Raymond Dokpesi: The grandfather crying wolf

There is a kindergarten story still being told in nursery and junior primary schools about a boy who cry wolf just to see whether his community will come to his rescue. At the end of the day, he paid dearly for the discomfort he caused, because the people refused to come out when he truly needed help, thinking he is still out to play pranks on them. This story teaches our kids not to raise false alarm in any situation or circumstance. High Chief Raymond Dokpesi, the owner and founder of the first private radio and television stations in Nigeria, Raypower and AIT, unfortunately has the same weakness like the boy in the story.

Raising alarms over nothing has become a common penchant among clueless politicians. They are either been trailed for assassinations by perceived opponents or being threatened and victimised. They are just never tired of scheming out stories just to create undue publicity for themselves and their imaginary political clouts.

High chief Dokpesi is a master crafter of falsehood stories; this man from Agenebode in Edo state have a long history of distorting facts just to settle personal scores and gain the sympathy of people. He once accused Bashorun MKO Abiola (of blessed memory) of threats to his life, just because the late business mogul insist on knowing why his ship (named Atinuke Abiola) was sold by Dokpesi without his permission and the money not remitted to him(Abiola). Raymond Dokpesi, who was then a business partner of late Chief Abiola and late General Yar'adua, in a shipping venture called African Shipping Line, took advantage of the trust of these two men of honour and exemplary character by selling their ships without their consent. And when these two men demanded for their ships or the money from the sale of their ships, Dokpesi went to the press and raised alarm that his life was being threatened.

The news of his recent public statement that the presidency is after his life, is one ugly trend taken too far. At his age, this high chief should realised that a lot of young lads look up to him for at least some measure of moral standards. He should realised that his unguarded statements particularly as it concern his present position as the director general of Ibrahim Babangida campaign organisation, if unchecked could cause skirmishes across the country.

Why would the presidency want to harm Dokpesi? This is a man without a political value, even in his local government area. Dokpesi has never won nor influence the victory of anyone in his state. He is a political neophyte who only fraternise with the power that be just to curry favour for his businesses. Dokpesi is simply a man who is out to overrate himself politically.

The reasonable response given by the presidency to Chief Dokpesi's uncouth statements is commendable. It is now his responsibility to substantiate his allegations, or he would have dealt a terrible blow on his credible as a perfect choice, as a coordinator of a presidential campaign organisation.

He claimed the agencies of government are after him over his tax payments. This is indeed laughable because he is duty bound as an income earning Nigerian to pay his tax as at when due. He is equally expected to make available his tax statements for scrutiny by the relevant authority whenever they are demanded for. If he is faithful in payments, why the fears? And how can he justify the presidency involvement, in a simple tax matter?

People who should have provided vehicle for the emancipation of Nigeria are most times the country's greatest tragedy. The likes of Raymond Dokpesi have continuously betrayed the downtrodden masses of this country, for their self interest. His acceptance of the director general position for IBB campaign team have surely buried what is left of him in the eyes of the people.

Dokpesi was among those who were clamouring for good governance and a focus presidency in 2007. He even made his media organisations available for the project. Now, we know why he did it; he was only after the election of Dr. Peter Odili who is known to be his benefactor.

One of the obvious reasons for Dokpesi new stance on the presidency of Nigeria is the assurance of constant and undeserving patronage of his businesses by the federal government if the unrepentant champion of settlement and bribery wins the presidential election in 2011. For a man who likes undue advantage over his competitors, Dokpesi will do anything to get this privilege.

High Chief Dokpesi is a man crying wolf where there is none. No one is after his life. In fact there is no difference politically whether he is alive or dead. So why would anyone loses sleep over which camp he belongs to? With his title and age, these despicable character assassination ploys which he is known for, should have been discarded. As a father and grandfather, he owned it to his children to keep and leave behind a good name.

The telltale of IBB's forthcoming political annihilation is getting clearly by the day. Even his choice of foot soldiers and lieutenants that would strategise and sell him to the country shows he is not abreast of the realities on ground. All IBB could gather for his power craze ambition are political novices, political jobbers, sycophants and trade by barter politicians. Having Raymond Dokpesi as his campaign director General is to kiss the relics of his dream presidency, goodbye.

Olurotimi Adeola

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