Date: June 3, 2011


I have been called and informed that my name and that of my family have been all over the Akwa Ibom radio, television and other media that were bought to report regarding the issue of the printing machine which was supplied to Akwa Ibom Newspaper Corporation about twelve years ago and which was deployed for their daily production till when the present administration came in.

The report had it that the immediate past Akwa House of Assembly while on valedictory session on June 2, 2011, among other things reviewed our case with Akwa Ibom State and passed their own judgment that we are to refund the State government some amount of money and secondly that the EFCC (as if the EFCC is idle as they that chase frivolities) should come after us to investigate how alleged forged documents were used in clearing the machine in the year 2000. Our names have been so defamed by the present government in Akwa Ibom.

This matter has been in court and wonder what standing the Akwa Ibom House of Assembly has to conclude on a matter that so situates if not living in fool's paradise and trying to run down who they supposed not to. They could not decide well on their former Speaker Ignatius Edet who majority of them signed to force out of seat for reason of reported misappropriation running into millions of Naira. What is the outcome of the investigation into the matter?

We have made it clear in the media how Akpabio's government has continued in the plan of eliminating members of my family through planned kidnapping and deployment of cover-staff whose assignment probably was to poison; not us but those that sent them.

Governor Akpabio must have renewed (though he never ceased) this attack on my family because of my insistence that the evil that is presently in Akwa Ibom must be removed so that the respected peace that existed amongst our people returned. And so shall it be, so said the Lord; just give Him a little time. Akpabio had earlier sent people to us pretending his wish to settle the matter which he claimed to those people that he regretted getting involved. But by spiritual inclination, I told those emissaries that Akpabio was not serious and sincere person to be trusted; they have all seen and called to agree with me on this fact. I do not want to dwell much on the fact that God had used me to keep him alive and also got him the wife that has made life better for him. Though I am not regretting doing God's assignment, I have not seen anybody who helped him that he did not turn against.

It is no gainsaying that I did contribute my quota in establishing Akwa Ibom and to the level of funds derivable coming to her today but which majority seem to agree that are being misused or/and being siphoned to the detriment of the larger Akwa Ibom people. I contributed that quota without asking for any compensation even when I was offered; all I had in mind is that once it is good for my people, I am happy and feel fulfilled. The future would continue to expose all this.

My last word to the new Assembly in Akwa Ibom is that if they would be sincere to the people they may be representing, they should focus and police the executive arm of government and do not dissipate their energy on mundane things just like this. The past Assembly made my family a special project as if they had no other jobs to do and as if doing so is the only way Akwa Ibom would remain in the news. Enough of these distractions please.

Chief (Dr.) Mrs. Christy Essien Igbokwe, MFR, FICA

(Lady of Songs and Adiaha Akwa Ibom)


PRESS RELEASE 3rd June, 2011

Our attention has been drawn to a purported Resolution of the outgoing or already wound up Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly concerning their Probes and Investigation into contract awarded to Chuduak Limited whose Executive Chairman and the Managing Director are Chief Edwin Igbokwe and Chief (Mrs.) Christy Essien Igbokwe respectively. It is a matter of grave concern to the integrity and sanctity of the Rule of Law that matters are pending in court on the subject and in which parties have joined issues in;

1. Suit No. ID/1257/2008 – Chief Edwin Igbokwe and two others versus Attorney General of Akwa Ibom State and 15 others which was last adjourned on 4/5/11 to 20/62011,

2. Suit No. M/285/2008 – Chuduak Limited and two others versus IGP and 4 others (now at the Court of Appeal vide the appeal notice already filed);

all pending in Lagos and the legislative arm of the State even while joined as party to the suit and having subjected themselves to the jurisdiction of the court still turned around to conduct trials and probes without the presence of the other party and in utter disrespect to the proceedings of the High Court.

The proper step therefore is to quash the proceedings giving rise to such Resolution as same can never stand on the pillars of the rule of law, natural justice, equity and good conscience.

You have our warmest regards.

Gerald Abonyi, Esq., LLM

For: Gerald & Associates

Awolowo House

29/31 Awolowo Way, IKEJA