One of my happiest days on earth was the day it was announced that current French president Francois Hollande had defeated the then incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy in the French presidential elections. I was anxious to see Sarkozy out of the Champs de Ellyses like the day after yesterday. I was therefore happy that he was about to make my day. I want to make a small confession: I didn’t like that guy at all. And there was nothing personal or malicious about it. My grouse against him was that he did so much to remind me of all that I find wrong with recent French presidents who, to me, try ever so desperately to out-America America in sabre-rattling, bellicosity, unnecessary weight- throwing, bullying, cheating and trying to dominate people across the world in the name of national interest.
To me, if some sane people in the world are showing hatred for America’s imperialism and some are even calling that country an evil empire, there is no reason why we should also not beam our focus on French presidents who want to rival America not in providing a better conduct in relations with other nations, but in surpassing America in arrogance and imperialism.
All through his rule, Sarkozy carried himself, in my eyes that is, like a man with some Napoleon airs, a man with designs to build an empire, a man who is not content with the nation and people God has given to him to govern but who is forever casting lustful eyes at other nations and people to dominate and mindlessly exploit. I hate such people whether they be American presidents or presidents of any other nations. And that is why I disliked Sarkozy. And I think I am not the only one who harbours this healthy dislike for Sarkozy. Is it not this guy or is it the current Russian president, Vladimir Putin, who was described by an American president as an Alpha dog or an unreliable fellow in that famous Wiki Leaks leaked diplomatic cable?
I disliked Sarkozy for aiding and abetting American to maliciously destroy Libya a country that stood in no danger to France or the USA. When it later transpired that this man had gotten money from Muammar Gaddaffi to prosecute his own election, my dislike for this man soared to righteous indignation. It was also reported that former Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Bellusconi, who had been a great beneficiary of Gaddaffi’s generous gifts had also elected to stab him in the back at a time the man needed him most. Some of these people can be so unprincipled and so shameless. This disclosure vindicated Sarkozy’s earlier characterisation in the diplomatic cable as either an unreliable fellow or a dangerous Alpha dog.
Leaders of some countries in the Western world carry on as if decency, morality and principles have gone out of fashion. From what they say and do one gets the feeling that to them, what matters is their ability to dispossess citizens of other countries of their wealth and riches in order to make life more comfortable for their own people. They go about their mandate as if the rest of the world exists only to service the comfort and greed of Europe and America.
Take for instance French leaders and their client states. Were it not for the riches of Senegal, Niger, Cameroun, Cote D’Ivoire and many other countries in Africa, the Caribbean and Asia, France would have today become one poor insignificant nation, very much like any other so-called Third World nation.
When Holande came to power, I thought he would steer France away from that dangerous path of always seeking to kick the arse of other nations and teach the French to learn to live in peace, respect and reciprocity with other nations. But no. From the sound bite that Hollande has been dishing out in the past two months, it is clear that he wants to tread that usual path beaten by Sarkozy and many others before him.
On the issue of Syria, Hollande has been sounding so hawkish. He told the world that France is ready to help in enforcing a no-fly zone policy if the UN authorises it. He wants done to Syria what France and the USA did against Libya. His taste for blood and destruction has blinded him to the fact that after Libya the world is now ready for the USA and her puny allies like France and Britain. Even as Russia, China and Iran have entered the fray on the side of Syria, this Hollande man does not seem to realise what formidable obstacle he and his accomplices in destruction and the shedding of innocent blood would be up against if they dare to enter the Syrian war. He thinks Syria would be a piece of cake like Libya was for them to test the latest weaponry from their factories.
The French threw out Sarkozy because the man’s large ambitions to conquer the world had given him no time to concentrate on managing the French economy well. I want to share another secret: I now call him Hollandis after that famous Dutch wax beloved by millions of Nigerian women because this man is more or less who we call ‘women’s wrapper’’ in Nigeria. He has no well tidied up family life as attested to by the number of women in his life who jostled to be his First Lady when he emerged president. But to continue with our analysis, instead of this Hollandis, sorry, Hollande man, to concentrate on fixing the French economy, what seems to interest him more is a search for a destructive adventure in a foreign land far from the French soil. I just wish to remind this gentleman that payback time with the French electorate is not far down the line.
What is it in the gene of some of these leaders that makes them want to play God? When I sit in my lowly estates, I often wonder to myself: God has given these people the power to lead their people. In times past, they used guile, raw power and brutality to dispossess millions of people of their possessions to build their countries to enviable status. Yet, they are not satisfied with that. They want to play God by aspiring to become the world’s super cops. They want to be in a position to bully people who just want a decent roof over their heads and decent meals in their stomachs.
Because I cheered his victory over Sakorzy, I want to give Hollande an unsolicited but nevertheless important piece of advice: let him work for peace in Syria instead of seeking to stoke the fire of war. I also want to prophesy that if Hollande ignores my counsel and carries on the way he is doing right now, it is certain that seven years from now France will be going to Germany to beg for a bail out for the French economy. The French electorate are already expressing anxiety over the state of the economy
The strong and powerful may always have their way but some of us have a duty, a responsibility or an obligation even, to express moral indignation at some of what they do.


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