l read in The Guardian newspaper some few days ago about some prominent leaders, including serving state governors of the northern states blamed their dwindling fortunes on low allocation from the federally collected revenue.

They said, this was responsible for the ravaging poverty and birth of insecurity being spread by Boko Haram and they want a review of the revenue allocation formula and the onshore- offshore dichotomy law that will give them more money.

In that same news report, Sultan Ibrahim Dasuki, also talked about the committe he chaired way back 1991 "Peaceful Co-existence Committes" which recommended eight cardinal areas of reforms, some of which were administration of justice, civil service, security system, the press, education and employment opportunities but the recommendations were not implemented by the government.

From the above, it means what they are pointing accusing fingers at as being responsible for their problems is baseless because it has always been there even before the onshore- offshore dichotomy law came into existence.

Most of these leaders that are clamouring for revenue allocation formula review are the ones who looted their states treasuries and wasted the balance on frivolous things that were not relevant to the generality of the people they governed.

Why blame others for the wrong they did to their people?

Before crude oil became Nigeria main source of revenue, there was groundnut, cotton, tin etc in the north, coal, palm kernel oil etc in the east, cocoa, timber, rubber, palm kernel oil etc in the west.

The leaders of the west led by Chief Obafemi Awolowo, did many things especially in the area of education which was free, the effect which is still very visble today in all the south west, Edo and Delta states.

The first generation of Nigeria leaders use the resource available to them to developed and planned the future of their people and regions but that is not the case any more, all they do now is to accumulate wealth for themselves and their cronies as if when they die, they would buy their way into heaven with the wealth.

Instead of calling for the review of revenue allocation formula which would heat up the already volatile political climate, let these leaders including state governors channelled the resource in their hand into agriculture/ agro-allied sector to generate employment, produce both cash and food crops etc. They should look inward and begin to tap the natural resource in their states that has been abandon over the years.

These northern leaders should remember that their people have ruled this country more than any other section of Nigeria, the blame for the under development of their area should be on those leaders. They ruled with military decrees and decide whatever they like to do without any challenge unlike what we have now.


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Re: Enough Of This Blame Game
Agidimolaja posted on 09-19-2012, 20:47:59 PM
Yes, you are right; why blame others for the wrong they did to their people?
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