The Amos Adamu in all of us

Hypocrites, we all are. Now that Amos Adamu is the fall guy, everyone is pouring venoms and curses on his person for denting the image of the country further by his greed. Adamu's penchant for easy money is well known. Most sport commentators have longed accused him of being the clog in the wheel of progress of our sports. This man has cornered our football, and ensured that only his stooges control the game in the country. The consequence of his bastardly act, had made football particularly at the senior male level to be nightmarish to its teeming followers in the country.

Amos Adamu's fall came very late. The International Football federation made a belated verdict on him. Nigerians have expected the long axe on him, more than 10 years back, after the fallout of his activities in COJA. The Adamu that Nigeria psyche has created would not leave the stage without a dirty fight, even if he is the only one that believes in his innocence. This man just have to destroy the little that is left of Nigeria's image in the international sporting arena, in his folly battle to revise the guilty verdict he is carrying.

The judgment of the disciplinary committee of International Football Federation (FIFA) on Amos Adamu was not surprising to majority of Nigerians. Many sport loving Nigerians have waited for the day the man would honourably bid sporting authority, particularly football, goodbye. But the man never did; he kept manipulating the system to survive. Even with our so called wise avalanche of sport administrators, Adamu cleverly brought the moribund WAFU back to life, just to have a regional base to perpetuate himself as the leader of football in the sub-region.

To Amos Adamu and those who are his apologises, the way forward for Nigerian football should continuously be dictated by him. That's why the man felt no qualms, with his endless appeals against his conviction, even to the ridicule of the country.

There was football in Nigeria before Amos Adamu ever bothered to study physical education. And there were football association administrators before him, who have left great marks for posterity. Most of them were not as lucky as Adamu, because they never got the international recognition, exposure and position like Adamu. Yet when the country believes they've had their chances they left without bringing Nigeria down with them.

The Adamu sit tight syndrome is a common disease in every greedy Nigerian. Unfortunately, majority of Nigerians are under the spell. Those accusing him today, would have done the same, if they are offered the same privilege. We are a people without a conscience, which makes one wonder if we really have any iota of God's wonderful gift to man – humility. Most of us, in this country see power and wealth as an opportunity to oppress those that do not have. That's why we are never tired of scheming one devious act or the other to remain relevant in the polity, even when we have nothing more to offer.

Since the world has pronounced Amos Adamu, guilty, why is he trying to change the verdict? There are countless officials in FIFA from across the globe, some are from more poorer countries than Nigeria, yet they were not tempted; only Adamu in the whole of Africa failed the test of morality and ends up soiling the image of his country. Instead of asking for forgiveness from his countrymen and women, his arrogance and useless ego has continued to fire him on. Now, he is talking about clearing his name; which name?

A man that is disliked by all well meaning sport loving Nigerians, and accused of being the cause or the hands behind our woes in football particularly as the senior male level, should have walked away from sport, if he has any honour inside of him. But dear old Adamu did not. He alone has succeeded in bringing nightmare to our homes in the last eight years, with the falling performance of our super eagle.

I do not envy Adamu, I only hate the system that produce his likes as the country best to the world. His specimens of humans shouldn't have been allowed to hold positions of authority anywhere in the first place. Adamu should not be allowed to continue to walk the streets of this country a free man. All allegations against him should be investigated; and Nigerians should be told how the COGA budget under his supervision were expended.

Though it difficult to comprehend the qualifications and the astuteness that makes the sport ministry present Alhaji Galadima for nomination to CFA, one is joyful he didn't make it. if our country cannot send its best to the world, then we are better not represented. It wouldn't come as a surprise if Amos Adamu has a hand in Galadima's defeat. Remember this is a man who believes he is the only one good enough to represent Nigeria in football global arena.

Adamu is not alone in this debasing struggling for power and relevance; a little while ago, our country saw overused and expired political leaders seeking to return to power under regional platform and sentiments. They threatened us with disunity if their clandestine ethnic politics do not have it way. But Nigerians (through the PDP delegates) stood firm and shamed them at the eagle square.

These charlatans are also in our sporting arena, and they are the reason we have remain giants only in papers and not on the field of play. We must remove the Amos Adamus syndrome in our body, mind and soul, if we must progress as a people. No man is an highland, we must learn to walk away when our services are no longer yielding positive results.

The guilty verdict on Amos Adamu by FIFA disciplinary committee must stand, any judicial interpretation that will alter it and give Amos Adamu the respite he is desperately looking for, is not acceptable. Such judgement will not stand before posterity and God. Adamu became guilty, the day he and others destroyed our football and created a clique of opportunists to dictate to the rest of us, how football should be managed and run in this country.

There is a ‘Amos Adamu' in all of us; fortunately nemesis has caught up with this one. He should accept his fate, the same way he enjoyed his fortunes when he was milking our sport dry. He deserved the judgement that came his way and I pray he live with the cross to his grave. That's the only way others will learn from his fall.

By Olurotimi Adeola

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