Another reason why some of us who see the population control issue from the spiritual angle are opposed to any human measures to limit population is that we think it is part and parcel of the agenda for Satan worship. Pills, condoms, abortion, vasectomy or male castration, IUD and all other anti-birth measures in conjunction with homosexuality and lesbianism, are all a part of the strategies devised by this rebellious and self-willed generation to provoke God to continuous anger. While we are opposed to any man-made agenda to limit population is that there is no way anyone can prevent birth without the shedding of innocent blood either actually physically or technically.


And those who do not know ought to be told now that when we shed innocent blood, we desecrate the land. The blood of the innocent will not rest quietly. It cries against us and the land. Many abortion doctors who have been convicted by the Holy Spirit to see the error of their evil ways have given countless testimonies about the nightmarish experiences they sometimes encounter following the cries of babies whose lives they have so gruesomely terminated in all manner of horrendous medical procedures.

Apart from the spiritual harm which population control measures do to society, we cannot also ignore the terrible harm they do to individuals, especially the women. It is interesting and unfortunate that women rights activists never lead a crusade against birth controlin spite of the fact that millions of women suffer great discomfort or actual pain from what is often said to be the side effects of each of the birth control devices. I do not know of any single woman on earth who uses any of the unnatural contraceptive devices who feels comfortable and enjoys wonderful health with it. Yet, billions of ordinary women on earth and the noisy women rights activists have remained silent in the face of the horrendous assault on women.

It is not hard to see why. Female rights wars are inspired and sponsored from the West and since their own females have been propagandised to accept that it is part of female liberation for a woman to be in control of her body by deciding whether or not to have children, there is no one else to speak for millions of hurting women. I know of and have heard of millions of women who are hurting and who have suffered one form of discomfort, pain and infection or another because of the use of these devices. Some have even died as a result of the complications arising from the use of these unwanted inventions. I will share here with us one example I personally know of.

I was a living witness to the severe discomfort the wife of a very close friend felt when she was using one of those very harmful devices. There were certain months, her husband himself told me, when his wife will have continuous menstruation for over 60 days. At one point, the woman became simply tired of cleaning her under wears and
disposing of her sanitary towels. Their house now smelt like a mortuary from which light had been cut off for a few days. Why go through this type of pains, embarrassment and discomfort because you have been told that having children or having ‘’too many’’ of them is bad for you or is no longer fashionable?

During those months when my wife’s friend was on continuous menstruation for upwards of sixty days, my friend would be what the lyrical poet and town-crier the late Christopher Okigbo would describe as a widower with a wife. Blood would run riot in his body. The man will burn with passion and become what I think the same Okigbo the wordsmith would describe as ‘’a he-goat on heat’’. Things got to a head one day when he confronted me his counsellor with two options: I should endorse his going for a second wife or permit him to have a comfort lady who would minister to him whenever he became a temporary widower again. And what made my friend’s case too hard for him to bear ith equanimity was that the wise had embarked upon this contraceptive device option unilaterally when she was propagandised by her circle of friends to believe that she could not go on bearing children like a dog.

It took the wisdom of God for me to mediate in this very delicate, very private and certainly embarrassing grudge between husband and wife. Today, my testimony is that this woman stopped her self-inflicted, family-tear pain, the communication between husband and wife resumed normally and today they have a bouncing baby boy that is the doting apple of this very woman’s eyes. Some of her mates who had either reached menopause or had inadvertently destroyed their wombs now envy her for this child of her old age.

When population controllers talk about the need to limit the number of children so that couples and the few children they have can enjoy a higher standard of living, many often ignore the fact that there are some grave health costs to the unnatural decision of a fecund or fertile woman choosing to cheat or rebel against nature. Modern society is witnessing rising cases of women having fibroids. Sincenature abhors a vacuum, when wombs that should be carrying fine boys are left to fallow, the result is that they must carry something. And they choose to carry an anomally:fibroid, a major health challenge to millions of modern women. How can anyone enjoy a high standard of living when you have to contend with a self-imposed health affliction that cost billions of dollars to treat and from which some women have been known to die? when Pentecostal Christian women give excited testimony of moving from having ‘’fibroid to fine boy’’ the world is teaching millions of women to move from having ‘’fine boy to fibroid’’! And women have so foolishly accepted this destructive doctrine. How sad!

Which is why I share the view of this American writer whose article i found on the internet entitled Are there no Shepherds for my sheep? He says: ‘’It’s amazing to me that the primary advocates for abortion and family planning are ”Women”. Mothers were for centuries the guardian of children and families. They were the ones that put themselves second so the children were safe and the family was foremost. Today the role is reversed, women are tearing their own families apart’’.

He continues: ‘’If a foreign invader landed on our shores tomorrow and killed 1.5 million of our children none of us would rest until we wiped them out entirely. Yet we have been deceived into believing a lie. We have decided not to believe God. Now we allow our women to do to us what no other enemy could do to us.

The “battle” against abortion clinics is not going to be won by fighting “abortion clinics“. It’s going to be won by “Men” standing up and being “Men” as God intended. When “Men” insist that the “Church” teach family values from the word of God and that a woman must be obedient to her own husband, then we will raise a generation of God fearing families. Today the “Church” is too afraid to teach these doctrines because they are afraid of losing most of their congregations and possibly being expelled as pastor. They are corrupted and in need of repentance and they have made the Word of God of Non effect by their traditions. I have no doubt that many people in the congregation would leave. And I have no doubt many pastors would be thrown out of some of the so-called churches. But what greater testament could a pastor have than to be persecuted for the “Word’s” sake. Make no mistake those that do leave and those congregations that do throw out their pastor were not of God anyway’’.



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