Graphic Video: Here's What this "Noble Officer" and his Men did to a lady for obstructing their convoy. Their destination: A drinking Joint.

Follow discussions on this thread on how you can help get justice for this lady. At the very least, Rear Admiral Harry Arogundade should leave the Force.


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Re: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
Big-k posted on 11-06-2008, 12:06:05 PM
Oh my God, I just saw the Video..and I'm really incensed right now..This Arogundade animal must leave the Force....
Re: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
VOR posted on 11-06-2008, 12:17:13 PM

I agree that you do not have a military background but you are an Isale-Eko man (area boy) So I would not be surprised if you challenge such oppression. But you will agree with me that it is unusual for a girl to challenge those animals like that.
I have not said categorically that her father was a bad man, I am talking about the Nigerian military and their mentality generally.

Well, you guys would be surprised that you will never hear any harsh words from the girls father, they would rather use espirit de corps than allow you bloody civilians to 'ridicule' a senior military officer. [i]Wetin co concern mai own agbero with overload?[/]


I agree with you. I was thinking the same thing when I read the response from the Navy's spokesperson. Espirit de corps lo ma pari oro yi.

If however the lady decides to fight this battle through the law courts, she has my full support.
Re: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
Foxcatcher posted on 11-06-2008, 12:29:49 PM

My dear colleagues, kuluu kuluu tempa...., lets not turn this into another semantic roforofo that gets us nowhere.

I accept Tonsoyo's premise on the nature of our military and the strength of their esprit d'corps. That Barracks mentality of 'us' and 'them' may ultimately play itself out and scuttle whatever initiative we launch here. The girl as SS has noted may not be really cooperative if her father leans on her later.

However, I disagree on the blanket condemnation of ALL military. Some of them are extremely fine and humane gentlemen. As in all occupations, its rotten apples that create the stink. Unfortunately, the system encourages the rise of the rotten apples to levels we have witnessed in this instance.

Uzoma Okere may not be a perfect 'victim' to inspire a civil rights protest like Rosa Parks did, but I bet if African Americans had examined her wardrobes too closely, they would have found enough things to put them off. Sometimes, it takes someone close to your enemy to help you realise he cn be defeated.

Lets use the groundswell of outrage this incident has created to mobilise affirmaive action that will benefit others who lack the 'military connections' Okere may enjoy.

However, lets be sure of the details of the Lagos action before we start pouring resources into it. I have tried to contact the lawyers from my Ikeja office without results. If we can get a mobile line, it would help. I singularly wanted to be sure they are actually representing Okere.

If they are, I can assure you that a legal action is the best means of obtaining redress (not to rule out the other efforts) from these guys. My experiencewith them last year showed they do fear our legal system and try to avoid it. I can bet that if the victim takes that route there will be severe pressure on her and her father to withdraw it.

Re: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
Airblaze posted on 11-06-2008, 12:33:50 PM
this is a pic of ms uzoma
Re: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
Big-k posted on 11-06-2008, 12:50:00 PM
Ok, Folks

I've perused this thread and what I gather as far as course of action are two things

1. Contact Niran Obele of Ikeyi & Arifayan stating your support.
2. Send an email to Chief of Defense Staff

Anything else? I'll like to send an email to everyone on NVS mailing list but we need to give them precise action steps to take. With Video evidence, this is one case that should result in dismissal of Arogundade from the company of all decent men.

Soul Sista, PM me as soon as you get someone in the law firm.
Salstep, Please let me have emails of all legislators.
Re: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
Akpu-Nku posted on 11-06-2008, 12:56:27 PM
Video of this sad incident can be viewed on this link.

But the Information Officer, Western Naval Command, Commander, Foluso Ajibulu, who confirmed the incident to our correspondent on the telephone said that both parties were already resolving the matter.

Ajibulu said, “The information we had was that the lady in question is the daughter of a retired colonel. May be it was her background that made her to snatch a horsewhip from one of the escort men.”

He admitted that the security man would not have taken the matter lightly with the lady and that might have led to the assault on her.

What an idiotic statement to make for giving credence for such inhumane act. The problem with all this sinister federal forces in Nigeria is that they beleive they have the right to take civilians lives or damn them to hells core if they so wish.

For somebody to excuse such disgusting act because the victim grabbed the horsewhip to lessen the beating been exacted on her is not only wicked but flippantly arrogant. It tells us that there was no offence been committed until the poor girl tried to save herself form the hands of the six uncouth drug induced brutish bastards.

The time has come for these nuisance federal forces of Army, Navy, Police and the rest of the scallywags to realise that the world has moved on and, as a global, it will bring to justice animals like them to receive their duly comeuppance. We must all make our comlaints to the UN and Human Rights Council because tomorrow may be the turn of anyone of us or our families. This can just not go on with such pompous levity.

Here are some links that will begin to educate you as an international citizen:

You can also google the following words: United Nations Oppression prevention.

We should not wait until it happens to you, your wife, sister, or mother. Take
action now
Meanwhile, in Nigeria: Rear Admiral Harry Arogudade is not deserving company of decent people
Robot posted on 11-06-2008, 12:58:54 PM
Graphic Video: Here's What this Noble Officer and his Men did to a lady for obstructing their convoy. Their destination: A drinking Joint. At the very least, Rear Admiral Harry Arogudade should leave the Force. Watch this space on how you can help make that happen

...[URL=]Read the full article.[/URL]
Re: Meanwhile, in Nigeria: Rear Admiral Harry Arogudade is not deserving company of d
Adetola posted on 11-06-2008, 13:14:43 PM
This is the time for us as Nigerians to wake up and collectively put the men in uniform in the place they all deserve.

I believe that all the vehicles in the convoy, their uniform, the guns they carry and most importantly their salary are paid for with tax payers money.

The Rear Admrial Harry Arogundade needs to be taught a lesson that would serve as a lesson to any other officer. He and the Nigerian Navy needs to apologise publicly for the barbaric act. Enough is enough!!!!
Re: Naval ratings beat, strip lady naked
Foxcatcher posted on 11-06-2008, 13:27:34 PM
I just spoke to a Mr. Abia of Law Firm. He informed me Mr. Obele was in a meeting. He took down my number and promised Obele would call once he's out of his meeting.

He however, confirmed holding brief for Uzoma Okere.

Will post or PM any further info obtained.

Re: Meanwhile, in Nigeria: Rear Admiral Harry Arogudade is not deserving company of d
Danmeka posted on 11-06-2008, 13:31:09 PM
ZOMBIE O, ZOMBIE O (Baba 70 was right) When wil animals like the Rear Admiral Arogundade learn, pity especially in the 21st century.But guess what, he will not resign from the navy because he has no shame and dignity.
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