Heroes come and go just like great kingdoms rise and fall. But in the case of great heroes who are currently remembered for their heroic adventures, they never received the praise of a heroic worthiness until after their death. The great marks, and achievements carried out by them during their life time arouses the intellect and which for no option of it, remembers the late great figures.alt

Here is attribute that has subjugated the thoughts on when to write a tribute. It is a tribute to a person who still exits in space and time. Our candle in the wind is the backbone of civil emancipation in Nigeria. He is no other person but Comrade Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole, the governor of Edo state, and former president of the Nigerian Labour Congress (N. L. C).

His firebrand leadership of the Labour Congress has caused his involvement into critical issues that a common Nigerian would hope to discuss but due to his or her low statue in the society, he or she could not air his or her views. He has become a means by which the cry of the masses could be taken and be penetrated into the deaf ears of the government. thus, his regular face-offs with the government, strikes, demonstrations and strong heartfelt concern for the course of Labour and poor masses puts no one in doubt that he is indeed like a messianic figure proclaiming liberty to captives and to those in Sorrow, Joy. He is so much concerned in promoting the good welfare of the common Nigerian against the top goons of the nation who are impregnated with corruption and lootings.

In the course of his actions, he argues passionately and intellectually, he knows when to bring out his weapons and when to drop them, unlike other activists or fanatics. His lugubrious expressions on issues that affect the nation and his system of carrying out demonstrations are peaceful: it is quite true that his disagreements with the government are symptomatic but they are not aimed at harming but to communicate an issue. His spirit of courage has made him to be a leader who is ready to take responsibilities and prove his actions.

Adams journey into the Edo Government House, begun after his successful second term in office as the president of NLC, as a liberator of the union he came to liberate his good people of Edo state. As a dogged fighter, he wrestled with the PDP in the massively rigged April 2007 election. In which Oserheimen Osunbor of PDP had initially been declared the winner and through was declared winner by the Appeal Court, hence, he assumed office on November 2008.

On assumption of office, Adams did not relent in his efforts in bettering the condition of his people. Just as he had fought strongly for the well being of workers, when billions of Naira were entering into few individuals pockets and leaving the millions of masses to suffer. He used the resources that were meant for the state judiciously for the state. He was accused of a lot of misappropriations and mismanagement of fund. His life threatened, and even lost his close associates. But, these did not deter in his ideas and courage of fostering the betterment of the entire citizens, especially the poor masses.

Adams demonstrated strongly to his people that Edo belongs to all and every body must enjoy it. His people trusted him and when his first tenure was over, they did not hesitate to vote him into the second tenure and many Nigerians were not surprise that he won massively, winning 477,478 votes representing 73% of the total votes cast. President Jonathan, did not hid his sentiments, he told Mr Oshiomhole to see” his victory as a fresh mandate to build on his outstanding first term performance, an expression of the people’s desire for continuation of his focused, purposeful and dynamic leadership.”

Ride on with your good governance the people’s governor, the Labour’s General. Ride on with your actions dear Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole, the backbone of civil emancipation.



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