Last Saturday some of us who knew Dr. Jonathan Chukwudi (Chuddy) Nwachukwu went to North Dighton to remember our dearly departed friend. We visited with his wife Dr. Mrs. Elizabeth Nwachukwu and son Chuddy Nwachukwu. It was an emotional visit for every one of us, his friends and family.

We ate and drank and cried and told stories. For Chuddy was involved in many things. Those of us who knew him from his Coal Camp days (I was his class teacher then) could remember his pranks and his restless youth. I can personally testify, that Chukwudi,all through his life, was never challenged sufficiently (see his biography below).

He was the smartest student I ever taught in many years of teaching covering primary school to college. Two examples will suffice. In four years of college (1975-1979) Chuddy earned two college degrees from two serious universities a BS in Biology form Northeastern University and a BS in Engineering from the most challenging engineering school, MIT. And he was not American born. He struggled like the other foreign students with language and cultural challenges.

He could become and engineer or a medical doctor. He chose medicine. He went to Irvine School of Medicine, University of California, and earned his MD. He specialized in Internal Medicine. But that was not enough challenge and so he added OBY/GYN. Another double major. Chuddy was still looking for challenges so he returned to Boston, to BU, to obtain a masters degree in public health. Again I refer you to his biography below.

What did we talk about Dr. Nwachukwu? We talked about his generosity, his pranks, his devotion to friends; his tutoring of fellow students in all subjects of science; his numerous fights with everybody; his search for fulfillment and of course about his untimely death

To be associated with MIT, UCLA, Irvine, Columbia, Northeastern, Boston University, that is brilliance. To earn both an engineering and medical degrees is amazing. To obtain professional, advanced, and undergraduate degrees from the East and West Coasts that is imponderable, Chuddy!

We had two pastors in the team and they prayed that his soul should rest in peace. They prayed for strength for the family he left behind. They prayed for closure to this chapter of Chukwudi’s life.

I was personally touched by what the family and the entourage did. Even though Chuddy died in Nigeria and has been buried in Nigeria (d. November 2011; b. April 14, 2012) these friends felt the need to remember him. The team praised Mrs. Nwachukwu for travelling to Nigeria to bury Dr. Nwachukwu in Dr. Nwachukwu’s compound in Umuikweowo, Obe Agbo, Nkanu West L. G. A., Enugu State, Nigeria.

It made me wonder about the true meaning of friendship: when does it start and when does it end? The ladies and gentlemen, who went to North Dighton, answered that a friend is a friend, is friend. In Life. And in Death.

The team was led by N. T. Izuchi, Amaechi Obiora and David Aduba; friends from St Peter’s Primary School Ogbete Enugu, before and after the War and in USA.

Chukwudi, you are sorely missed.

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Boston, Massachusetts

August 18, 2012

Biography of

Dr. Chukwudi Nwachukwu

Dr. Chuddy Nwachukwu was born on 16th September 1953 to late Solomon Ogbodo Nwachukwu and Mrs. Grace Nechi Nwachukwu at Moonlight Maternity, Coal Camp, Enugu. He attended St. Peter’s Primary School, Ogbete, Enugu from where he proceeded to Methodist High School Uzuakoli for Secondary Education.

His Prgramme at the Methodist High School was interrupted by the Nigerian Civil War (1967 – 1970). After the war, he transferred to Ishielu High School, Nsukka from where he graduated as an Outstanding Student. His father being a lover of education sent him to the United States for further studies in 1974.

At America, Chuddy proved himself as an erudite Scholar. Firstly, he bagged two bachelors of Science degrees at the same time (1975-1979). The degrees are as follows: Engineering, Bachelor of Science degree, from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts.

However, being a visionary scholar with a desire to impart greatly on his world, he would not settle for success so far; hence his move to Irvine School of Medicine, University of California from where he bagged a Doctor of Medicine degree in 1983.

Having not quenched his thirst for knowledge with the success so far, he moved to the School of Public Health, Boston University from where he received a Masters Degree in Public Health in 1984. Between 1984 and 1988, he went for Residency Training in Internal Medicine at the Columbia University, Harlem, Hospital, New York. It was while doing his residency in New York that he met and married his Dr. Elizabeth Monteiro Nwachukwu. Their marriage was blessed with three children, namely: Nina now 23, Mary 20, and Chuddy Jnr. 17.

While still pursuing his vision in academics, Chuddy moved from New York to California for Residency Training in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of California in Los Angeles. The spirit of excellence in him saw him through his academic pursuits in the United States. He ended up a well loved Physician with well over 20 years of practice in Los Angeles Metropolitan Area.

Worthy of note in this biography is the fact that while studying and working in America, Chuddy did not forget his people in Africa. He visited Nigeria almost every Christmas Season. His visits were characterized with lots of charitable activities: sick people who came across him received free treatment or financial aid for sound medical treatment. He demonstrated his great love for education by supporting those who do not have the wherewithal to go to school. He was generous and humane. May his soul rest in peace.

(Culled from Dr. Nwachukwu’s Funeral Program, 14th April, 2012. All rights reserved)


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