Mrs Umblella Is Wrong And ...

Dame Umblella is wrong and wrong and a very bad comic !

‘She was pained by the criticism, particularly because, according to her, wives of presidents in other parts of the world hold sensitive positions, including ministerial ones.’


Dame Umblela: please tell me where !!!

What ‘sensitive positions’ do hold:

Mrs. Hollande, sorry Mrs. Trierweiler, Mrs. Monti, Mrs. Obama -

Mrs. Merkel’s husband is a professor of medicine

The list of wives NOT ‘holding’ anything could be prolonged - endlessly

And that ad libitum, since normally the ‘Dames’ are banned from holding ... such !

‘She expressed disappointment that the 1999 Constitution does not recognise the office of the First Lady and assigns her no role.’

In almost all democratic countries there is no such ‘office’

as that of a First Lady !

“She asked that this be corrected in the constitution review, so that when a president’s wife leaves office, she, like her husband, can enjoy retirement benefits.”

What ???

“She said for Nigeria to develop, it is imperative that first ladies are assigned constitutional responsibilities.’

... Double-what?

(such reasoning is ... ir-responsible ...)

‘She appeared particularly shocked by a statement credited to Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos recently after her convoy caused a massive traffic chaos in Lagos during a visit.”

In most ... democratic countries ‘First Ladies’ are NOT entitled to ‘convoy’


Her words: “We the wives of political office holders, if our names are not in the constitution and our husbands retire with benefits, the constitution amendment should also look into the issue of wives of political appointees.”

Re: WHAT ???

“We should be included in the constitution so that we too can retire with benefits. With that, we can enjoy our career.

... Nigerian-style it must read: “with FULL benefits’ !

“Mrs. Jonathan, who expressed dismay over the uproar her appointment as Permanent Secretary has generated in the last few weeks, cited several countries, including South Africa and America, where wives of presidents have held ministerial and other sensitive positions in government.”

Mrs. Zuma – for one – has been divorced from Mr. Zuma !

As far as I know even Mrs. Mugabe has no ministerial portfolio

And what portfolio did Turai hold ?

Who is dat woman in America?

Mrs. Clinton’s husband left office many years ago !

Does the Dame want to become an Imelda Marcos ???

Seems she DOES!

And now back to her job of teaching Umblellalism ... and kia-kia so!

NO: I take that back!

Her job as the Chief Clown at ASO is fine with me: it is !

Over to you: praise-singer Dr. Reuben !!!