Alhaji Yar Adua as President of Nigeria deserves pity only when a situation calls for sentiments. At the moment, we need reason not sentiments.

Nigeria operates a political system where too much power is concentrated at the centre. With the president's protracted absences we cannot afford a power vaccum. Also going by the nation's history of military intervention and the abundance of politicians with a rabid self-centred craving for power, we must not allow sentiments to prevail. Yar Adua must go. A sick man should not govern a sick nation else both would succeed in killing each other.

We blame President Obasanjo for foisting on us a sick man as president. Yar Adua's tenacious hold on to power even when his health condition disagrees with him shows that he does not have the health of the country at heart. He is plagued by the same sit-tight syndrome and President-for-life virus blighting African leadership from Ghadaffi to Mugabe.

The constitution is clear on the issue. The President is terminally sick. He cannot go to the UN General Assembly. He could not present the budget. He does not preside at Executive Meetings. He has left the nation moving rudderless from shore to shore. This is dangerous. Prof Itse Sagay's argument that because Yar Adua has outperformed his predecessors in signing a rosy agreement with AASU and a promise of massive infrastructural investment in Niger Delta wont wash. It is unworthy of a constituitonal expert. Even if Yar Adua is the best performing president in history, the mere fact that his health has been compromised terminally makes him unfit for office irrespective of his achievements or failures.

If Yar Adua does not resign in the next seven days, the National Assembly should begin impeachment proceedings with immediate effect. Leading a nation is not a cup of tea, he should have known this before he signed up for it. People who want to lead should listen to reason not sycophants.