Religion has been a weapon on its own since the existence of Man. From the first man (Adam) God instructed that He Jehovah most be served, the methods/ways we serve Him has called to question our faithfulness to Him. Man in so many ways has devised means of getting closer to God, through prayers, fasting, building edifices for Him, etc. Man search for perfection in an imperfect and sinful world has also called to questions man’s knowledge about God. King David in the book of Psalm 51 verse 5, acknowledged his sinful ways and made it known that he was a sinner even before he was born. This shows that man’s perfection on earth is unattainable but the forgiveness of sins through Christ Jesus is attainable.


The good shepherd is the shepherd that takes his flocks for greener pastures and making sure is flocks are well fed and taken care of. The good shepherd concern is the wellbeing of his flocks; Christ in His life time was more concerned about his followers, he fed them, clothed them, cure their sicknesses and diseases, amidst retribution, persecutions, betrayals, Christ was with them, forgiving them their sins and also praying for them. Christ even went so far to die for their sins. Christ was the shepherd that sacrificed all for His flocks.

Today the story is quite different in most of our Churches; the flocks now feed, clothe and make sure the shepherd is taken good care of. What a change, amidst unfed flocks the shepherd survives and get better. Salvation is no longer the topic but prosperity. Our society has been Balkanized and transformed from a salvation seeking one to prosperity seeking in respective of how you make it. Making it is now the issue and not how you make it. Corruption and underdevelopment has saddled the entire nation, drums and threats of war rather than peace is ravaging the nation. From North to South, East to West peace is a mirage. The way forward has been a question in the lips of concerned Nigerians, religion is supposed to bring peace to all and not war. As a Christian I cannot recollect any war Christ fought in His life time, even in times of persecutions till He died. Christ was and still means peace to all his flocks. Violent, warriors, evil doers when they come to Christ changed their attitudes and ways of life, in Christ and with Christ we find peace. We can buy almost everything with money but not salvation; churches should concentrate more on salvation rather than prosperity.

The Christ Foundation Ministry (aka Ejele Chapel) has come with a difference in seeking God’s Grace. The church founded about two years ago by Evangelist Michael Diden have transformed a lot of followers life, here the shepherd takes good care of his flocks. Salvation is the key words, like Christ the flocks graze in greener grasses, the flocks see every reason to be part of the shepherd, believing heaven is were to be after death. The good shepherd, taking care of his flocks, helping the flocks in times of needs and making sure his flocks stand out amongst others. Evangelist Michael Diden has come a long way in search of peace for all; he was part of the peace group that saw a lasting peace between the Ijaws and Itsekiris in Delta State. The crises in Nigeria today are a major concern for him, in prayers, words and actions he has been working to find a lasting solution to it. For Evangelist Diden, peace brings life, while war takes life: we should all seek for peace rather than war.

Nigeria as a nation is passing through great tribulation, the cloud is getting darker each day, some will say the world is coming to an end; my reply to such people has been the world is not ending but Nigeria is coming to an end if we are not careful. Religious leaders have a great role to play now than ever before, what can we do to bring all religions into unity in Nigeria? Nigeria is a multi-religious nation and the respect for each and every ones religion should be upheld. Unity in diversity also means unity in religion, there is no one religion that is greater than the other, likewise, no Nigerian that is bigger than the other, the life of one Nigerian means the life of all Nigerians. The leaders should understand that without the followers they cannot lead and good leadership like the good shepherd must provide for her flocks (citizens). Words of peace is all we need now and not drums of war. Borrowing words from Evangelist Diden, peace brings life, while war takes life: we should all seek for peace rather than war. We all need bringer of life and not taker of life, like the good shepherd let all religious leaders take care of their flocks.


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