This is treason...

Nigeria's unity is intact and cannot be jeopardise by few disgruntled, irrelevant and vampire political opportunists. These men of low esteem and abrasive bluntness should not be allow to continue to threaten the peace and tranquillity in our dear nation because they are not getting what they want. What the country need right now is a forward looking leader with the prerequisite knowledge of the problems facing Nigeria and the aggressive solutions to solving them.

Ours is a federating units of equals. There is no bigger partner and smaller partner in this Nigeria state. Every Nigerian has an equal stake in this country no matter his place of birth or status. There is no north or south; there is no majority or minority; elements of poverty, disillusionments, lack of progress, homeless etc, are equally spread amongst us. No section of this country is spare of the fifty years of purposeless leadership we were saddled with.

Nigeria is fast turning into a slave enclave, where heartless slave owners perpetuate evil against the people without any sign of remorse; and watch happily as the people die in their droves in preventable situations. These slave owners called political elites in our midst, have made life in this country the cheapest in the world. Their endless struggle is all about power and the right to control the people for selfish ends. Majority of them are usurpers who lack all the developmental stages of human growth. That's why it's easy for them to go to their beds unshaken and unmoved by the plights of the people.

Why is political power so enticing in Nigeria, that persons initially perceived as gentle and mild suddenly become beasts when seeking power? Why do some politicians insist they must serve the people even when the people obviously do not want them? Why are people seeking national leadership, drumming ethnic/zoning beats, in order to actualise their ambition?

Right here before our very eyes, a young Nigerian from Taraba state, north east Nigeria challenge his governor publicly, when hearing his governor reeling out achievements that he believed were non-existence in the state. He was arrested, handcuffed and hurriedly trial in a court that is both the prosecutor and aggrieved. The young man was sentence to a jail term, under a democratic setting that gives right to air ones opinion. Even our human right activists had their tongues in check during that period. Guess they didn't see the financial benefits of fighting the young man's cause.

Now we are witnessing some overambitious presidential candidates making press statements calling for anarchy if their wishes of having the ticket of their party presidency zoned only to their area is not realisable. These evil personalities that over the years we had erroneously called national leaders have continued to issue daily threats on our unity as a people and nation, yet the law enforcement agencies that are responsible and paid to deal with these type of charlatans, are doing nothing about it. What else are they waiting for before declaring these morons national threats?

That young man in Taraba state went to jail because he felt his people are being short change by the government in power. He couldn't see the physical developmental projects that his governor was proudly listing out to the hearing of the people. Out of patriotism, he voiced his opinion. And because of a simple patriotic opinion under a democratic government he was sent to jail like a common criminal. While the same society he was seeking justice for by giving his voice simply went to sleep.

No man is above the law, has been an over flogged statement in government circle. This statement is now mere rhetoric in the ears of the common people. Nigeria has never been a country of justice and equity. People are set up, arrested, maimed and even killed just for saying the truth. Our so called leaders only rule us by forceful coercion and intimidation. Desperate presidential candidates are now using sentiments to prevent our people from rationally determining the president they want.

The reality of politics in Nigeria today is glaring for all to see; Nigerians are not crazy about the geographical origin of their next president, all they want is a president who can deliver. They are not concern about any clandestine agreement signed by some obscure persons on their behalf, all they want is a president who will provide the enabling environment to live meaningful life.

Why are some of these presidential candidates determine to send us back to war? What do they mean when they say power must remain in their region? Remember their choice of word is ‘must'. Who will be their mercenaries of war? The already impoverished and haggard looking country men and women, who struggle day and night for survival? Or the hopeless and disillusioned youths, whose future these so called leaders destroyed by not providing qualitative leadership and statecraft when they were in power?

Some privilege Nigerians have lost grip with reality; they are so entangled in sycophantic beliefs, that they now see themselves as the only people created to rule. Instead of brainstorming on the manifestoes to sell to the generality of the people and buy us over, they kept insisting on narrowing the political space by clamouring for zoning.

Maybe I should give them clues on what the people want. Our people want the convening of sovereign national conference, so as to address our differences and understanding of each other. Our people need free and qualitative education to at least senior secondary school level for all Nigerian children. Our people want the country to have strong industrial growth to provide employment for the populace. Our people want uninterrupted electricity supply, constant water supply, good health facilities, good network roads and transport system, security for lives and properties, robust economy, humane and down to earth leaders; above all we want leadership that is credible, accountable, honest and nationalistic. Any politician who bring pragmatic solutions/understanding to all these issues and more, to campaign forefront will see outpour of electorates vowing their support.

It is treasonable felony to issue threats challenging the peaceful co-existence of Nigeria because of the controversy surrounding PDP zoning. Ibrahim Babangida, Atiku Abubakar, Bukola Saraki, Ken Nnamani, and Alao Arisekola are all guilty of these inflammatory statements. What are SSS and the police waiting for? If they are not arrested now, then the young man in Taraba state jailed for ‘airing' his opinion must be compensated for the injustice done to him.

By Olurotimi Adeola

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Note: This article was written a week before the unfortunate bomb blast in Abuja. I couldn't publish it in time because I was indisposed health wise.