Graphic Video: Here's What this "Noble Officer" and his Men did to a lady for obstructing their convoy. Their destination: A drinking Joint.

Follow discussions on this thread on how you can help get justice for this lady. At the very least, Rear Admiral Harry Arogundade should leave the Force.


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Re: Meanwhile, in Nigeria: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
Lizmoses posted on 11-07-2008, 09:19:44 AM
Elizabeth ,

The other lady(I believe you are talking about the lady beaten up with her 2 kids in the car) very well deserves justice, even though in her case it was very difficult to prove what actually happened(well as far as i know). Thats why its always good to have hard-core evidence. With the lady's case it became a matter of their words against hers, see how the story was manipulated and they told lies against that woman, you and I know what the truth is.

Elisa sake,

Sorry you feel that way. In line with what Overload is saying, I think Nigerians should learn the power we now have based on development. Even if you cannot challenge an act, put your phone to good use by recording it from a distance and paste it on the web. Somehow, information will go round. If such information gets to NVS, we'll surely fight against injustice.

I remember a certain case of an 11year old boy that was killed in mob action in 2005, someone filmed that event but somehow, they succeeded in closing the case. It was very painful, I wrote to Channels tv (their reporter filmed it) and a few others but then, I hadn't the privilege of this group so what more could I do other than just say my piece.

My sista, there is power in evidence and group action and that's what I'm enjoying here. If any mosquito bites me, I know what to do.

Please have a change of heart.

So long.
Re: Meanwhile, in Nigeria: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
YUAN posted on 11-07-2008, 09:44:43 AM
It is sad that things like this are still happening in Nigeria despite the so much noise about rule of law by our leaders.
I personally support the idea someone raised earlier on this thread to make full page advert in some National newspapers against citizen brutality by men in Uniform based on Uzoma's case. I will personally be willing to donate towards that too or any other decision NVS arrive at.
Re: Meanwhile, in Nigeria: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
Ewuro posted on 11-07-2008, 09:44:49 AM

Otunba, ah!

You don come again with ur pocket lawyer style. This is a serious matter of public interest and no responsible judge will fail to take it serious.

Take it from me, if any Judge palys naija justice with this matter his wife(s) daughter(s) and concubine will sooner or later fall a victim.

Abeg, pls keep ur usual agent-speak off this one. Pls.

I am begging, pls do not start with this one. Abegi. Na beg I jus de beg...

Remember WS:

Abegiii...Let us see it to the very end.


You really need to see a psychiatrist about your delusion. You can see that the lawyers amogst us in the NVS agree with me that if the victim, Ms Okere [or the well-connected father] says they are not interested in taking the matter to a court, then those of us who would like to take it to court without her consent stand no chance, because of the issues of locus standi.

No one in his correct mind should take a matter to a court knowing s/he stands no chance. That would be an action in futility.

We are now left with other people who are aggrieved and were assaulted by the barking mad Arogundade and his men. The people from price water house firm of accountants. If they agree to go to court, everyman of good conscience should support them.

The military brutality and assault had been going on for too long a time that those military guys presume that they have a power of life and death over civilians. This need to stop. Violence on any man/woman is an assault on our civil liberties. Those who use violence should as a matter of law face prosecution and the attendant penalties which should be very serious indeed.

Quite frankly, the whole Nigeria military and police ethos need a fundamental review/change to bring it in line with the civilised world.

The average miliatry person had been above the law for too long. They call us 'bloody civilians'. If we are going to claim democracy, it is about time we really make military submit themselves to democratic authourities. That means obeying the laws or face the consequences.

I am uplifted by the reaction of the Lagos governor, Tunde Fashola on this issue.
Re: Meanwhile, in Nigeria: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
Abraxas posted on 11-07-2008, 09:47:34 AM
Hi, folks!

Tiri (3) solid GBOZAs for Governor Babatunde Fashola (SAN) of Lagos State, ojare, for his timely expression of indignation and justifiable outrage about the barbarism of (so-called Rear Admiral) Harry Arogundade, and his \"boys\".

As a matter of fact, all 36 state governors in Nigeria, in their capacities as the chief security officers of their respective sates, should be able to drastically curtail such culture of mindless impunity that members of the Nigerian military elite (both serving and retired) seem to revel in, and have, as a matter of fact, presumed to be their statutory privilege and right.

The irony of it all is that, even an ordinary lone bullion van (or off-duty pillot car, or police-carrying kabu-kabu) driver can drive dangerously (at high speeds, against the traffic), or even mindlessly blast all manner of high decibel noises from sirenes, terrorizing road users with impunity, and get away with it, how much more, a WHOLE \"rear admiral\".

With Governor Fashola's exemplary expression of complete and unreserved disgust at the vandalism visited on a lady by (so-called Rear Admiral) Harry Arogundade, and his \"boys\",all other governors in Nigeria should make it their responsibility to curtail the abuse of the traffic laws of their states, especially by soldiers and policemen in non-emergency situations.

That a Lieutenant Colonel Olusegun Obasanjo enjoyed using sirens, moving about at the war front during the Nigerian civil war, does not mean that every colonel, AIG, Air Marshall, Commissioner of Police, brigadier, admiral, general, IGP, or commodore in Nigeria of 2008, should blast a siren, complete with an entourage of well-armed guards, in peace-time Victoria Island! One would have thought that the civil war ended (at Uli-Ihiala air strip) some 38 years ago.

Muchas gracias.

Don Juan-Carlos ABRAXAS (III)

Re: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
Pa Bj posted on 11-07-2008, 09:53:41 AM
Dear all,

Some of us watched this beating live from the comfort of our office. It was not a pleasant sight. The spectacle of well built armed men beating up a slender looking girl for no just cause stirred up some of the dignity and decency left in us after what we went through in the hands of the military aparatchnik of the previous regimes. We flew out of our offices to confront the goon. The rear admiral could not demonstrate exemplary leadership by apologising to us for the actions of his \"boys\" and his own inaction, instead he threatened to drive through the light human baricade we were able to muster infront of his flag car.

We have now identified the Palm kernel House no 253 Muri Okunola Street where the poor girl was detained briefly as a guest house, the type reserved for ignominious activities. Now this man was therefore not in a hurry to perform any state function but clearly to enjoy himself. If this is 2008 then we can put a stop to this if we all stand up as a people to be supported.

We have contracted the law firm of Ikeyi & Arifayan of No. 21 Boyle Street, Onikan Lagos. 8th Floor. Tel:01-4615918 to prosecute this case. If you are so deeply concerned that this man be brought to justice, then kindly send a mail to Niran Obele of Ikeyi & Arifayan stating your support. Some of us are pledging financial support to prosecute and we will appreciate your joining us.



I have visited the Law firm's website but still cannot get an e-mail address. Can you please send me their e-mail address? or do I send my petition via courier?

They naval barbarian must be brought to book!!! and when they navl ratings are dismissed from service, please let us know, for that is when the fighting will start!!!!

Re: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
Yankari posted on 11-07-2008, 09:53:46 AM

There's really no need for this. Rear Admiral Harry Olufemi G. Arogundade's negative public behavior last Monday has nothing to do with Umar Musa Yar'Adua

I beg to disagree, the buck stops somewhere, if Arogundade, the Navy, the military etc are unwilling to take action!
Re: Meanwhile, in Nigeria: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
Somebody posted on 11-07-2008, 10:01:45 AM
I think the idea of creating a video is a brilliant one because even if Uzoma is pressured to drop the case then it still wouldn't matter. The video should not focus on Uzoma but on all the people who have been victims of such brutality. It should be aired on all major TV stations with an open letter to Yaradua in the major dailies asking him what he intends to do about such brutalities against citizens he promised to protect. I commend Fashola for his quick response, still expecting same from Yaradua. I don't trust those Senators though....
Re: Meanwhile, in Nigeria: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
Yankari posted on 11-07-2008, 10:03:02 AM

Please stop responding to ethnic trolls. Responding makes it tougher for moderators to delete them and their crap.

Was wondering how long it would take before the debate gets a ethnic eliment, about 200 posts!
Re: Meanwhile, in Nigeria: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
Chanchaga posted on 11-07-2008, 10:04:10 AM
This Lagos State Governor Mr Babatunde Fashola I must say has something about him I like. If only his Imo state counterpart had the decency to at least offer an apology or better still to have intervened. What is so comical about the Rear Admiral and his drunken Hyenas and others alike, is that the speed and urgency they have to get through traffic and then stopping to harass innocent citizens proves these degenerates have no where important to go hence they have \"time\" to wield their axe. Below is an extract from the Punch Newspaper:-

Fashola meets with victim of Naval brutality
By Mudiaga Affe
Published: Friday, 7 Nov 2008

The Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, on Thursday, said he would ensure that justice was done to 27-year-old Miss Uzoma Okere, who was battered by six naval ratings attached to one Rear Admiral Harry Arogundade, in Lagos on Monday.

Fashola, who said he was deeply moved by the unfortunate incident, was full of apology when he received the lady in his office on Thursday.

He also promised to raise the issue with President Umaru Yar'Adua, to ensure that justice was done.

The governor said the state government would provide her with every legal backing to ensure that she got justice.

The Lagos State governor said although he had not heard from military authorities, he did not think there was any act of provocation that could have justified the magnitude of what had happened.

Fashola said: \\"Even though this is not an act of the Lagos State Government, I will first of all apologise to you. Those of us who exercise authority in the state who owe it a responsibility to protect you have actually turned against you. I am sorry.\\"

\\"This matter has been brought to my attention by e-mails, and postings on the Internet on what took place. I can assure you that our democracy will protect you. You will get justice.

\\"I have summoned the Solicitor-General of the state and Head of Office of Public Defender, they will go out with you. They will continue to advise you. Whatever legal assistance you will require, the state government will provide it for you. I will make representation to Mr. President and all the reports I get from the Ministry of Justice, I will pass it to him. I am sure that he will do justice to it\\".

The governor, who noted that though the wheel of justice might turn slowly, assured her that \\"this one will be different, I don't think that any act of provocation could have justified what I have seen and of course, we need to hear from the other side on what happened.\\"

I like this Fashola man and I have heard a lot of good work he has been doing in Lagos state. I hope they give him the chance. He is responsive and he took charge immeadiately. Leadership by example. (Abeg, I am not a politician and I am not looking for contract:lol.

Maybe we need CCTV in our streets in Lagos and other towns(NEPA or Power Holders no go gree) or we need Camera marshalls who will work underground to help capture evidences or deter crimes. We have Youtube which is a worldwide publicity machine. It can be used to name and shame. 'I think'........................
Re: Meanwhile, in Nigeria: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
Pa Bj posted on 11-07-2008, 10:07:29 AM
Why sack a man over his men. He should go and ask for forgiveness from the woman on behalf of his boys.

The man should be sacked for not intervening, and his boys should be sacked for beating a woman-finito.

Have you ever considered the fact that one of the soldiers could have been dispossed of his firearm during the fracas???

Have you ever considered what this video (that I am sure has found it way out of Nigera) will do to the image of the Nigerian Navy and by extension the Nigerian Army????
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