Let us prepare for re-colonisation (1)

By Idang Alibi

If I were a man of some great consequence, I would have the audacity to say that Thursday the 20th of October, 2011 will go down in my diary as one of the saddest days in my life. For it was on that day that the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, one of the most nationalistic, intelligent, caring, responsive and responsible leaders among leaders of the developing nations, was killed and humiliated by imperialists powers under the guise of freeing the people of Libya from his dictatorship. My sorrow was so immense not only because a great leader and humanist was killed by the forces of greed and injustice, but because some members of the human family, including, unfortunately, some brain-washed citizens of Libya, did not know the import of what had, some years ago, happened in Iraq and which had now come upon Libya.alt

And who can blame those who do not understand the significance of what happened on Thursday 20th October? Being victims of several years of Western media propaganda which demonises any uppity Third World leader that the West cannot easily manipulate for their own purposes, it is hardly surprising that some people, including Libyans, were wildly jubilating and celebrating what they foolishly thought was the fall of Gaddafi, the deserved end of a dictator, a tyrant, a corrupt man, etc. But the truth of the matter is that the Americans, French and Britons who killed Gaddafi had no noble thoughts on their mind at all: that they were out to take out a man who was giving pains to some Arabs. As far as they are concerned it will be better if some crazy folk can kill off all the Arabs in Libya and leave the place empty for them to get their crude oil which is what all the adventure in Libya is about.

What took place that day was not the fall of Gaddafi as is erroneously being thought. What happened is another signpost that the world is being led back to the era of colonisation of various peoples adjudged by some unjust and greedy people to be primitive but who have the strategic resources that the West need for their industries back home. This, in reality, is what happened and, as I said, first, in Iraq and now it has been accomplished in Libya. And instead of weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, some people were rejoicing? Is this not a case of ignorance being bliss? We are experiencing the beginning (in Iraq) and the consolidation (in Libya) of a people being subjected to the loss of their country, their freedom and the resources which God is his infinite wisdom gave to them yet, some are so ignorant and so blissful of their impending bondage?

Western powers who feel entitled to all the resources of the earth, are about again to begin a second colonisation of Africa, the Middle East and the rest of the ÔÇś'primitive world''. Remember that in recent times the West has been referring to Africa as the last frontier of resources in the world. This is a Freudian slip which reveals their covetous desire for the crude oil, gold and other strategic resources of Africa.

With the type of simple minded attitude of taking in and believing everything that our predators tell us about our leaders and their offer to ÔÇśhelp' us do away with them, we should just begin to prepare for re-colonisation because that is one of the guises they will hide under to invade our countries to install puppets who will rule us on behalf of the imperialists. Let me tell my people one truth: there are dictators everywhere. Our own may not be worse than those of Europe. The difference between our own dictators and those of Europe and America is that while our own may kill their own citizens who disagree with them, those of America order the killing of thousands of peoples of other countries who have no quarrel whatsoever with America. Please, may I know something: How many ordinary Afghans who cannot locate the map of their own country or that of America's on the world map and who have no quarrel whatsoever with America have been killed on the orders of Dictator Obama and other dictators of America before him? What are American soldiers doing in Afghanistan? When was there a vote that they should go there? Is that their country? Did the people of Afghanistan ask ÔÇś'democrat'' Obama to come to their aid against an aggressor? If they did not, what legitimate right does America have to be in that country? If they went to Afghanistan uninvited, theAmerica leader who gave the order for his troops to occupy that country is he a democrat or a dictator? Let someone please tell the simple son of Alibi the answer, please.

I am trying in my small way to puncture some of the fraudulent and fallacious arguments these imperialists put up to justify some of their costly adventures but which some among us who call themselves democrats, human rights activists, non-state actors, feminists and the likes, choose to buy and swallow spoon, fork and knife.

The Americans and the Europeans are in trouble and only their leaders know it. Many of the leaders and ordinary peoples of those continents have sold their souls to Satan. We live in a moral world and whether we believe it or not, there are consequences of our actions. The people have squandered the resources most of which they stole from other people through outright theft, piracy, unfair trade policies and living a life of insatiable greed fuelled by smart advertising in which most of their citizens, especially women, buy what they do not need but which they have been led to believe they must possess if they want to live a good life and be like the Jones across the street. Payback time for a life of greed and living on credit has come.

The politicians of those countries have unsuccessfully tried so many things for their countries to remain afloat but no dice. Imperialism in which an imperial power extracts the resources of client states is not bringing as much money and wealth and with as much speed as the West would like because some leaders of ÔÇśprimitive' countries like Saddam and Gaddafi are not pliable. The West is at its wit's end: they do not know what trick in the rule books to employ any more. The new option is therefore recourse to old-fashioned re-colonisation: re-colonise the countries of Africa, Latin America and Asia.

What strategy to adopt? Start with those countries with huge strategic resources but which have wise, intelligent, nationalistic and assertive leaders such as Saddam and Gaddafi who could act as obstacles. The calculation is that by such a strategy they can shock, destabilise, intimidate and overawe the rest. To be concluded next week.


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