Democracy In Action- Why Obamanamia Cannot Occur In Nigeria

By Tony Ishiekwene

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The new dawn of America leadership is at hand-

Barrack H Obama 

Lovers of true democracy world wide are in jubilation at the launch of a new dawn for a free world and American democracy. The son of a Kenyan student immigrant born in 1961 has been elected the president of the most powerful country on earth. The Americans have proved that they are true lovers of democracy and that dreams can be easily actualized if you put in the discipline, hard work and effort necessary for achieving them. In contrast the political elites in Nigeria are "dream killers" and mouth the word democracy without having an inkling of what that word means. They are opportunists and pretenders running riot over our disabled country, Nigeria. 


Someone like Barrack Obama dare not dream of, let alone get elected as the president of Nigeria: 

    First he will be excluded from the primaries of the major political parties because he is not a moneybag and may not have the 5-10million Naira required to collect a nomination form to contest as the party's flag bearer;
    If he is lucky enough to scale through, that is if the party actually allows for a free vote, he would be unable to muster the billions of Naira required to buy votes across Nigeria, including bribing the chiefs and traditional rulers, the various "stakeholders" who need tons of Naira to "mobilise" and rig local elections across the length and breath of the country;
    And if he still gets lucky to contest the general election, opposition candidates will remind him that he is not a true Nigeria, because his father is from Mali or Niger republic. Should he be insistent on contesting and prove a major challenger to the party in power, the Home Office/Internal Affairs minister will order his deportation to Timbuktu or some other remote village in Mali. And he will be kidnapped in the tick of the night and hijacked to Timbuktu and their will be no more wahala for those politicians who feared his popularity- This is called the Shugaba treatment! Remember the Bornu state GNPP Assembly man, Abdurahman Shugaba, who after winning election to the State House of Assembly was deported by the Shagari, NPN controlled government in 1980 or thereabout!
    If Obama is seen as to strong an opposition because of his grassroots popularity, the ruling party, peopled by nest of killers, may send in their death squad to assassinate him before he even have the chance to face them in a general election.
    If any of those four tricks above do not work and he is still in the running for the general election, then the ruling/incumbent party would do the Iwu (called Iwururu) tactics on him: These may take either of three forms: Disqualify him a few days to the general election. If the court nullifies the INEC disqualification and ask for his reinstatement Iwu would make sure that Obama's logo do not appear on the ballot box; and finally Iwu would allocate 5% of the votes to Obama and 70% to the ruling PDP, in an election where the electorates are totally disenfranchised and denied the chance to vote for their president on election day.

The Americans have proved the importance of the ballot box. Make no mistake about it: Whilst there was a race issue in the election of Obama, it was not a key factor in his election. Even if every African-American and the black population only voted for Obama, he would never win the presidency with those minority votes. The Americans voted for change, and Obama tapped onto that groundswell of frustration and disenchantment with the Bush administration and every thing to do with the Republican Party rule! American economy is tottering on the brink of collapse under the watch of George Bush, and he ordered a war in a senseless and pro-longed war in Iraq under the pretext of ridding Iraq of a non-existent "weapon of mass destruction." Americans of all hues, especially the lovers of democracy in that God blessed country, waited for 4th November to teach the demons currently occupying the white house and the party they represent a lesson on who owns the sovereignty of the land. And so Obama won a landslide of the Electoral College votes because his message of "change" was well received by the vast majority of Americans- Whites, Asian, Hispanics, Blacks or Africans! 

We have a long way to go in Nigeria. Indeed we are not even on a stand still but retrogressing and moving back wards. Since 1999, elections have become a joke with each successive election getting worse than the preceding one. Goubadia's INEC gave us a shambolic election in 2003 with all incumbent governors and General Obasanjo returned to office with mind-boggling votes, with number of votes in some areas surpassing the number of registered voters. But the worst disaster in the name of election was to come in April 2007, when Obasanjo and Prof Maurice Iwu went beyond the limit of tricks and dishonesty to foist Yar ‘Adua and almost al the governors, apart from Raji Rasaki of Lagos state, on the people of Nigeria without a semblance of an election. 

Indefatigable former labour leader Adams Oshiomole aptly declared recently that those parading themselves as representatives of the people in the National Assembly- all products of the Iwu "mago mago" elections of 2007 are all crooks enjoying stolen mandates and therefore cannot give Nigerians an effective and relevant constitutional review. He was spot on and right on the money for that. A few nincompoops and ostriches in the house, including the speaker, Dimeji Bankole, shamelessly wanted to call the gentleman to question but lacked the moral fibre to do so because they knew the fiery labour leader was speaking the truth. The difference between the jesters and charlatans parading themselves as political leaders in Nigeria and the western world politicians is that the later will own up when caught in malfeasance and resign their positions honourably, but the Nigerian politician will continue to delude themselves, lying and indulging in self denials even when caught red-handed snatching and stuffing ballot boxes in their homes. Shame on the Nigerian so-called politicians! 

The people of Nigeria must as a minimum work together in concert to regain their sovereignty from the rampaging locusts that is sucking them dry and denying them the chance to elect their leaders through the ballot box. The oppressors of Nigeria- a few evil cabal within the PDP, represented by the likes of Obasanjo and Vincent Ogboluafor, its current chairman, who are threatening to rule Nigeria for the next 60 years, must be confronted and told there may be no Nigeria for them to ruin in 30 years, if the people cannot be allowed to chose and change their leaders in regular election dates, like the Americans have now done! The people of Nigeria have a great deal to learn from what has just happened in America. George Bush could not use his incumbency to anoint and impose Senator McCain on the people of America, like Obasanjo succeeded in doing by imposing his lackey, Yar ‘Adua, on Nigerians as president!  

Tony Ishiekwene 

( London, UK) 

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