l have always believed that state police (community police) will surely be the best for a country like Nigeria with different tribes and religion.

As young boy growing up in Nigeria way back 1986 in Benin City, l remembered vividly how Lawrence Anini and his gang of armed robbers terrorized then Bendel State. Mr. Casmir Akagbosu, was the commissioner of police when they started and it became a national problem, the Nigeria Police Force deployed Deputy Inspector General of Police, Chris Omeben who is from the state to co-ordinate the operations when Akagbosu was shot that night in the state capital another son of the soil Parry Osayande was redployed as commissioner of police to the state. Before december of that same year, Anini and his gang was condemned to the bad side of history.

The questions l will want the past Inspector general of police (IGP) and the current one to answer is, why did the Nigeria Police Force sent DIG Chris Omeben and Parry Osayande back home to Bendel State? Were there no other officers that would have been transferred to the state?

l am so happy to read that General Ibrahim Babangida is in support of state police because all this happened during his era as president of Nigeria.

Hisbah personnel(sharia police), are in several northern states to enforce sharia laws among their people because they know more about their religion and people so it would be easy for them to carry out their assignment.

lf they have hisbah officials to enforce sharia laws (religion matter), why are they now kicking against having state police who would perform diverse security functions than the hisbah officials?

The major arguement against state police is that the some state governments will use it to oppress their opponents. We are living witnesses to the fact that with the present police system, police officers are instrument of oppression in the hands of the people in authority. They use the police officers to intimidate their opponents and people who don't agree with their policies.

The boko haram activities made the call for state police to be very strong. lf there is state police, they can easily locate where those behind their deadly acts live because they know the enivronment better than an outsider.

State police will make the police officers to respond to distress calls with speed since they belong to the community, they don't know who might be the person or people who needs their assistance unlike the current situation where a police patrol team can possibly be people from other states.

Police officers can be call to order by their family members and friends when they are found wanting in their duties.

lt will reduce drastically the collaboration between the police officers and criminals when a police personnel give guns to armed robbers for robbery operation for example, the officer don't know whom the gang would rob with the arms.

lt will improve the security situation of the country as each state police authority would ensure their respective states of operation crime is reduce to the barest minimum because you can never wipe out crime from any society. Like we see today, some states are far ahead of others when it comes to development as their leaders want to improve the lot of the people.


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