Why Jonathan must run and win

In a matter of days the overheated debate over President Goodluck Jonathan contesting next year presidential election will be put to rest. It's getting crystal clear that the man on whose shoulders presently lies the greatest fortune any sane Nigerian would wished for, is definitely seeking to continue in that office. The melodrama of run and don't run has made it possible for us to know the true colours of certain characters in our policy, and has become another added impetus to the drive for politics of integration that this country badly needed.

It is an undeniable facts that there are established blood sucking cabals in this country. They exist in all the geo-political zones and in facts in all the tribes whether minority or majority. Their aims is to satisfy their unending appetite for power. They are not after the general good of all but for personal aggrandisement and the continue enslavement of the people. The battle for wanting Mr. President to contest or not depends on which cabal our political warlords belong. That battle was not for the people; if it were, the people should have been allowed to decide by their votes come 2011.

We all remembered the two million march for late General Abacha to succeed himself. While a few uncompromising nationalists stood before Abacha's bulldozers, risking everything by confronting him till he died; where were the Babangidas, Atikus, Arisekola, Jim Nwobodo's etc of this world? They are already prominent persons at that time, yet they either collaborated with the deadly dictator or kept silence to save their necks. Such glaring cowardice as been the hallmark of IBB and Atiku's lives. Without sounding disrespectful, these men have never taken any risk for Nigeria. You only hear their voices when the coast is clear for them to manipulate the people for selfish personal gains. Even the political quagmire that surface as a result of late President Yar'adua prolong illness, these duo maintain absolute silence throughout.

Ibrahim Babangida refused to be part of the team of former Nigerian leaders who came out publicly to declare that there was vacuum in governance if the then vice President Jonathan was not given the constitutional power to act as president pending the recovery of the health of his then boss. This should not surprise Nigerians, IBB can never make sacrifice for anybody. He, just like Atiku is more concern about his safety and comfort.

If president Jonathan contest next year election and wins, he would have successfully nailed the coffins of these set of people who are never there for Nigeria. These bourgeois, who think ruling us is their birthright, even when they are educationally ill-equipped for the strenuous task of governance would be shown the red card permanently if president Jonathan continued in power beyond 2011.

Every useless former military officer in Nigerian Army is quick to tell you of his exploits in our regrettable civil war. These set of irredeemable former military top brass arrogantly tell us how they fought to keep Nigeria one and why they would do anything to make sure we remain together as one indivisible country. Those poor in judgement would think their statements are driven by patriotism, but the truth is, it is not. These men are ethnic jingoists, who are quick to fan the emblem of ethnicity to achieve primordial and clandestine personal objectives, even at the detriments of their own peoples' interest. Now the zoning debate as expose the real IBB; we can now see he is just another ethnic predator devouring his people for personal gains.

The continuation of President Goodluck Jonathan in office beyond 2011 would permanently send IBB, Atiku, Arisekola Alao and their likes to their doldrums. It will awaken in the rest of us the confident that Nigeria belongs to all. And that every Nigerian has the inalienable right to aspire for the leadership of this country.

For more thirty years, the same individuals who have systematically manacled Nigeria and rendered it an eye sore in the community of advanced nations are the chief promoters of ‘don't run Jonathan'. If Jonathan runs and wins, it will hasten our wish to see them in their eternal and long overdue damnation and irrelevance.

Today, Nigerian masses are like a people lost in the wilderness. They are going through heartrending trauma; yet all you hear from these misfits are slogans such as ‘he did it before, he will do it again', ‘he has the experience' etc. And you wonder what experience they are bring back to governance. Since their past credentials in government only reads: "annulment of credible election, marrying of more wives, looting the treasury, retrogressive policies, subversion of the electoral wishes of the people, settling sycophants and political jobbers, building personal castles and assassination of opponents; then we are doom if they come back to power.

Opponents of President Jonathan may be right to say he is a bit slow; and seems to be dancing to some obscure power blocs. We still cannot deny the fact that he is showcasing a world of difference in governance. His performances so far is clearly a display of intellectualism over and above the daft leadership his so called political adversaries are known with. President Jonathan may not be the best Nigerian with leadership potentials alive today, but he is most certainly the best leader among the privileged persons seeking the presidency of this country come 2011. It is in our collective interest to make it happen.

Olurotimi Adeola

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