Follow your energies, the poet and visionary, William Blake declared. Follow. Your. Energies. When America's eminent intellectual Susan Sontag was asked why creative people decline with age. She said partly because they don't do well to fund and revitalise the vast pool of experiences from which their creative faculties usually feed. Hence, they begin a numbing repetitiveness before they peter out.

The link between ingenuity, great sex drive and high vibration levels cannot be overemphasized. Sex energy is one of the oldest resources which human beings have available to blow their own minds, journey bravely into the limits of consciousness and bring back the news of what is there as creative outputs. Think of Marquis de Sade, Sartre, Jean Rousseau, Albert Camus, Einstein, St Augustine, our own Monsignor Pedro Martins, the boy genius, Mozart, Garcia Marquez, Bertolt Brecht, Iris Murdoch, Fidel Castro, Kinsley Amis(Father), Martin Amis(Son), Diana Anthill, Richard Pryor, Picasso, WS (both William Shakespeare and the other WS down the centuries), Norman Mailer, Ted Hughes, Fela, James Thurber, Salman Rushdie, the Russian masters of literature and inveterate whoring Dostoevsky and Tolstoy, the spiritual and mystical Rasputin, Saul Bellow, Lord Bryon, Rudolf Nureyev. These are just a few we know of.

The child prodigy, Tiger Woods belongs to this distinguished list. Nobody in history has single-handedly revolutionised a sport as he did at a very young age drawing millions to take interest in golfing. The sport used to be an aristocratic white man's game, Tiger Woods came in from the ghetto to smash the glass ceiling. And when he won, he won phenomenally and with style. He reinvented the swing and the drive. Even when everyone had counted him out, he counts himself back in. On the course, with his ‘stick', he is so unreal. At the close of his first eleven seasons, Woods's 54 wins and 12 major wins had surpassed the all time eleven-season PGA Tour total win record of 51 (set by Byron Nelson) and total majors record of 11 (set by Jack Nicklaus). In total, he had won 71 times with 14 major trophies. He was named Male Athlete of the Year for a record number of times. He got me hooked in 2000 – his most successful year - when he won and was still sad and said he didn't win as he supposed to win. His standards were always beyond ours mere mortals.

And now as a young man of 33, Tiger is being hounded for following his energies. What is not being said about the shameless media festival on Tiger's private life is that this alleged fluency with women happened two years ago and beyond, the time Tiger was winning trophies phenomenally. He was also at that time settling into marriage. Hence the fluencey could as well be partly put down as hangover of bachelorhood. However, a man's private life is his private life. If Tiger has filled his with strings of women, the only person that can cry foul is his wife and that is even based on rigidity or flexibility of the existing contract between them. It is none of our business. The voyeuristic pursuit of Tiger's life is baffling and a testimony to the bankruptcy of taste in contemporary culture. Jean-Michel Basquiat's singature comes to mind – SAMO- same old shit. If Tiger were not married, the press would have said he was cheating on his girlfriend. If he had no girlfriend, they would cook up another offence called womanising just to discredit him as an immoral dude who has broken rules of public trust. What is this puritan streak that was emasculated by modernism but all of a sudden is rearing its ugly head in the 21st century? Yes, these same tabloids cannot do without publishing editorial pictures of naked young girls as their page three glee.

Nathaniel Hawthorne's ‘The Scarlet Letter' documents the drama of Hester Prynne, a young married woman who bore a child in secret by another man. The moral purists of the day condemned her to wear all the time a penitent's shirt bearing the letter "A" of the Puritan code, the color and smell of blood. An agent of the order followed her everywhere beating a humiliating drum so that the public could keep out of her way. In the end, the secret father of Hester's child turned out to be a minister of the cult that made a martyr of her. Hypocrites!!! That drum-beating moral cult today is the media.

I thought the media would have soft pedal after the tragic suicide of Chief constable Micheal Todd, a first class and distinguished police officer. He could not bear to see his affairs minced meat of in the media to stain his illustrious career. He took to killing himself instead of being hounded by pens and cameras. Also is the death of Max Mosley's son Alexander whose return to drugs and ODing was not unconnected with the shameless festival on his father's private S and M pleasures.

None of the tabloids and gossip columnists bothered to be critical about these kiss-and-tell absurdities. When the stake is very high, these fast-ass girls can earn up to 500,000 pounds or more. Because the market is very lucrative, they would do anything, anything to get celebrities. We all remember how Paris Hilton flew from LA to Paris to meet Christiano Ronaldo on hearing he has signed a record of £80 million contract. Openly you see hospitality ushers energetically seducing celebrities during media events. I remember one incident that happened backstage, when an usher pulled down her neckline and asked this star to autograph her twin towers still encased in red bra. The star was struck with shock and awe. Before he could recover, the girl grabbed his hand. Meanwhile on stage, his achievements were been reeled out by the way of introduction before the audience and cameras while backstage, he was terrorised into signing a mysterious autograph. Soon when the stakes are higher, the girl will go to the media and allege, the star slept with him from time to time and she will go ahead to cry and describe all lurid details to the salivating public.

Ditto for movie star Ralph Fiennes who was seduced by an airhostess midair. The girl went to the tabloids to give an exclusive story of how Fiennes slept with him. The airline sacked her but she'd already made money from selling her story. Ashley Cole's temptress added further twist to this kiss-and-tell racket. She cast her purpose in a humanitarian light. She said she was ‘confessing' so that Mrs Cheryl Cole, a national treasure, will know, her husband, a Chelsea star is also a big cheat. The question is if she was truly motivated by compassion, why didn't she send Mrs Cole a private mail. Why go to the media and why not donate the filthy money collected to charity?

Is it a crime to work hard and be popular? Yet if you rebuff the fast-ass ladies they still go on air and blogosphere and start circulating emails that you're a sexist who does not respect or care for women's sensitivities, that your brand must be boycotted. To tell you the criminal extent which these ladies would go, there was a woman who religiously seduced a doctor. The doctor refused. Later she made up a story she had been raped. Of course, she sold her story to the media. The doctor was arrested and convicted because chief evidence in court was an alleged dress she wore still soiled with his semen. Laboratory test confirmed it was the doctor's semen. He lost his lovely wife, his family, his job, his fortune and his reputation. Later, on appeal, it was discovered that this doctor like many men usually dumped his maritally used condoms together with other house refuse in the rubbish bag in front of his house for the garbage man to pick up since condoms are not flushable down the toilet. It was there the woman picked up the one she used to build her rape narrative. And all the while when she was a highlight in the news as a victim, we were behaving the same way we are behaving now over the ‘exposure' of Tiger's affairs. With the media conduct so far, it just shows this generation has deferred another excellent opportunity to be matured. We have again empowered the jezebels and the kiss-and-tell racket.

Who can believe that Rev Dr Martin Luther King with all his moral courage, impossible virtues and proactive campaigns on behalf of civil rights was on the other hand supplementing his personality with extra-marital stunts? Like Bertolt Brecht, a modernist titan, he synchronised his private and public life in a fearful symmetry. Brecht produced over 60 works yet at every given time t, he had at least three official mistresses. He was able to coordinate his private and public life in a fearful symmetry that produced several masterpieces.

The will of a Tiger is beyond surrender. He may have lost juicy endorsements and the support of his wife, in so far he has not lost his skills and his enormous capacity to reinvent himself and the game, he is still on the good side of history. His supporters cannot wait to have the last laugh. His is going to become one of the greatest comebacks since Lazarus. He owes us the duty to keep lifting trophies on the golf course and on other courses. However, post-modernity will never outshine modernity in creative outputs. Too many bright people are willing to allow themselves to be tamed by media values with their image-making and role-modelling utopias.

We need to bring out the tiger in us. Yes, that fearful and awesome symmetry.