When Napoleon hill (1962) asserted that, every adversity brings with it seeds of an equivalent advantage, he perhaps forgot to balance his judgment with the fact that, "quite often, every advantage equally brings with it fruits of an equilibrium adversity", this is a parable of the economic prosperity of America whose unparalleled growth over the past several decades have been incredibly phenomenal. While this growth have been purportedly led by neoliberal socio-economic policies, major shifts in culture, science and international commerce, the popularization and acceptance of Americanism have grown on one hand, while on the other, it has fueled the fire of hatred, resentment and revulsion, with the notion that it has stepped on many cultures with its own ideological sentiments. This growing hatred especially of Americanism has often been expressed in the best known way of the aggrieved, "terror".

The fundamental fact about international terrorism is that, it is simply not one fanned by religious extremism, or as often perceived, Islam vs. West, but a simple product of ideological conflict, brewed by the imbalance aura of civilization and abetted by the growing power of globalisation, as many writers have opined, terrorism is the continuous harvest of the egoism seed planted by the west, one nurtured by its dominance, arrogance and aggression, but simply put, terrorism is a by-product of the dark side of globalisation.

As has been the case, whether America and Europe implements the most cutting edge of technologies at their airports and borders or not, terrorism will continue to find its way, after all, we live in a world driven by the forces of globalisation, one led by advanced knowledge and technology which over the years have known no boundaries, what if terrorists continue to outstrip our imagination by striking from the most unlikely sources like the Umar Mutallab of Nigeria, what if the militants of Al-Shaabab simply overtake the seat of power in Somalia, they could unleash terror on the world by sponsoring the most sophisticated and shocking terror operations that could beat every government to it! What if the terrorists devise a means of using locally fabricated and advanced long range military strikes that will carry unbelievable payloads and travel over multiple thousands of miles? What if they devise the use of nuclear components to advance their course? What about the millions of extremists already living on the soil of Europe and America?

To capture this dastardly trend, it is simply not a matter of border security, or a military incursion of Afghanistan, besides, this strategies are not the most effective and have continued to exacerbate the resentment of the Taliban and other extremist groups towards Europe and America rather than abating it. Why use the same strategies that don't work then? If not addressed in the smartest and most diplomatic way, terror will continue to unleash and soon, it may simply encroach its present epicenters into other areas of the world in large scale, terrorists may come from unexpected sources, and for each one killed, twenty more may be reinforced, so why use a military strategy that can never win the war of culture and ideological differences?

Before this growing scourge becomes insurmountable, Europe and America must act fast in such a diplomatic and unprecedented way that will not intensify the slight provocation of extremist's, but before this can be done, it is imperative foremost, to understand the fundamental cause of terrorism. Is it the values and preachment of Islam? which infact have not sparked any nature of violence or terror as those witnessed today in its past 1,400 years of existence, why now? Is it the clash of ideology? Then how can it be addressed.

Without reasonably understanding the cause and the underlying forces behind the growth of terrorism, America and Europe may not win the war, undoubtedly, it may be won today, but what about the future of innocent Americans and Europeans who are not yet born, the real answer is cultural diplomacy and the balancing of civilisation which the west can advance in the most friendly, civil and non-aggressive manner.

Essentially the west must build ties with local Islamic clerics perhaps through its missions abroad and use them as the brokers of peace and more importantly, the west must go all out to engage with local Islamic communities by promoting education and sensitization especially in terror prone countries, while on the part of Europe and America, cultural strengthening and a more inclusive approach to counter terrorism is required, the Islamic world also has a huge role to play, noticeably, the Muslim world have not communicated with a strong, coordinated and united voice that will demystify the innate growth of terrorism amongst its practitioners, where are the multitude of Islamic organizations that litters the streets of America? the thousands of Islamic societies that exist in the middle of Europe? why are they not acting in a more coordinated manner to address the confusing notion of Jihad, understandably, no religion simply preaches violence and it is the loss of those who twist the meaning of Islam's Quran to suit their own stance and conspiracy, however, the world needs a better voice, one that echoes through the mind of Muslims and non-Muslims that will let the world understand the true position of global Muslims, in a more collective and integrated manner, the Muslims must fight radicalism and extremism from within and not wait until terror strikes before condemning such act.

If the Muslims don't act, one thing is sure, it is the funeral of everyone, including innocent Muslims themselves. Who knows? The next terror blast may simply take the lives of millions of guiltless Muslims, the time is high, Islam must act, no matter how small, Islamic organizations must do their best from within, Imams, Mosques, clerics and Arabic schools must continually sensitize young Muslims about the truth of Jihad and disaster of terror, Friday sermons, the largest weekly gathering of Muslims must ceaselessly address the issue of terrorism and why it is strictly forbidden and lastly, we must all join hands with Europe, America and Islam to fight this scourge of a thing, by simply not fueling the fire of hatred or standing while events unfold, surely, every little act can help, who knows, the next terror act could simply take your child or your whole family at once, God forbid, but its time to act and join hands to fight the war against terror.

Ola Onikoyi, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.