Yorubas, under political siege?

The victory of Action Congress of Nigeria in the south-western part of Nigeria is beginning to leave sour taste in the mouth. The leadership of the party at the national level are now making their political future and relevance more important than the general good of Yoruba-nation. Their actions and utterances going by media reports are not in the best interest of yorubas.

Nigerians should not mistake the victory of ACN in the south west as the acceptance of any individual as the new political leader of yorubas. We, yorubas are too sophisticated and well informed to be led by charlatans and political opportunists. Leadership in the south –west is purely on the ability to provide clear cut governance for the benefit of the larger majority. The tsunami witness in south-west in 2011 elections was because the PDP led administrations failed the people during the period they were in the saddle. It's not because of anybody political sagacity; certainly not the clowns that now called themselves the new political leaders of Yoruba race.

Another possible reason for the victory of ACN over PDP in the south-west could be the well acknowledged performance of Governor Raji Fashola as the helmsman of Lagos state. Fashola simply outclassed and outshined his colleagues fellow governors in all areas of developmental strive. In him, Nigerians saw how genuine education and proper parental training can produce a God fearing human being and humane leadership.

Fashola, epitomises the rebirth of the legendary Awo's ideology and leadership quality. He is a mile ahead of the clowns that called themselves his leaders in ACN. And that's why any right thinking Yoruba-man or woman should resist the attempt by these opportunists to become our political leaders through the back door.

What were the achievements of Lam Adeshina as four years governor of Oyo state to warrant his present claim to the political fortune of ACN in the state. A man who gave purposeless leadership to Oyo state, in spite of his years of political tutelage under Bola Ige and the great Awo. He was completely bereft of ideas during his time as governor, that anyone could have beaten him when he seeked re-election. The same apply to Segun Osoba, Bisi Akande, Adebayo, late Adefarati and of course the so called anointed leader of Yoruba race – Bola Tinubu. Only Tinubu was returned but with a narrow margin against late Engineer Funsho Williams. There was no way, Yorubas would have hang on to these non-performers. The victory of PDP in 2003 in the south-west was merited.

The cumulative achievements of the above mentioned men when they were in power is no match to what Fashola has done in Lagos in the last four years. Today, these men are the greatest beneficiaries of Fashola ‘s midas touch in Lagos state. Unfortunately, Yorubas are allowing them to create political dynasties right under our noses.

Even if Yoruba have left mainstream politics by voting en masse for an opposition party, we refuse to suffer the fate of the past when we stupidly leave our birth rights at the national level to other parts of the country who in the end take these positions, while we remain ordinary regional champion.

The massacres of Jews by Germans was not planned in a day; it took the German leadership years to plan and execute their evil deeds. The Jews were vulnerable because they were not interested in political power at the centre; so they were not in the known of the impending dangers to their lives and properties. The consequent violent that was unleash on them caught them unaware. Yorubas are treading the path in Nigeria. That's why I totally agree with Obasanjo that we should also show our faces at the federal level and stop throwing our fates in one party. For this, Governor Segun Mimiko have my respect. During Awo's time, it makes sense to be in the opposition because Awo's visionary leadership provided landmark developments that could have been truncated if we belong with the central government that appears visionless.

The rumour report that Tinubu and his associates in ACN, intend jeopardizing the speakership slot of the Federal House of Representatives offered to the south-west because of their political safety must be resisted. The fate and survival of our race cannot be traded by the ambitions of Tinubu and his associates. Perhaps is time the man is told the truth; he is not the leader of Yorubas. He is merely the national leader of ACN; a political party that is presently controlling majority of Yoruba states.

Those who see Tinubu in the likeness of Awo are abusing our intellect as a people. Awo was not only a leader, he was a compassionate administrator and lover of the poor. He was neither an alcoholic, a chain smoker or a womaniser. He remained faithful to his wife and mother of all his children till the very end, and was never flamboyant. For us yorubas, Awo was not just a political head, he was the symbol of our nationhood in the larger Nigeria state. Bola Tinubu is not in his class and can never be.

Bola Tinubu and his associates cannot make political plans for yorubas at the national level. If he wants to become vice-president in 2015 and needs to assuage North-west or North East, then he is on his own. Meanwhile those legislators elected on the platform of ACN, should realise that their mandates was given by the people and should not be stooges to any political leader. Beside in 2015, nothing will stop Yorubas from aligning with the two individuals that are showing some leadership traits of Awo, and demand that they led us at the national level; these individuals are Raji Fashola and Olusegun Mimiko.

Attributing any political wizardry to Bola Tinubu is laughable. Tinubu should have carried out his original intention of replacing Fashola with another candidate in the just concluded gubernatorial election in Lagos state, the way he did with the deputy, Susan. We all know Fashola would have won irrespective of his party of choice. It was for Fashola's achievements and PDP dismal leadership that make Yorubas voted massively for ACN in the last elections; and God's willing we shall return our votes if after four years, the ACN led governments do not deliver.

By Olurotimi Adeola

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