Graphic Video: Here's What this "Noble Officer" and his Men did to a lady for obstructing their convoy. Their destination: A drinking Joint.

Follow discussions on this thread on how you can help get justice for this lady. At the very least, Rear Admiral Harry Arogundade should leave the Force.


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Re: Meanwhile, in Nigeria: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
Tonsoyo posted on 11-06-2008, 23:59:57 PM
Tonsoyo, with respect, I beg to defer on the above, albeit I agree with the general tenor of your submission. The problem, as I see it, with people without experience of military life or the law which govern members of the Armed Forces, is that they usually proceed on wrong premises - not deliberately though. In this case, the first thing to do is not to rush out to sue the Rear Admiral in a civil court. The provost Marshall must be petitioned with the relevant evidence of the brutality supported by statements of all the witnesses and, of course, the victim herself. That petition must be copied to the Chiel of Naval Staff and the CDS. The Navy Police (equivalent of the Military Police for the Army) will be assigned to investigate the matter.

If the military authorities refuse to take action, action can then be instituted against the Nigerian Navy, seeking an order of Mandamus to compel the convening of a Court Martial to try the officers concerned.

Politically, and realistically however, as Tonsoyo reasoned, a lot of arm-twisting will ensue in the background to pressurise the lady not to embarrass the military, being almost one of them by parentage, etc - nonsense like that! In my short time with the Military Police (82 division, Enugu), I know officers and other ranks quake at the thought of being investigated by the military police. In our unique Nigerian military terrain [dishonesty, scapegoating, godfatherism, et al] the ratings attached to Henry Arogundade are going to take the rap. Under Nigerian Military law, obeying superior order is not a defence and those ignorant ratings will be left to eat stale bread should the retired Colonel [father of the victim] decide to extract his pound of flesh. Arogundade will eventually go and apologise to his former senior and the boys under him would be disciplined for his own criminality. Under interrogation, Arogundade will shamelessly deny that he authorised her to be brutalised and that the ratings had gone beyond the order to arrest her for obstruction!

Unless, of course, the CDS proves us wrong that the Nigerian military is lawless and decides to make an example of Arogundade. If it happens, I would have woken up from my dream!


I always try to get totally dispassionate where professional issues are involved and look at cases no matter how disturbing it may be from purely a professional point of view.

Number one thing that we need to underscore in this case is that the father of the victim is a retired senior military officer, an alma-mater of the perpetrator and serving even in a more strategic position in this civilian dispensation. This tells me that her father his well connected to both sides military and civilian, probably close to David Mark.

Whatever pressure he cannot bear in that capacity even if clandestinely to get those guys court-martialled, I doubt if any Lawyer, even Gani Fawehinmi would be able to achieve it.

Even if you get them to investigate, the lady still need to co-operate and testify before any meaningful investigation can be carried out. Getting a Lawyer without the full consent of the lady and her father is totally hopeless.

We need the girl to make a public statement that people can quote and may probably commit her father.

As we speak, I am sure Rare-Animal Arogundade would have placed several calls to the girls father to apologize and I am sure Col. Okere Rtd. would honor the military tradition.

Most of them feel the sense of entitlement to what Arogundade did, this is why almost half the villagers have had similar experience.

We must focus on forcefully disseminating the information in the most aggressive way we could. Information is power, especially negative ones.

Again forget the Lawyer angle, let the lady approach the NVS if she is interested in our support with the Lawyer, that way we can secure her commitment.

Otherwise, we can just fight it as part of the larger struggle against brutality of the uniformed people.

I love Soul Sista's suggestion that a video be made with different people speaking about their experiences then we can release that to media houses home and abroad.
Re: Meanwhile, in Nigeria: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
Brotherkeeper posted on 11-07-2008, 00:07:43 AM
In a week the Black race has witnessed such miraclous feats as OBAMA,the West Indies taking the millions in Cricket, Lewis Hamilton being crowned world champion against stiff racist mischief making, Nigeria shamelessly exposes the crack of it's rear to the watching world.


Let the wind of audacious change sweep across the atlantic to the West coast of Africa and commence the cleansing process.

The baton is in our hands, let us not drop it and lose momentum of change in our life time!!!!!

As per usual, I vote for pro-action.
Re: Meanwhile, in Nigeria: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
Forshow3 posted on 11-07-2008, 00:09:04 AM
Why sack a man over his men. He should go and ask for forgiveness from the woman on behalf of his boys.
Re: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
Tonsoyo posted on 11-07-2008, 00:25:43 AM
Nice one Ajimoh. Can I suggest we pay for full page publication of the below letter as an open letter to the CDS in ALL Nigerian dailies. To this end I am makin a pledge to contribute my own quota to the money required.

Yes We can!

One day will be one day

Full page advert is a brilliant idea.
Re: Meanwhile, in Nigeria: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
Elizabeth posted on 11-07-2008, 00:28:22 AM
Just tell me why there was no justice for the other Lady.But want Arogundade's Head now?
Re: Meanwhile, in Nigeria: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
Ezyvic posted on 11-07-2008, 00:43:29 AM
Senate queries naval chief over assault on lady
By Oluwole Josiah, Olalekan Adetayo and Victor Sam
Published: Friday, 7 Nov 2008

The Senate Committee on Navy has asked the Chief of Naval Staff, Vice-Admiral Isaiah Ibrahim, to explain the reasons why armed naval ratings attached to Rear Admiral Harry Arogundade assaulted a lady, Miss Uzoma Okere, in Lagos on Monday.

Uzoma, who has been identified as a daughter of the Sergeant-At-Arms of the National Assembly, Col. Emmanuel Okere (rtd), was beaten and stripped naked by six naval ratings on Muri Okunola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, for allegedly failing to quickly give way to Arogundade‘s convoy.

Since THE PUNCH exclusively reported the incident on Tuesday, the newspaper has been inundated with reactions from its readers both at home and in the diaspora who felt that the lady‘s fundamental rights were unjustly violated.

Since the report, however, our correspondents and columnists have been receiving threat telephone calls from unidentified persons.

The bestial act by the naval ratings, which is already on a Cable News Network’s website, 134234, further strengthened the global perception of Nigeria as a country where human rights are frequently abused, especially by military personnel.

An anonymous witness recorded and sent the brutalisation of the lady to ireport, a user-generated site operated by the international news agency.

A copy of the video, recording secretly surreptitiously recorded by a passer-by was also sent to THE PUNCH on Thursday. The 20-minute brutalisation of the lady apparently rubbishes the naval officers’ claim that they were provoked.

The Senate committee‘s reaction was sequel to the petition by the victim‘s father, urging it to look into the matter with the view to bringing his daughter‘s attackers to justice.

In a petition presented to both the Senate Committees on Navy and Defence on Wednesday, Okere described the attack as unlawful and condemnable.

He said Uzoma, who is still receiving treatment in a Lagos hospital, would want the Senate to intervene.

The Chairman of the Senate Committee on Navy, Senator Bode Olajumoke, confirmed on Thursday in a telephone interview that the committee had received the petition from the Sergeant-At-Arms.

He said the Chief of Naval Staff had been officially asked to respond to the allegations.

Olajumoke said, ”We have already swung into action on the matter. We have written the CNS to respond to the petition on the brutality of the daughter of the Sergeant-At-Arms.

“We need to hear from the other side, the CNS will have to explain the reason for the action before we know what to do.”

THE PUNCH also gathered on Thursday that the Nigerian Navy had ordered an investigation into the incident.

The Director of Information of the Navy, Commodore David Naibada, and the Director of Policy, Captain Henry Babalola, confirmed the development to one of our correspondents in Abuja.

They assured Nigerians that anyone found to be directly or remotely connected with the incident would be sanctioned if found guilty.

They said they were sensitive to how the public perceived the Navy and that they could not be seen to be building bridges of understanding with civilians and at the same time, be condoning acts that went against this belief.

It will be recalled that Naibada had, in his earlier reaction to the incident, attributed the assault to ‘provocation’ from the victim.

Meanwhile, Nobel laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka and some notable non-governmental organisations have called for the sanctioning of Arogundade and the naval ratings for the brutalisation of Uzoma.

Among the groups that have expressed interest in the case are the Project Alert, Women Arise, Real Woman Foundation and the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights.

Soyinka, at a news conference in Lagos said, “I want to add my voice to the uproar that has been generated by that admiral in the brutalisation of this woman. If that admiral is not prosecuted, civil organisations will institute actions against him.

“This abominable kind of conduct has got to stop. This animal conduct on the part of our uniformed services must end.”

“The civil society group said that the assault and humiliation of the lady was one act of aggression that must not be allowed to go unchallenged.

This, they added, was not only in seeking redress for the victim but in ensuring that other women do not suffer similar fate in the hands of ”overzealous men who play up their weakness as a sign of strength.”

Pastor Nike Adeyemi of RWF and Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin of WA would address a joint press conference on the issue at the weekend.

The CDHR, in a statement by its President, Olasupo Ojomo, described the assault as unjust, inhuman and degrading.

It said the attack was also a ”direct violation of the fundamental rights of the victim to life (which was threatened); dignity of her person (she was brutalised and tortured); fair hearing (punishment without trial or conviction by a court established by law); freedom of movement (her free movement on the road was disrupted) which are all rights guaranteed her in chapter IV of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999, the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights, the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights and all other continental and international treaties to which Nigeria is a signatory.”

The group said because such injustice must not be allowed to go unaddressed, it was prepared to use all lawful means including litigation to secure appropriate redress and remedy for the victim unless some demands were met.

The demands include, ”That the Federal Government take full responsibility for the treatment and restoration of the good health of Uzoma.

”That the Federal Government pays such amount of compensation as may be expressed by Uzoma as redress for the violations of her human rights by Arogundade and his men who are officers and men of the Nigerian Navy.

“That Arogundade and his men, who are ratings in naval uniform, be relieved of their posts via dismissal from service for engaging in conduct that show that they are not fit and proper persons to be retained as officers and men of the Nigerian Navy.

”Prosecution of Arogundade and the ratings for engaging in conducts capable of breaching public peace and for assault occasioning grievous bodily harm to Uzoma.”

The CDHR advised that since Nigeria was not in a state of war, all military and quasi-military personnel should be restrained from using siren on the roads henceforth
Re: Meanwhile, in Nigeria: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
VOR posted on 11-07-2008, 01:05:38 AM
Fantastic development.

I say thank you to those who captured this incident on video, I can imagine how these guys would have denied the incident or stuck to their 'provocation' claim.
Re: Meanwhile, in Nigeria: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
VOR posted on 11-07-2008, 01:08:37 AM
Just tell me why there was no justice for the other Lady.But want Arogundade's Head now?

No one wants his head.

People are only asking that he explains before the courts what was in his head (or eating his head) on the day he decided to unleash his boys on an innocent Nigerian woman on the streets of Lagos. shey you get?
Re: Meanwhile, in Nigeria: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
Elizabeth posted on 11-07-2008, 01:45:02 AM
No one wants his head.

People are only asking that he explains before the courts what was in his head (or eating his head) on the day he decided to unleash his boys on an innocent Nigerian woman on the streets of Lagos. shey you get?

You still have not told me why Justice is good for some or you are just scared to plead your own cause.
Re: Meanwhile, in Nigeria: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
OverLoad posted on 11-07-2008, 01:48:24 AM
Elizabeth ,

The other lady(I believe you are talking about the lady beaten up with her 2 kids in the car) very well deserves justice, even though in her case it was very difficult to prove what actually happened(well as far as i know). Thats why its always good to have hard-core evidence. With the lady's case it became a matter of their words against hers, see how the story was manipulated and they told lies against that woman, you and I know what the truth is.
Most Nigerians at one point or the other have had an encounter with these ppl, I have(even tho i was lucky it wasnt tragic, still i have members of my family who had been hit with the butt of the gun for asking what they did wrong) , all I have are stories , i still cannot prove how it happened.....if I went to court, how would I present my case?, i doubt we would have a strong case.
Like thousands out there or even some on this thread who has at one point or the other had an encounter with uniformed men,watching that video just brought back memories and all I could think is heres our chance , ITS TIME.

While its only fair for you ask for justice for the poor woman who was beaten and whose kids lives(bless their precious hearts) was put at risk on the highway, I would plead with you to join in this cause , lets come together as one voice and lets get some justice in this case where theres is overwhelming and undisputable evidence. This is a start, we need to take it one step at a time, once we proclaim victory on this ,it paves a way for others who have suffered injustice to get some form of justice. Even if not personally. I would be glad to know that at last the voice of the ppl can be heard , that would certainly renew my hope in the supposedly new Nigeria and her Democracy. Just like if I make sacrifices for today's Nigeria, i might not benefit from it, but as long as the generation to come benefits from it, I would say we have conquered.

I dont have to be a direct beneficiary, but once i know these ppl will be penalised for what they did....then i know we have won and we can sing the songs of Victory, we(the other lady and hundreds of thousands innocent nigerians, who have lost their lives or someone close to them) have gotten some form of justice. One step at a time ma'am step.

@Soulsista brilliant idea.....about the video.

Just tell me why there was no justice for the other Lady.But want Arogundade's Head now?
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