Adeola Aderounmu

Mrs. Waziri said she is prepared to sacrifice her life in the pursuit of her job as the boss of the EFCC. I have heard or listened to many useless comments before and this is one of the most useless remarks you can hear from a Nigerian official. What about all the corrupt charges hanging on her neck plus all the sacred cows she has preserved for Umaru's next campaign?

I have tried to raise my head high at all times-and I am still doing that. I wear clothes with N.I.G.E.R.I.A on the back and coats of arm on the front. I have a Nigerian flag standing on my parlour shelf and a big Nigerian flag is hanging conspicuously on my window in a white-dominated environment. Despite being torn apart between the choices of nationalities I continue to remind myself that I am Nigerian. I don't know how much longer I can bear the huge cross. It comes with a lot of humiliation-accepting the responsibilities and bearing the shame for what some ignoble people have done and what others are still doing. Thank heaven for the game of football else there will be almost nothing positive about the green-white-green.

Everyday I rehearse at least 1 article in my mind yet I have written less than 7 in the last 6 months. This is because I long for real participation in the struggle that will emancipate Nigerians from the madness that has pervaded the country for 49 years. I thought about my (radical) activities and the plans I had just few weeks before I left Nigeria and I wondered if I would not have been forgotten in the prison by now. Maybe not…

Sometimes I ask myself: Is it just me? Maybe I am crazy. But the answers are quick to come. Human nature is besieged with greed, envy and insatiation. If you add this to the complete lack of cognitive ability in the crude men and women who control violent-takeover of power with ill-gotten wealth in the peculiar Nigerian political landscape, you will end up with probably the most unreliable collection of political aspirators in the universe. This is equal to extremely wicked and selfish people.

I have written on a number of occasions in this square that Nigeria is the most corrupt country in the world. I stand by my observation. In those articles, I have also argued and explained why. The amazing thing is that the situation remains the same. I know about the corruption in South America and South East Asia and elsewhere. The most corrupt people that I know are in Nigeria. I have compared the level of developments in Mexico and Thailand to that of Nigeria and I know that a European tourist will rather go to Mexico with Swine flu than to Nigeria. No amount of Tsunami or molestation of foreigners can derail the tourism industry in Thailand. It will bounce back-branding or no branding.

It is not that Nigeria does not plan. We do. It is not that we don't have visions or missions. We do proclaim those. The very few sensible people among the leaders in Nigeria are very good with textbook versions of how things should be done. But the reality is that the mad act called corruption is the stumbling block to almost everything.

Nigeria as a country will not make progress. Not too soon anyway because the most corrupt people that I have ever known in my life are in charge in Nigeria. Mr Yar Adua is a symbol of corruption. He personifies corruption to the highest power. It is ridiculously shameful. It is one of the major weight hanging on my green-white-green curtain. I am not proud of the position of that office right now. It weighs me down than my personal burdens.

The guy has openly confessed that he was rigged into power. He has also insulted the intelligence of anyone who cares to know that he cannot prosecute all the corrupt people around him because literarily they are all the same. Men and women who have no honour! Alltogether, these people have no integrity and their sense of judgments is clouded by greed, selfishness and the corruption that goes with power.

How can any plan, vision or mission work out in such a counterproductive country like Nigeria? The country makes monies that are shared among crooks, godfathers, opportunists, sycophants and extremely corrupt individuals. It takes madness to store money in foreign accounts when Nigerians are starving. In Yar Adua's Katsina, thousands of women fetch dirty water to sell from deep wells. They make less than 1 dollar a day! Generally while Nigerian masses are classified among the poorest in the world, Nigerian politicians are the highest paid in the history of man. Paradox or irony?

Schools have dilapidated, Nigerian hospitals are so unsecured that even Yar Adua himself depends on voodoo and foreign hospitals. Schools have even been shut, opened and shut again. School fees are above the clouds, far beyond the sky and education is no longer for all. Billions of dollars are resting in private accounts and the deaths on the dilapidated roads are blamed on witches and wizards. The electricity supply is the worst in the whole world and the seventh largest producer of crude oil is now a laughing stock in the comity of nations. A nation of 150m people depend on less than 3 000 MW of electricity. Michael Faraday must be turning in his grave. The Niger Delta is now a killing field to the delights of the clique whose groundnuts have been grounded.

President Obama is visiting Ghana because Nigeria is so unbelievably corrupt that any attempt by Obama to visit Nigeria can destroy his political career. Nigerians have been deceived again that the economy will be among the greatest 20 by year 2020. Nonsense!  How can that happen? What about the persistence of the crooks and political jobbers that are siphoning the money that we will use to build the economy and infrastructure. Even when I think about FIFA and the world cup saga, I just think that FIFA is simply stupid.

It is only in Nigeria that FIFA deals with government which is against the statutory procedures of FIFA. FIFA knows very well that Nigeria lacks the infrastructure and when we do have them, we don't maintain them. Yet FIFA is still looking in the direction of Nigeria. Will it take a 10 year old boy (born in 1999 when we hosted the world) to inform FIFA that the corruption in Nigeria will not allow us to do anything right? FIFA is not even thinking about the heat in Nigeria and that matches cannot be played at night because of lack of electricity. How does FIFA think sef?

I simply do not understand why Nigerians are allowing all this rubbish. It beats me! Is this why the intelligence question is dangling over our head? How dull are we really? I was expecting a total revolt or some kind of revolution with the nonsense that took place in Ekiti. Was what an election? E gba mi o..! That was absolute rubbish and to think that it passed is unimaginable and unthinkable. What happened to the song we sang those days: how many people police go kill o, how many people police go kill…? What has happened to the resistance that pursued and hastened IBB to Abuja? Some people deserved to be chased to the bush right now.

The most corrupt people that I know are working with the Nigerian government headed by one unserious and incapable Yar Adua and the earlier Nigerians wake up, the better for the future of their children. I seriously do think we need to do something now. The time is now. For me 2011 is too far, we can't just waste another 2 years on this ineptitude. We must enforced appropriate electoral reforms and pursue early elections. Let's see if we've learnt any lesson. Our future is ruined. The future of our children is stolen..!

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Re: The Most Corrupt People I Know
Kalu31 posted on 06-09-2009, 08:48:16 AM
die ko die nee

did you see the jewlery she was wearing when making this speech? who will she give her jewels to when she wants to die?

its now a year since she was in charge abi? she spent the first part chasing Ribadu, then she then moved on to the show trial of Bode George, in between that the Gov (Orji, Turaki and Co) came calling. now its Elumele and Co.

when will we get a conviction in Nigeria on coruption? not plea bargin a conviction in court, same as Ribadu he did a lot of show trials but no convections in court.

why should a boy that steals Indomie be locked up awaiting trial for 9 years and a governor that stole billion be out on bail?

her term will pass, and she too will be probed, then we will know.
Re: The Most Corrupt People I Know
Chidi Anyaeche posted on 06-09-2009, 15:54:06 PM
Hi Adeola

Too much fire in your stomach, I understand though.

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable". JFK

I say no more.

Remain blessed

Odenigbo 2010
Re: The Most Corrupt People I Know
Davsod07 posted on 06-09-2009, 22:06:37 PM
A per one of the recent article/interview on SR...ex-senator from Chicago was chased out of the senate partly because of her involvement with the goggled one ($5mill) payment/bribe therefore creating an opening for Obama to claim that seat from Illinois. There were reports of jubilations by the grandlooters in Naija when Obama won the US presidency including the grand-daddy of them all(OBJ)dancing at the airport with his big/fat/ugly which I warned - NOT SO FAST, BO IS UP TO YOUR GAMES.
This man is fully cognizant of the NOTION/NATION NIGERIA. fast as you can when somebody mention that name near you!!!!
Re: The Most Corrupt People I Know
Agidimolaja posted on 06-09-2009, 23:41:19 PM

The answer to your question is found in the words of an oldpop song- "there is no justice in this world,anymore...,sometimes I asked myself what am I living for...for there is no justice in this world,anymore.."
Re: The Most Corrupt People I Know
Simbili posted on 06-12-2009, 13:48:21 PM
The list is endless, but don't get caught!

Reps move to impeach Bankole

COSMAS EKPUNOBI, Assist. Pol. Editor

Speaker of House of Representatives, Dimeji Bankole, may not come out unscathed from a fresh offensive being planned by some of his colleagues, who are regrouping to open another inquest into the N2.3 billion car purchase scandal and the N5.2 billion rural electrification scam involving Hon. Ndudi Elumelu and three others.

Also some principal officers of the House have been fingered in a fresh N150 million scam, said to be used for the second anniversary celebration of the legislative chamber under Bankole. This is even as some lawmakers who were shut out in the sharing of the money, are demanding for a full account of how the amount was spent.

Meanwhile, Daily Champion gathered yesterday that the renewed offensive followed alleged involvement of some principal officers of the House in the N5.2 billion electricity scandal.

There are fears in the House that more heads may roll as Elumelu and other principal actors in the scam had vowed to open up on the details of Bankole’s involvement.

A source told Daily Champion that the new group is closely linked to disgraced former speaker, Patricia Etteh, who it was gathered, wants to use the opportunity to cut her pound of flesh.

Welcome to the age of the "Neo-Nigerian-Progressives".

I love Nigerian "Banana Peel Republic" politics.
Re: The Most Corrupt People I Know
Simbili posted on 06-12-2009, 13:55:47 PM


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Court stops Waziri over probe of EFCC chief


A federal High Court in Abuja has ordered the chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Mrs. Farida Waziri, not to investigate the former director of operations of the commission, Mr. Tunde Ogunsakin, who was accused of involvement in examination malpractice.

The exparte order granted by Justice Adamu Bello also restrained the EFCC chairman from investigating or probing the former director of operations of the commission for an alleged examination malpractice, an offence not within the powers of EFCC.

The suit was instituted by Mr. Yinka Afolayan and has the EFCC chairman, the Inspector-General of Police (IG), the Attorney-General of the Federation (AGF), Nigeria Police Force and Mr. Tunde Ogunsakin as defendants.

Nigeria!!!! Whatever happened to 'no sacred cows'. Now we know that the EFCC can only prosecute 'financial crimes' of passion only committed by pathological kleptomaniacs.

Next time, please take note Madam Waziri.
Re: The Most Corrupt People I Know
Simbili posted on 06-12-2009, 14:02:29 PM

How NNPC de-frauded Nigeria —Reps committee

Abiodun Adelaja and Adekunle Adesuji

Adhoc Committee set up by the House of Representatives to investigate the activities of nigeria National Petroleum Commission (NNPC) and its subsidiaries yesterday revealed dominant companies that are defrauding the nation through price manipulation of crude oil earmarked for domestic market and sharp practices by officials of NNPC.

At the resumed public hearing on the activities of NNPC co-haired by Hons Igo Aguma, Clever Ikiskipo, Bassey Otu and Leo Ogor, the committee discovered that one of the companies, Carson single-handedly made a profit of $3.87billion and refused to pay tax.

It was also discovered that the company involved was not registered in Nigeria and had no operational office anywhere in the country, instead, the company carried out its management of Nigeria crude oil from Bermuda Island.

Really? How could this be? When OBJ was "THE" minister of petroleum for 8 years? Is this a new revelation? Is this under OBJ or Yaradua? Not that it matters anyway but just to know where the next 'amebos' may come from in this on-going game of 'do me, I do you'.

Poor Niger Deltans. You do the dirty work, you do the dirty time.

No Transcorp?


NNPC failed to remit N368bn in 9 years;

Oil lifting granted companies without due process - Monies paid to non-existent companies - NNPC paid self $50.2 million ‘performance balance’ - House of Reps committee probe reveals
Idowu Samuel, Abuja
Friday, June 12, 2009

THE Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) failed to remit N368 billion to the Federation Account between 1999 and 2008, a House of Representatives committee probing the corporation was told on Thursday.

An accounting firm, was, however, blamed by the ad hoc committee for allegedly colluding with top officials of the NNPC by failing to properly scrutinise the NNPC account to prevent the fraud.

The House, therefore, directed the accounting firm to appear before the probe panel at its next sitting to testify on the whereabouts of the sum said to be connected with deals with some oil companies which benefitted from oil importation during the years under review.

The committee equally frowned on the allocation of 1,500,000 metric tonnes of Low Pour Fuel Oil (LPFO) to four indigenous oil companies by the NNPC between September 2002 and February 2003 at hugely discounted prices, which it noted, would have fetched the Federal Government N17 billion.

The companies were said to have got the allocation to lift the LPFO, used mainly for industrial purposes, without due process while they were alleged to have defrauded the country to the tune of N17 billion by selling the product at the international market after buying the same from NNPC at subsidised rate.

The probe panel asked the NNPC to explain reasons behind its resolve to pay the $25.6 million to Texaco Oil as performance balance for the period of 1999 and 2005, whereas the oil company was never one of its joint venture partners.

It equally queried the NNPC for paying cash call totalling $5.7 million in 2000, and $11.2 million in 2002 to Palm Ocean Oil, whereas the oil company did not operate as its joint venture partner within the period.

The committee also asked the NNPC to explain reason it paid $31.6 million to a company known as NNPC Crude Oil and Gas, also as performance balance in 2002, contending that since no such company existed, the corporation, for no reason, deliberately paid itself the money.

The committee also accused NNPC of paying $50.2 million to itself in 2008 as performance balance for 2002 and 2005, a disclosure which it said was made by the Group Managing Director of the company, Abdullahi Barkindo, who had earlier given his testimony.

The NNPC in 2008, according to the committee, listed six oil companies as those it would want to work with, in a joint venture arrangement, but later came up with eight companies to which it eventually made scheduled payment of transaction, alleging that the extra two companies, NPDC and NAPIC, did not deserve to receive any payment from the corporation.

Hail OBJ. . . the sole minister of and for Petroleum for 8 out of the 9 years. EFCC can never see this one.
Re: The Most Corrupt People I Know
Simbili posted on 06-12-2009, 14:22:34 PM

I won’t shut up — Tinubu

Former Governor of Lagos State, Bola Tinubu yesterday described plans by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to probe his tenure as political intimidation.

He, however, said that he was not afraid of probe adding that he has a reputation to protect.

Tinubu said since he left office two years ago, efforts have been made to hang on his head a hammer of investigation.

He said his activism and push for electoral justice in the country have made some people uncomfortable.

Speaking with newsmen in Lagos on national issues, including ‘June 12’ anniversary, political reforms, Niger Delta crisis and impending probe, Tinubu said plans by EFCC to probe him was not news.

He frowned at a perpetual attempt to hang a hammer of investigation on his head.

\"It is not fair. It all started from Mallam Nuhu Ribadu era that was 2004, when they attempted to stop me from re-contesting and they didn’t succeed.

\"For two years now, they have been saying Bola Tinubu is under investigation. Each time I try to pursue goals that are anti-establishment position, you hear that EFCC investigation is hanging on my head. That continued up to 2007. They made all manners of allegation which I challenged. Ribadu said it has international dimension. What is international dimension?\" Tinubu asked.

He recalled that he visited the EFCC office after losing his immunity in 2007, pointing out there was no evidence to prosecute him.

\"This is an era of rule of law. Let us go to court. Prosecute me and don’t hang the hammer of investigation on my head. If you have facts, you are not the court. Let us go to court,\" he added.

Tinubu said the endless political blackmail was very disturbing to his family and business associates.

He said under the constitution, he had the right to personal liberty and pursuit of happiness.

\"This is a blackmail method. My children, family, a whole lot of people have been calling me. I have not done anything to stop them from prosecuting me. I have never disturbed investigation.

\"Two years after I left office, if they have not come up with concrete evidence that will make them prosecute me, they should keep quiet for a while.

\"This small dose of announcing that Bola Tinubu is under investigation is political blackmail and I hope the lady who took over, Mrs. Farida Wazirir, will not set on a wrong decision.

\"I am not going to be intimidated. It is all about my activism and attempts to fight for free and fair election, electoral justice in Ekiti, Osun and every part of the country. No matter what happens, I will not be intimidated and I will not stop pursuing all of that,\" he said.

Please, don't shut up. Tell us about your heroine manufacturing/distribution/packaging plants in the US before you became the governor of Lagos state.
Re: The Most Corrupt People I Know
Simbili posted on 06-12-2009, 15:42:41 PM

Ogun State Governor, Otunba Gbenga Daniel Declares N4.46 Billion As Personal Asset

The Ogun State Governor, Otunba Gbenga Daniel, put his total assets in May, 2007 at N4.46bn. He stated that his assets on assumption of office as the governor of the state in May, 2003 stood at N5.96bn and between May, 2003 and May, 2007, there was a loss of 25 per cent to his assets and put his present liabilities at N364,000,000.

His bank balance and cash, which was N138,100,000 in 2003, had reduced to N25,301,650 in May, 2007.

He disclosed that assets consisted of those that were personal to him, companies he and his wife, Chief Olufunke Daniel, had interest in as well as his wife’s personal assets. His wife’s assets in 2003 were worth N99,000,000 and N157,700,000 in May 2007.

A further breakdown of the assets:

His bank liabilities and collateral in May, 2003 was zero but stood at N280,000,000 in May, 2007.

His total investment in foreign banks in 2003 was N497,070,000, and that in May 2007, he did not have such investments

Value of his foreign properties in 2003 at N376,050,00 and in May, 2007, they stood at N733,750,000.

His property in Nigeria was at N400,000,000 in 2003. He indicated that the property had increased to N555,000,000 in May, 2007.

His vehicles were worth N104,000,000 in 2003 and had increased to N147,400,000 in 2007.
Re: The Most Corrupt People I Know
Simbili posted on 06-12-2009, 15:48:22 PM

Lagos police secretly returns N250million into Anambra account via Fidelity Bank
Last Updated: Tuesday, June 9, 2009 11:47 PM

“We did not intersect any money. We don’t give a damn what anybody have to say. People can go on to concoct their stories. I have been briefed. We have been told to say this. We have no such case in police. We are not investigating any case”, stated Frank Mba, the Lagos State Police Public

Relations Officer to inquiries by agents of regarding the N250million transported from Anambra government lounge in Awka to the business [private] residence of the Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi - which the Lagos Police intercepted on Sunday last week. Interestingly, Officer Frank Mba’s response adds another contradictory fold to the unfolding 250million scandal – in that - the folks in Anambra Government House have publicly stated that they were intercepted by the Lagos Police.

The usual monthly practice by ALL state governors ALL OVER Nigeria. No exceptions.

A man who has never gone to school may steal from a freight car; but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railroad. . . lojik(male-Nairaland)

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