Don't trust IBB

The true nature and personality of Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida is now getting clearer by the day. In his vague ambition to rule Nigeria and become the longest ruler of the country by any means possible, he has let no one in doubt of his determine to sink Nigeria or set it on the path of another war via ethnic mistrust. Though he is anchoring his latest determination via democracy, Babangida, fortunately for Nigerians has now revealed the darkest side of himself. Recently, he vowed to rule Nigeria for only one term if elected in 2011 and promised to give power to the Igbos thereafter. How can he singlehandedly give power to the igbos in a normal democratic setting?

The statement of handing over powers to the Igbos after his one term tenure, might be his political masterstroke to break the ranks of the Igbos, majority of which have declared unflinching support for pro-Jonathan sentiments; but he went too far. IBB and his political strategists have committed grave political mistakes and have further polarised our weak national structure. Why on earth is IBB playing the politics of divide and rule? Who told him the Igbos are not interested in contesting next year election, and would rather sit and wait for 2015? It is this penchant for deceiving the ordinary people that have kept us under the bondage of discredited leadership which IBB eloquently represent.

Politics should be played with honour and national instincts; all the years IBB, Atiku and co were deceiving the people about their nationalistic outlook on vex national issues have now being exposed. They are tribal jingoists who will happily fan the emblem of ethnicity when they are seeking personal gains. To know that these hypocrites had the opportunity of ruling this country, provide ample evidences on why we are at this present abysmal level of development.

Will the Igbos fall for this ‘Greek' gift from IBB? I hope not. History they say is enough lesson. A man who kept shifting elections and handover dates, cannot be trusted to honour any agreement; definitely not now that he is too old to change. IBB would also be remembered for betraying true friendship. He gave Abiola his words not to interfere in June 12 1993 election. Abiola believed him; and expended his wealth, time and energy in the election, only for IBB to annulled the said election. And subsequently hasten Abiola's journey to the world beyond. He also betrayed his friend, General Buhari who took him out of military obscurity and made him Chief of Army staff. Only for Buhari to taste humiliation of a coup and imprisonment. Then there is Major General Maman Vatsa, his childhood friend and confidant; whose killing was ordered by IBB because of a ‘phantom' coup that was not even carried out. How could any sane mind trust him, again?

IBB is not a democrat and can never be one. He is not even sellable to the Hausa/Fulani that he comes from; I was born and lived all my life in the north, so I know better. But if in doubts, place him side by side with Buhari or even the relative young Nuhu Ribadu and see how he will be convincingly defeated. Outside his homestead Minna, IBB cannot boastfully count one hundred not financially induced followers. Most of those openly supporting him today are the discredited men and women of yesteryears, who were beneficiaries of our looted treasury during his inglorious days as a military dictator.

Neither IBB nor Atiku Abubakar have the prerequisite knowhow and acumen to lead a country like Nigeria. Thank God there is no excuse that they were not tested, at least Nigerians witnessed their dismal achievements in office. What's new that they are bringing to leadership that they couldn't give when they had the opportunities?

IBB is only out to create enmity between the Igbos and minorities in the south-south. If Pa. Alex Ekwueme and maverick Arthur Nzeribe who should know better are siding with anti zoning forces, then I don't know of any other Igbo man who can perfectly understand the body languages and inner scheming of this man – IBB, like they do. Particularly, Chief Arthur Nzeribe who had regrettably done dirty works for him in the past.

Very soon, we will hear a possible Jim Nwobodo or Orji Uzor Kalu as IBB running mate; you don't need a soothsayer to decipher this. They and their likes are the charlatans that have continued to deny the Igbos their rightful place in the politics of Nigeria. Igbos should not be fooled. Presently, Orji Kalu media organisation is daily championing the IBB's cause with their sensational headlines targeted at ridiculing President Jonathan.

IBB is a disaster that has happened and desperately wants to erupt again. The onus lies on us all to tell him, enough is enough. I fear for our nascent democracy with the likes of IBB still playing active roles. Even the military institution that herald him into prominence is filled with angry active officers, who still see IBB as the most singular persona that started the erosion of the spirits of brotherhood and professionalism in the profession.

General Ibahim Babangida is daring God; those who truly love him, should show him the paths to assuaging and avoiding the eminent wraths of God that will befall him. The era of ‘sidon and look', ‘come and chop', ‘God dey' mentality is over in Nigeria. In 2011, I will gladly join those who will give their lives to stop another IBB apocalypse in Nigeria.

While not sounding like a broken record, I solemnly declared that at 69, IBB have nothing more to offer Nigeria, except to finally annihilate it. His place in history, is still where he left it seventeen years ago; in the trash can...

By Olurotimi Adeola

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