Nigeria dancing on the brink: Campbell, a prophet who saw yesterday

Ambassador John Campbell , one time American ambassador to Nigeria, would not have matter in our country political equation, if he remains who he is; an outsider. He is not a Nigerian by any standard; neither is he black to claim any racial inclination for our cause. But this man never stops amazing the world, by the way he is crying and looking forward to Nigeria's final rites of passage to oblivion.

Forthright historians and philosophers have concluded that perhaps the black man only galvaniser is the Nigerian survival and fighting instincts. Nigerians are the only known black people that are ever brave to challenge any racial discrimination, no matter where they find themselves. Large countries all over the world achieve great feats compared to smaller ones. In fact it is becoming obvious that the bigger a country the more respected and visible its become in the community of nations. So why does Campbell wants Nigeria's breakup?

John Campbell is a stooge, being used by some elites particularly those who are carrying the zoning sentiments on their heads, to help them gain sympathy from the international community over the issue of Nigeria's long rested presidential zoning debate. It's ‘White' men like Campbell who are the reason why the black race have continue to fall into obscurity and disenchantment. They come to Africa and seek after leaders who are ready to sacrifice their countries' interest for personal gains and comforts. These African leaders who are so obsess with fraternising with ‘Whites', would easily dance to their whims and caprices. A number of them make their countries' economy, preying fields for the countries of these dubious foreigners who came under the cover of High commissioners or ambassadors. Any African leader who refuses, is treated with scorn and ‘doctored unpleasant stories' are created about their countries.

After leaving diplomatic service, what has Campbell being doing to earn a living? Where is he getting the money that he use presently for his extravagant travels across the world while trying to disparage Nigeria? Is anyone surprised that he is a close ally of Atiku Abubakar?

Foreigners like Mr. John Campbell lived in our historic past. Campbell though American, is blinded with the exploits of his British progenitors who came to Nigeria in the last quarter of eighteen century and enslave our people. It was his progenitors that amalgamated Nigeria and yet created strong faulty lines of divisiveness, so that we will continue to distrust one another. And at the end, the hopes of the black man to see Nigeria as their pride will perpetually be dashed.

Did Campbell bother to find out what ordinary Nigerians want before telling the world we are divide politically by ethnicity and religion? Did he understand the hunger and the reason for the forlorn faces young Nigerians carry as they move around for their survival? Is he aware that the problems of Nigeria is centred on absence of sensitive and people oriented leadership and not where the president comes from? And that Nigerians suffer the same deprivation, regardless of which geopolitical zone they come from? Is he also aware that Nigerians are eager for only leadership that can deliver the dividends of democracy?

Since John Campbell love Nigeria more than we Nigerians, he should please tell us his reactions wherever he was then, when Abiola's election was annulled by Babangida. He should also tell us his opinion on Atiku's scheming to replace Obasanjo even when Obasanjo has not completed his first term in office. Is such insubordination, part of the democratic ethics of America politics? Perhaps we should also ask him if zoning is such a big deal that will cause the disintegration of Nigeria, why is there no zoning arrangement in United State of America? Or is America a country of the same kind of people? Don't they have cry of victimization and marginalisation in America? Is every American happy with the political situation in the country? Was President Obama, a product of zoning?

John Campbell will never see anything good about Nigeria unless his benefactor – Alhaji Atiku Abubakar is made the president of Nigeria. Even his time as American ambassador to Nigeria were self serving. He meddled into anything and everything concerning the affairs of Nigeria state; he was not doing so because of any genuine feelings for Nigeria, but for the patronage of a set of cabal who are bent on making Nigeria their personal enclave.

Nigeria is not dancing on the brink; though we have our differences as a people, we are nevertheless bind together by so many unifying factors that are overwhelming. Only an alarmist like Campbell will not see them. All we need right now is the mechanisms to ensure justice and fairness to every part of the country. We do not need the pessimist, John Campbell and his prophecy of doom. I think he should direct his prophesies to his country of origin. Or is he saying all is well with America?

Refusing him entry visa to come to Nigeria, is the right thing to do. For a man whose only dream is to see to the eventual breakup of Nigeria if his choice person is not made president; is a security threat to our nation.

John Campbell is an embarrassment to foreign diplomacy. By his utterances, he has gone against all known international codes of diplomatic conducts. He has no respect for our sovereignty as a people. Such charlatan should not be welcome by any civil African society. He should be treated the way he is, an enemy of Nigeria- state.

By Olurotimi Adeola

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