If I become President... Ah! ‘Gongo Aso'!

Gongo Aso! Not simply because it is President Onikoyi on the country's number hot throne but because President Onikoyi ‘him body dey hot' – ‘him dey hot' because - for far too long - the fire of positive change have been quenched with the dirty water of politics. President Onikoyi ‘body dey hot' because basic expectations, common sense and fair politics have been marooned in the complex labyrinth of incompetence. Him body dey hot because of the gargantuan backlog of work that is required to bring sanity into an economy that is on a continuous downward spiral. Ah! President Onikoyi ‘body dey hot well well' because too often – the sound heard is too whining.


It is the whining of our cancerous, filthy and unabashed culture. A dirty culture of treachery, ineptitude, impunity and insanity. Yes! It is not only the problem of our leaders. Take it or leave it - it is simply the core of ‘Nigerianess'. For President Onikoyi, the solution to all these insanity is not to be found in the dead end of planet URANUS or in a complex rocket science that is yet to be explored. The solution simply lies in serious competence and the effective deployment of resources.

Maybe I'm fantasizing like Charly in the Chocolate Factory. But! If I become President; Ah! Gongo Aso.

Fantasy aside! Have you ever aspired becoming the president of Nigeria someday?

Damn! The task is enormous. Ask the CEO of a small organisation and he'll tell you that effective leadership is not child's play. It is tremendously challenging, crazy, daring and often dispiriting. Although it can sometimes be rewarding, strengthening and inspiring, but is it really worth the onions? Let's ask President Jonathan if all the 5 star treatment, exposure, executive remuneration, presidential jet, networking and stealth compensation can pay off the stress, dedication, time, commitment, loss and efforts.

As Abraham Lincoln once said; may be it's not about what one trades off but about service, passion for development, commitment to excellence, hunger for change and the spirit of comradeship. But wait! If you become the president of Nigeria by good will or good luck someday - what would you do? What legacy would you leave behind? What impact would you make? What change would you inspire? And how many innocent lives would you turn around for good.

As many would say; "we will cross the bridge when we get there". But Hey ! - A strategic thinker crosses the bridge ever before seeing it and so does a future leader think, reason and reflect. That is called strategic vision and foresight. After-all, Theodore Hesburg once said: "the very essence of leadership is that you have to have vision. You can't blow an uncertain trumpet".

That is exactly part of our problems. Too many uncertain trumpets blown in government houses and across all helms of affairs.

Now for real, if I become president. My first three months will be dedicated to summoning directors and permanent secretaries in all ministries to submit all previously unimplemented white papers in the last five years from their respective ministries.

My appointed committees and executive council will be given the serious duty of implementing some of those white papers after serious examination, critique and thorough evaluation. (For example; the Uwais Electoral Report will be reviewed in full, amended if possible and implemented without wasting time). My first three months as President will also be dedicated to proffering sensible short term solutions to immediate problems.

From my fourth month. All my ministers, advisers, directors and key personnel would be given targets and goals which must be met at specific periods in time. As the Chief Executive, not meeting my set target means you don't simply belong to my team. Bang! You are fired!

Within 6 months, I will trim down government by digitalising and implementing serious monetization policy. Yes! It isn't healthy contributing to the scale of current unemployment, but equally, it isn't sensible spending 40% of government revenue to service and maintain staff. By cutting down staff and digitising all government agencies, I'm going to target saving at least 10% of yearly budget on recurrent expenditure. By so doing, I can increase capital expenditure on yearly budgets, increase government efficiency and response time while eliminating bureaucracy, red tapes and corruption?

In my first 3 months in office. I will propose an emergency 1 trillion naira economic stimulus package which will be taken partly from the country's windfall from continuous oil price hike as well as through issuance of FG bonds. As a possible consequence, I will monitor inflation rates and deploy fiscal policies to ensure that at no time will it be more than 9% in our first year.

Of my 1 trillion naira bailout package, I will instantly allocate 150 billion to creating at least 5 million jobs in my first year. The 150 billion will be called "The Enterprise Fund" and it will be given as 0% interest rate loans over a long term period to Nigerians across all 36 states to start and grow their own businesses.

To support the long term loan, I will launch at least 2 Enterprise Parks across each 36 states of the country which would contain workshops where all kinds of equipment and facility will be available for welders, mechanics, carpenters, bricklayers, plumbers, ‘Agbepo's', etc. to complete the complex part of their jobs in case they cannot afford their own facility or have no access to the needed equipment or technology. The Enterprise Parks will also contain offices with state of the art technological infrastructure to support white collar small business starters.

For every business financed. An effective mentoring and monitoring team will be commissioned to mentor and monitor their performances and direct them in the right ways. The advantage of the Enterprise Project is that within 1 year each business on average will create another 3 direct businesses and another 2 in the indirect supply chain – making it altogether 5. More so, it will be a great opportunity for Nigerian folks to achieve their own dreams and put their talents into use, it will also be a way of kick starting economic growth and mopping up the sorry state of unemployment instantly. Through the Enterprise Scheme, we will also facilitate creativity and drive originality of Nigerian thinking.

Apart from the Enterprise Project – I will immediately go into partnership with the private sector to create six modern and gigantic food production projects across the country. The project will cost a rough amount of 250 billion and will be called the "Food and Agricultural Park".

It will focus on processing, packaging and distribution of all sorts of foods whose raw materials will be sourced from Nigeria's Agricultural production. The aim of the project is to immediately make the prices of food significantly drop down, bridge seasonal gaps, create new jobs and contribute to infrastructural development. The government will sell its shares of the Parks to the Nigerian public after 2 years of conscientious and effective operation after which, at least 50 thousand jobs would have been created from production to the supply and the value chain. I would also ensure that through the project and others associated with it. Food prices see a decline of nearly 20% in my first year.

Now I have just N600 billion left of my economic bailout package. It's one year and I have only created less than 6 million jobs. The fact is; no matter how much jobs that I have created, how much infratructure I have established and how much unemployment that I have mopped up. without light. "All Na Yeye"!

So it's time to visit Europe. In partnership and negotiation with the Germans - within 6 months, I am deploying 2 thousand pieces of 5 megawatt stand alone wind turbines across strategic areas in Nigeria. As I'm not paying for this equipment at one go. I'm spreading the cost over years that is agreed with the manufacturers and technical consultants – Nevertheless, I will invest 200 billion naira in the initial phase.

2,000 wind turbines at 5 megawatts each will generate 10,000 MW and will be installed within one year to work at full capacity. With another 100 billion naira, I will complete installation, and commission a very effective monitoring and maintenance agency while rehabilitating the national grid for effective power distribution. Under one year, I will distribute 17,000 MW inclusive of existing 4,000 of previous government and another 3,000 which will be generated through the rehabilitation of other existing sources.

Within one year, I will facilitate policies and support the private sector into the generation of cheap, clean and green energy. Emphasis will be placed on the cleanness and Greeness of energy so that we can ensure environemental sustainability and attract modern technologies into a nation that is already crying of old and archaic technologies. I will also support state power projects where each state can build its own infrastructure, generate and distribute its own electricity independent of the FG.

With my N300 billion naira of stimulus package left, I will partner with local and foreign estate developers and investors to build 1 million homes across all states within 2 years. With only an average budget of 150 billion, all homes will be sold between 2-4 million and not one single person will be required to pay more than 15% of the total cost before granted access to owing a home. This will be guaranteed through a prearranged mortgage system with financial institutions where not more than 25% of citizen's monthly income will be spent on mortgage payment.

In addition to the housing scheme, I will immediately use about 100 billion to create quick infrastructure that will make it easy to invite, support and make every thing possible and attractive for foreign manufacturers abroad from automobile to sewing machines, apparel etc to locate to Nigeria, produce their goods and employ Nigerians across their operations.

I will grant them huge tax relief for at least 4 years, speedily process all their applications and support them through policies, as well as government information and infrastructural access. I will also use men and women who are in the NYSC to attract investors by placing them to work directly for private large manufacturers who relocates to Nigeria while I (the FG) pays a certain percentage of their salaries for the first to second year of employment.

These will be done through the creation of the FG Tax Free Zones and Industrial Gateway in partnership with the private sector. If I spend 10 billion on NYSC salaries in the first year, I would expect to keep my graduates in Job for a long time and at the same time kick start industrialization, create more jobs, improve infrastructure and earn more money from the manufacturers through staff's income tax and other means.

As part of my emergency policies, I will within 6 months make it possible for a new business to be incorporated in Nigeria within 5 hours. Make all taxes, VAT and revenues payable online and make all government revenues and expenditure be published every week and shown in its online gateway. I will also make all contracts, bidding and procurement of every ministry and agency be published publcly and updated week in week out.

As a free market oriented President - I hate high interest rates and will work tirelessly to keep it down to less than 8% in my first 2 years and this will be made possible by my stimulus package and other key fiscal policies. It is a simple ‘Keynesian Fiscal Thinking' for those who know that; high liquidity can drive low interest rates. To further achieve this, all local Nigerian banks will be made to be in custody of distributing the stimulus fund in partnership with the CBN of course.

In addition, all financial institutions, capital market, investors, stock brokers and stakeholders in our economic and financial world will be summoned, wooed and incentivised with other government ‘carrots' to ensure that for a consistent period of time their internal policies and expectations are geared to function with new low interest rate policy.

Under one year, I will launch Nigeria's GIS and Mapping Project for every streets, nooks and crannies to be shown on the geographical information map so as to effectively allocate resources and make planning better. With less than 1 billion, I will also create a special audit team, who will be equipped with the most cutting of the edge technologies, training and knowledge to adequately monitor the effectiveness of all government projects across the country. While, there is an existing body for these. I will constitutionally reconstitute such body in a fresh, sensible and effective way.

Ministers, directors or staff who fails to deliver according to target or according to set framework will be immediately relieved of their position. List of possible competent ministers and directors will be on the waiting list; therefore anyone who messes up will be immediately replaced.

My Government will merge the ICPC and the EFCC together, make it more powerful and function better with better people, training, technology and infrastructure. I will also set up a serious commission to probe all past governments to account for previous financial misappropriations.

All things been equal, all my projects as President except the housing scheme will be achieved in less than a year. Hey! It is always easier said than done but the fact is that none of them is rocket science. All the technology, people, fund, idea and concept already exist. The next and the right step is simply to merge resources together for common good.

Nigerians simply don't deserve the current state of poverty, unemployment and underdevelopment which is currently faced. Haba! This is a country where the basic needs of life should never be a problem. I think it simply boils down to the quality, thinking and exposure of those who are placed at the helm of affairs. So who say's our main problem is not leadership?

However, as bad, dilapidated, impoverished, corrupt and unserious as it all seem today, what we need is simply that sensible, competent and effective leader who will make sure that once he's there. Gongo So!

Under the ruler-ship of competent hands, we can grow at the speed of light and within a very short period of time and that is the thinking of many economic theories which I know. The ‘neopatrimonial model of governance' is an example. It is a model which sees positive development as one which does not necessarily require an excellent government in state, but simply ‘ a good enough governance'.

For me, that is exactly what Nigeria needs. An effective, transparent, simple and competent govenance. Yea! we use to clamor for transformational leadership, but the neopatrimonial model says no. All we need is that simple governance structure where every governor, minister, Chairman and President will not take their work for play.

Nigeria is bleeding and its bleed is a serious hunger for that type of governance structure where for example we will have: A Mr President who can be good enough to move teams, assertive enough to say no and confident enough to inspire change. A simple and incorruptible leader who can stand his foot and allocate resources competently and efficiently to solve problems pronto!

Do we have good enough leaders in Nigeria today?

Would you not rather vote Onikoyi for President?

Ah! If I become president...omo.... Gongo Aso!

Let's wait and see...

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