I love my country "l no go lie". l am afraid some people want to make sure they destroy Nigeria for me and others that love her but God who created and made us come to this planet earth as Nigerians will not allow them to succeed.

l am not ashamed to say it boldly that l am one of the people who wants Nigeria to remain as one nation. The major reason we are "giant" of Africa is our population and when we split, we become one of the countries in Africa. One out of every five black person on the earth will no longer be a Nigerian.

Recent pronouncements by different leaders and organizations are danger signals that if we are not careful there might not be a country called Nigeria come 2015, as they have already predicted again God forbid it should be so.

After the death of late president Umaru Musa Yar Adua (UMYA), Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ) became the acting president and election was around the corner, the so called statesmen, leaders and elders both PDP members and members of political parties who knows the truth change their own agreement they made. Some even said there was nothing like zoning in their party (PDP) and GEJ contested and won the election.

My own opinion was that since it is the turn of the north to produce the president and UMYA is dead, let someone else from the north go for the election to complete their tenure in the interest of fair play because to me, fair play is not when it is to my advantage but fairness and justice to all concerned.

We have seen, heard and read the atrocities of Boko Haram particularly in the north that has made this administration not to fully concentrate on the act of governance. Another election year 2015, is coming. They have started their plans of who would be and not be president.

The north wants the presidency and south east also while the south south want to continue, there is nothing wrong for anyone to contest for the president of the country but we all know that the majority of Nigerians don't have this understanding of let the best candidate win the election especially the presidential seat.

PDP leaders made a mistake in 2011, when they gave the ticket to GEJ but they should not make similar mistake again if they do, some of them will weep for the rest of their lives because of the damage their action would do to Nigeria as a nation.

Let the ticket go to GEJ for another term, l know alot of people will not agree with me but we should know we are not yet like USA, Britain, France, Germany, Canada etc. l know Nigeria would surely be like those countries some day but not between now and 2015, even in the USA, some white people are bent on making sure Obama would not be re-elected simply because he is black man!

lf they decide otherwise and give the ticket to someone else from the north when Boko Haram has not allow GEJ to have breathing space since he became president of Nigeria, then the one million dollar question is, would the Niger-Delta militants allow the northerner to rule peacefully with their crude oil money come 2015?

Two wrongs can never equal right. The present Nigeria is not what it used to be in the 1960s till early 1990s, the election of 1993 won by late MKO Abiola and annulled by General Ibrahim Babangida, has opened the eyes of many Nigerians to their political environment.

We have heard and read of threats from the north and south south leaders while the youths of the core north are already giving GEJ administration sleepless nights with the atrocities being committed, the Niger - Delta youths are watching and probably waiting for their own turn to start.

Those of us who love Nigeria and want this nation to remain as one should not fold our hands like 2011, let us talk to people, write to sensitize people even if it means shouting lets do it so that we can keep our beloved Nigeria.

This is the voice of the one crying in the wilderness.


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