemnation of the leadership of the North who contributed to this nonsense by under-developing their region. My spirit bleeds at the sad situations which children are forced to exist in the North, it is immoral and shameful for state governments in that region to continue to allow this. I will not end this piece without making mention of that demented charlatan who has found refuge in the National Assembly- Senator Sani Yerima. This man it was who contributed immensely to this Boko Haram upsurge when he sensationalized his Sharia; a set of laws that promotes more division amongst us rather than unite us. Now, it is Boko Haram-say no to Western education and cling unto ignorance for after all, God is on our side. Ah! 72 virgins!

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