Rejoinder: Kaduna: Of Killings, Curfew, Rumour And Hysteria (1&2)

Is’haq Modibbo Kawu the Chairman Editorial Board of BluePrint Daily authored “Kaduna: Of killing, curfew, rumour and hysteria 1&2” on 21st and 28th of June 2012 in his syndicated pages in BluePrint and Vanguard News. There isn’t second guessing that the junk narrations were unabashed instances of nectarous propaganda by a corrosive “writer”, whose penchant of showcasing ethno-religious superiority and instant fanaticism right from his days as a Thursday back page columnist in Daily Trust is legendary and quite familiar like winter cold. “Sheik” Kawu’s cocktail-of-events narrations was premised on SMS, BB and other social networks streams he got, so was his “sincere” confession in his first edition of 21st June 2012!

Onset, Kawu’s two write-ups dissimulated its real content and intend with a heading that superficially displayed that its aim was to report his excruciating experience in Kaduna, when peaceful Christian worshippers were bombed in churches in Zaria and Kaduna on 17th June 2012, and the instantaneous pandemonium that such shameless action triggered. Because of his never-say-die hatred for Christians and Christianity, he couldn’t hold his lethal sentiment for long before he started revealing his real mission, which is, denigration of victims of terror, their faith, and labelling of their enclaves as human abattoir of non-Christian travellers.

The first few lines of paragraph three of his 21st piece goes thus: “as it was, the Kaduna state government imposed curfew on the city following the reprisal killings which happened in Gonin Gora (now the most notorious and dangerous place for a travelling Muslim); sabon Tasha and Trikania”, illustrated his professional capacity for mischief. Why the usage of the word reprisal in reference to the skirmishes that erupted on Sunday 17th in Christian areas he enumerated? Why muting on areas like Rigasa, Tudun Wada, Kawo and Hayin Banki where similar killings of Christians and pulling down of their churches took place on the same bloody Sunday with impunity?

Further down the lane of terminating Christians, burning, and bombing of their worship centres on Tuesday 19th June 2012, women who left for markets and students on their way to school in Zaria were killed in Mararaban Jos, Rigachikun, and Tudun Wada. Why was his report of events quiet on these dastardly scenarios when he was still “trapped” in Kaduna on that fateful Tuesday the 19th June 2012? Why were such killing chambers of Christians and people of Southern Kaduna not labelled “now the most notorious and most dangerous places for travelling and trading Christians”? Why was he unable to capture these events and also called them acts of counter-reprisa l? Can we take his refusal to make space for these cowardly executed acts of eliminating of women and children en-route to school s and markets as part of the overall genocide scheme against Christians in the north?

Enveloped by rumour and hyperactive hysteria permeating Kaduna, Blueprint editorial chair threw the kitchen sink on me in paragraph four of his 21st June 2012 edition by cynically piquing that I made a clarion call to Christians to go on offensive on the basis of Attack the Attackers theory, a dictum of an all out combat against murderers. When was such war trumpet blown and to which Christian brigade of combatants? How was the war signal transmitted and who was/were the field commanders that carried out my order? Yes, a zany parade of rumour and mass hysteria by a clueless and intellectually spineless editorial chief, indeed.

It’s becoming a culture for commissioned rabble rauzers like Kawu to manufacture scapegoats after every silly crisis in the north. Southern Kaduna people have been subjected to this type of cheap blackmail right from 1987, 1992, 2001, 2011 and 2012 . And because Kawu and his Lords chose to be terrible students of history, they are persisting in their heinous, fruitless mudslinging, and shadow chasing. No amount of Goebbellian slanderous propaganda can erode the truth and facts of each unfortunate destructive fracas that happened in Kaduna.

It’s time for hallucinators like Kawu and other troop of core northern writer denting their fingers with hate ink to reconcile self with incontrovertible cum impeccable fact that we are in a democracy with a pool of rights. And we are equal heirs to that pool of rights, and those rights come with corresponding responsibilities. The trouble with Kawu and his cohorts is shackling under the myths and realities of yesteryears. The prey of the captive has since been set free; we have since left the Babylonian bank of Northern Nigerian politics of oppression and suppression of so called Northern minorities to the Promised Land. Must delusional belittlers like Kawu be blessed with King Solomon’s wisdom to know this simple fact or read the handwriting on the wall of reality? The long oppressive nights had given way to a bright shining day in our political, economic, and cultural lives. Kawu and his co-character butchers can keep riding a dead horse, they will sooner than later understand their follies.