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Graphic Video: Here's What this "Noble Officer" and his Men did to a lady for obstructing their convoy. Their destination: A drinking Joint.

Follow discussions on this thread on how you can help get justice for this lady. At the very least, Rear Admiral Harry Arogundade should leave the Force.


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Re: Meanwhile, in Nigeria: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
Danmeka posted on 11-07-2008, 23:21:57 PM
Mr David Nabaida is a liar, the video is there for us to see.
Even without the audio, it is clear what went on.
This guys will never learn.
\"The Navy lost people\", so they are taking it out on her.
So this are the people we pay their salaries. What a retarded defence.

You right,his name say it all, David Nalair, Does he understand the Navy code of conduct. The same thing was done to Late MKO Abiola and the vagabonds were not brought to justice,this time both David Naliar and Harry(Armageddon) Arogundade should step down rather than tarnish the Navy uniform
Re: Meanwhile, in Nigeria: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
Bob posted on 11-08-2008, 01:22:18 AM
She is understandably still shell shocked and can't wrap head around this traumatic event. She is recovering from her physical injuries, but the mental harm caused her will stay with her for a long time.

about 1999, a drunk soldier on guard duty at a nitel office where i had taken a friend so she could make a phone call, bullalaed me on the head (this happened a few months b4 the advent of gsm. under threat of further beatings i had to run away from the place abandoning my car
with my swollen face, i took it out on my companion and soon after, the relationship fizzled out.
Re: Meanwhile, in Nigeria: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
Big-k posted on 11-08-2008, 01:49:34 AM
Here's a document drafted by some lawyers in the house.

Any comments? This will be put up for signatures on Saturday.

President Umaru Yar’adua
Vice President Jonathan Goodluck
Senate President David Mark
Speaker of the House of Representatives, Dimeji Bankole
His Excellency, Babatunde Fashola, (Lagos State Governor)
The Hon. Minister of Defence, Yayale Ahmed
Chief of Defence Staff , Air Vice Marshal Paul Dike
Chief of Naval Staff, Vice-Admiral Isaiah Ibrahim


We the undersigned are concerned citizens of Nigeria and the world writing under the umbrella of [url=www.nigeriavillagesquare.com]Nigerian Village Square[/url], an on-line community of individuals interested in all issues pertaining to Nigeria.

It has come to our attention that on Monday, November 3, 2008 Ms. Uzoma Okere, a Nigerian citizen was brutally assaulted by members of the Nigerian Navy attached to Rear Admiral Harry Arogundade. The brutal assault on Ms. Okere occured on Muri Okunola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos in broad daylight and in full view of several witnesses. Following the assault, Rear Admiral Arogundade and his underlings forcibly took Ms. Okere to Palm Kernel House located at No. 253 Muri Okunola Street.

We need not rehash the entire incident as it is now a matter of public knowledge around the globe. A number of Nigerian newspapers reported the incident. Moreover, video evidence of the assault is available on the Internet. For example, the video is available via the IReport website of the Cable News Network (“CNN” at http://www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-134234. Watching the video should offend the sensibilities of any normal and decent human being.
Gentlemen, our sensibilities are offended and we demand that Rear Admiral Arogundade and every perpetrator (the “Perpetrators” involved in the brutal assault should be punished.

We would like to draw your attention to Chapter 25 of the Nigerian Criminal Code, which applies in Lagos State. The perpetrators in assaulting Ms. Okere, committed acts prohibited under that chapter, including Section 252, which states:

[INDENT]“A person who strikes, touches, or moves, or otherwise applies force of any kind to, the person of another, either directly or indirectly, without his consent, or with his consent, if the consent is obtained by fraud, or who by any bodily act or gesture attempts or threatens to apply force of any kind to the person of another without his consent, in such circumstances that the person making the attempt or threat has actually or apparently a present ability to effect his purpose, is said to assault that other person, and the act is called an assault.”[/INDENT]

Moreover, the Perpetrators violated Ms. Okere fundamental human rights as enshrined in Chapter IV of the Nigerian Constitution; to wit:

Right to the dignity of Person - Section 34: The Perpetrators subjected Ms. Okere to a public beating. As you will notice from the video, the beating was so severe, even an animal should not be treated in that manner. In the course of the beating, Ms. Okere’s shirt was torn and her under wear was exposed for all and sundry to see.

Right to Personal Liberty – Section 35: By taking Ms. Okere to No. 253 Muri Okunola Street against her will, the Perpetrators infringed her liberty without lawful reason.

Right to move freely in Nigeria – Section 41: Ms. Okere is entitled to move freely within Nigeria. Yet, on November 3, the Perpetrators denied her this right simply because in their own warped view, she was a lesser mortal who ought not to ply the streets of Lagos when Rear Admiral Arogundade is in the vicinity.

Given the high office and public responsibility reposed in Rear Admiral Arogundade, in decent climes, the Navy would have apologized for the assault and commenced immediate investigations into the incident. But, the Nigerian Navy has engaged in a game of ‘smoke and mirrors’. In reports carried by newspapers on November 6, 2008, the Navy’s Spokesperson, Commodore David Naibada in a poor defence of this horrendous assault declared that Ms. Okere ‘provoked’ the brutal assault because she snatched a horsewhip from one of the Perpetrators.

With the greatest respect to Commodore Naibada and the Nigerian Navy, his comments are a pathetic excuse coming from a senior naval officer! Gentlemen, is a horsewhip part of military dressing in Nigeria and why should the military continue to carry horsewhips to terrorise fellow Nigerians? You will agree with us that in this day and age and amongst human beings, it is inhuman behaviour to allow members of the Armed Forces to horsewhip themselves [they are not animals] and civilians [who are just as human as members of the Armed forces. There is no justification for members of the Armed Forces to continue to assault and brutalize the citizens they are supposed to protect. Almost 50 years after independence, it is a matter of deep regret and shame that the Nigerian Armed Forces continually interact with civilians with reckless impunity. The behaviour of Rear Admiral Harry Arogundade and his men was a disgraceful show of savage brutality, indiscipline and conduct unbecoming of officers and gentlemen maintained at taxpayers’ expense.

But Commodore Naibada was not done with twisting the truth in the face of video evidence to the contrary. In newspaper reports on November 7, 2008, he declared that the Navy had decided to investigate the matter. But, in complete negation of the spirit of independent investigation, Commodore Naibada proceeded to absolve the Perpetrators or any wrong doing. Nevertheless, Commodore Naibada’s November 7 statements are important because in his wrongful bid to whitewash and dismiss the incident, he confirms:
1. The Perpetrators did assault Ms. Okere with a horsewhip.
2. The Perpetrators did deprive Ms. Okere of her liberty.

The video totally refutes the above lame-duck excuses proffered by Commodore Naibada. The footage clearly shows that the assault was unwarranted, unprovoked and bestial. All over the world, Nigerians and non-Nigerians have continued to express their shock and outrage that such bestiality can be perpetuated against an unarmed citizen by persons trained and sustained by their taxes.

Furthermore, the Nigerian Military has a Manual of Military Law and there is no provision in it for assaults on civilians by the Military and, as such, the conduct of the Perpetrators amount to conduct prejudicial of service discipline that must be punished.

In support of our demand that the Perpetrators are disciplined, we respectfully draw your attention to the following provisions of the Armed Forces Act Chapter A20 (Decree no 105 of 1993) Laws of the Federation of Nigeria:

Section 91 - Scandalous conduct of officer;
Section 93 – Disgraceful conduct;
Section 103 - Conduct to Prejudice of Service Discipline; and
Section 104 – Assault

We believe that you have a duty to ensure that the Perpetrators do not escape justice for this assault on a defenceless Nigerian citizen.
There is no question that the behaviour exhibited by the Perpetrators is scandalous and disgraceful. In view of the foregoing, there can be no lawful excuse not to prosecute them under civil law and/or military law.
We are not unmindful of the fact that concerted attempts may be made to stifle the matter, by placating and/or appeasing Ms. Okere and her family. Let it by known however that, should that happen, we are prepared to launch an official complaint before the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights, based on the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights, 1981 (Articles 55, 56 & 58 and principles laid down in the case of Constitutional Rights Project (in respect of Zamani Lekwot and six Others) v Nigeria [Communication 87/93]). Such a complaint does not require the permission or co-operation of the victim[s].

The eyes of the whole world are now affixed on Nigeria for the wrong reasons and it is the civic responsibility of every Nigerian to ensure that those responsible for the inhuman behaviour in question, no matter how highly placed, are subjected to the full weight of the law.

In closing, we demand that:
1. A full and impartial investigation of the incident with a view of bringing offenders to justice.

2. The abolition of the use of Sirens and excessive Escorts by Public officers except for the President of the Federation and State Executives.

3. The use of horsewhips in all the arms of the Armed forces, whether as a method of chastising enlisted men or/and civilians be prohibited forthwith.

Re: Meanwhile, in Nigeria: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
Somebody posted on 11-08-2008, 02:32:28 AM
My only suggestion to that letter would be to also highlight that Nabaida confirmed that they tried to place handcuffs on her. I am not sure though but are the Navy allowed to arrest people? If not, this should be highlighted. If they are, it was still an abuse of power. Was she informed of her offence and were her rights read out to her before attempting to handcuff her?
Re: Meanwhile, in Nigeria: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
Albany posted on 11-08-2008, 02:39:00 AM
Good job, folks ! Just wondering if it is really necessary to add the 'African Charter' angle to it at this point. Why don't we wait and see if they will try to sweep it under the carpet before reminding them that we have an alternative ?
Re: Meanwhile, in Nigeria: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
Somebody posted on 11-08-2008, 02:40:12 AM
Also, shouldnt we highlight in the letter that this is not an isolated event? It seems to me from people's accounts on this forum that it is a normal occurence for the military to harass civilians.

On a different note, has the video idea been shelved? I think apart from delivering the letter to the various Government bodies, we should still think about the video to highlight to people (esp. the military men) that such behavior will no longer be tolerated from them. Just a thought!
Re: Meanwhile, in Nigeria: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
Somebody posted on 11-08-2008, 02:50:33 AM

Naval attack on civilian: Yar’Adua summons CDS, orders probe 8/11/2008

By Yusuf Alli, Managing Editor, Northern Operation and Eric Ikhilae

FOLLOWING assault on a lady, Miss Uzoma Okere, President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua yesterday summoned the Chief of Defence Staff, Air Marshal Paul Dike and ordered him to probe the involvement of six Naval ratings in the crime.

Okere was assaulted and stripped naked on Monday by the ratings who were in the convoy of Rear Admiral Harry Arogundade.

Investigations by The Nation revealed that the President summoned Air Marshal Dike to the Presidential Villa yesterday following unfavourable security reports about the incident.

A source, who spoke in confidence with our correspondent, said: "The President is disturbed about security reports being received on the incident. He felt concerned that the incident was antithetical to the rule of law posture of his administration.

"He summoned the CDS to appear before him yesterday and directed that a thorough probe be conducted immediately."

Although the Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Isaiah Ibrahim had raised a panel on the case, the President directed the Chief of Defence Staff to conduct an independent and comprehensive investigations."

A military source, who confided in The Nation, added: "The probe is with immediate effect and the panel may submit report on or before next week runs out. This is an order from the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces."

All the ratings in the convoy will be arrested overnight for interrogation. Where necessary, Okere will be invited to testify before the panel at the expense of the military."

It was learnt that the CDS was raising a team last night but it could not be immediately ascertained if the panel will sit in Lagos or Abuja.

The source added: "Since a senior military officer (Rear Admiral) was involved, the panel has to be chaired by another officer. That is why the CDS is involved. And given his strictness, I won’t be surprised if Dike heads the probe team."-

Victims of Monday’s alleged attack on civilians by some Naval personnel in Lagos, Miss. Uzoma Okere and Mr. Abdulahi Abdulazeez have sued the Nigerian Navy and two others, claiming N100million damages.

The suit filed at the Lagos High Court yesterday also has Rear Admiral Harry Arogundade and some unidentified Naval ratings as respondents.

The suit was filed for the plaintiffs by an agency of the Lagos State Ministry of Justice, Office of Public Defender, Lagos and Mr. Olaniran Obele of the firm of Ikeyi and Arifayan.

The plaintiffs were allegedly brutalized on Monday by armed Naval ratings attached to Rear Admiral Arogundade.

Okere is said to be the daughter of the Sergeant-At Arms of the National Assembly, Col Emmanuel Okere (rtd).

The duo is also asking the court to declare that the acts of the respondents in torturing, stripping her naked, ruthless brutalizing and unlawful arrest and detention without any justification are unlawful and unconstitutional.

They want the court to compel the respondents to issue unreserved apologies to them for the violation of their fundamental human rights in at least four print and electronic media.

The plaintiffs are also seeking for an order perpetual injunction restraining the respondents and their agents from horsewhipping motorists and putting them in apprehension through reckless driving in siren -blaring convoy.

They want the court to declare that the respondents’ prevention of using her Mitshubishi Colt marked MQ 34 KJA on public roads amounts to discrimination, harassment and infringement on her right to freedom as guaranteed by the 1999 Constitution.

They equally prayed the court to declare that she and other motorists are entitled to equal treatment and access to public roads without any discrimination.

Miss Okere and Mr. Abdulazeez further prayed the court to declare that the acts of intimidation, violence and reckless driving by the respondents on the public roads under the pretext of being military officers, violate her and other road users’ rights to movement and dignity of human person.

No date has been set for the hearing of the case.
Re: Meanwhile, in Nigeria: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
Deepak posted on 11-08-2008, 03:52:05 AM


@LAYO AROGUNDADE....am i getting something wrong here?
or are you defending that socially inept misfit born out of a cursed cunt called arogundade?
is he your dad?or a relative of yours?
if so u need to seriously hide your ugly faces in collective shame.
you think coming unto facebook to denounce watever the girl supposedly did,which should NEVER have warranted such an act to be visited upon her makes it okay??

your"majesty" i ask again?
is he your damn father or relative of yours?if he is your father,my dear little girl(and I say this in the most condescending manner..i suggest you look for the nearest possibility of "divorcing" him because you my dear have been cursed by an angry nation)
a whole nation is incensed beyond belief at what has happened,and miss doo-doo brain here thinks THE GIRL IN QUESTION SHOULD THINK AND REASON BEFORE TALKING?

wow..a case of daddys little princess defending daddy?
is that wat you go thru at home in his hands?
does he beat mummy up and then strip her for his perverse pleasures??
And then does he make his children watch and clap for him??

That goggled brute needs to be served a dose of his own medicine..typical case of "omo ilenle wey dem put on top bed,last last he gotta mess up and end up back on the floor"
Ole oju ori olari oshi..typical case of a power drunk nobody who cannot believe his luck at the "height" he has attained.bloody joke.

Abegii,some of us have had fathers in power,who didn't feel the need to move around with sirens blaring and mopol/orderlies harassing innocent victims.And yes,I HAVE TRAVELLED IN CARS WITH AN ESCORT ,SITTING IN FRONT┬ůAND SAT QUIETLY IN TRAFFIC LIKE EVERY OTHER SANE CITIZEN OF THIS COUNTRY┬ůso please PRAY DO TELL LIL MISS LAYO..WETIN DEY WORRY YOUR PAPA..IM CRAZE?? OR HIM JUST GENERALLY FUCKING PARANOID┬ů

So tell me please daddys little princess┬ůor arogundades little pet cockroach..what exactly are we talking about here??

And then you so have the guts to so bravely attack a concerned citizen as to his opinion on your foolish idiotic shit head of a fathers actions??

I can see the apple does not fall far from the tree┬ůor does it??layo??

Or wetin?? You go vex too and get your daddy..or whatever he is to you and his boys to CYBERWHOOP MY ARSE AND STRIP ME VIA THE NET??

Babes..if you people have been doing it for a long time and kept getting away with it..hun,mark my words this WILL BE THAT FINAL FULL STOP..even if your "special daddy" gets away with it a la sweeping things under the carpet┬ůAFTER THIS SAGA,IN HIS LIFE IF HE SHOULD SPY TRAFFIC,HE WILL PERSONALLY GET DOWN AND DIRECT IT HIMSELF SAFELY AND IN A CULTURED MANNER, AND THEN DO THE FOOLS THANK YOU DANCE TO THE DAILY COMMUTERS┬ůjust so he lets us know that HE IS STILL THE DAMN FOOL┬ůand he is grateful for the opportunity we have bestowed upon him to STILL mix in our midst..as per animals and humans now┬ů.wink wink┬ů

My dear child,I suggest you quit abusing your internet privileges,and go and grab your nearest bible,quran or as I can bet okija-dudu-juju and chant or pray to whoever you believe in..because this is going to be one hell of a long ride┬ů.SHAMELESS GIRL.
I guess if Uzoma was your blood sister,you would open your dirty mouth to say that same trash eh?


Re: Meanwhile, in Nigeria: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
Anioma777 posted on 11-08-2008, 07:21:21 AM

The letter is brilliant and to the point.Well done to all of you who where involved in drafting the letter. I am proud to be a Nigerian with all the comments and the effort of everyone to see justice done.

Good post and weblink about the CinC and CDS taking action on this matter.


If his daughter was indeed spouting that rubbish she deserves the backlash she is getting. We all by nature might want to "CLOSE RANKS" when a family member acts in ways they should know better of, but his daughter has just given a new meaning to "like father like daughter". If she had any decency she would have contacted Miss Uzoma or at laest put out a statement on NVS or some other medium to apologize for her Dad's boys despicable behaviour.She has no shame like her father!!! Everytime I visit home I always tell people respect your parents and elders but don't be afraid to challenge them when their actions are WRONG. Just because a person is mature in years does not equate to them being any more wiser or of good behaviour.

Re: Meanwhile, in Nigeria: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
Salstep posted on 11-08-2008, 07:33:49 AM

Navy Yet to Commence Investigation
By Eugene Agha, 08.11.2008

Naval Authorities in Lagos yesterday said it has not officially received any directive asking it to commence investigations into the beating and battering of a 27-year-old lady, Miss Uzomah Okere by naval ratings attached to the convoy of the Flag Officer Commanding (FOC), Logistic Command, Rear Admiral Henry Arogundade.
Okere was beaten by these naval ratings on Monday at Muri Okunola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.
The Director of Naval Information, Commodore David Nabaida had three days after the widely reported incident told newsmen that the navy authorities had set a high-powered panel to investigate the incident.
However, the Western Naval command information officer, Commander Ajubulu told THISDAY on phone that an official directive asking the command of the Nigerian Navy (on whose jurisdiction the unfortunate incident occurred) to investigate the matter was yet to reach his office.
Ajibulu said he was yet to receive any directive as to that effect from his director, adding that the Western Naval Command was yet to get official directives asking it to investigate the incident. He noted that he had only heard of the incident on the pages of newspapers like every other person.
However, sources close to the Naval High Command revealed to THISDAY that Arogundade, at whose directive Okere was manhandled, actually sneaked into Lagos for an undisclosed unofficial activity when the incident occurred.

He was said to have hastily fled the Admiral Augustus Ebitu-Ukiwe Guest House, Victoria Island, moments after the incident with his boys menacingly threatening to shoot whoever dared block his way.
Meanwhile, the woman at the center of the storm, Miss Uzoma Okere told THISADY in a telephone chat yesterday "I don't believe in the outcome of the investigative panel, if at all such a panel has been constituted because of utterances of the naval high command which accused me of provoking the attack on me."
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