In late June this year (even before the raging civil war began officially) I had warned in a commentary of the imminence of apocalypse descending on Damascus. Ever since that publication online armageddon has been unleashed on Syria and blood is flowing on a daily, if not hourly, basis in a nearly two-year conflict that continues to shock the world because of its sheer brutality and mounting casualties. What we are witnessing now is a terrible war of attrition in which nothing and nobody is spared. The rebels, ever resourceful even though out-gunned, are employing terrorism tactics to bring Assad and his goons to their knees.

From every indication the embattled President Bashar al-Assad seems desperately prepared to 'kill' Syria before he is killed! But with majority of Syrians concurring we wish him dead sooner than later! When a leader becomes unpopular but tries to maintain a hold on power something must be wrong with the system that threw him up in the first place. Of course the Syrian system of governance is screwed up and skewed in favour of a family from a minority lording it over the rest majority for more than four decades! The day of reckoning has arrived and Assad is playing deaf and dumb to reality.

It is indeed very sad that Bashar still thinks delusionally that the war is winnable with indiscriminate bombardments and sheer military terror. Hell no! When you wage a war against your own people with the 'enemies' comprising mainly of the very people you pretend to rule over then paranoia has set in and from there insanity follows. Assad is fighting for his survival and he has become suddenly obdurate, perfidious and invidious as the rebels get bolder and more aggressive. What is happening in Syria before our very eyes goes beyond a robust attempt by an illegitimate government to suppress an insurrection in order to remain in power. It is pure military madness on display!

The heart-wrenching news of blood and human penury emanating from Damascus, Aleppo, Homs, Idlib and other cities under siege ought to have stirred the conscience of the world to throw Assad off the cliff of power. Even Russia and China, the allies of the demented dictator, must now stop further co-operation and prevail on Assad to quit power forthwith. Destroying a hitherto beautiful country built by his late father must pass off in history as one of the greatest attempts by man to question audaciously his mortal destiny and seek to undo a paternal legacy no matter the consequencies for the greater majority. Assad has thrown everything into the revolution against his regime and decades of domination by his family in order to suffocate the resolve of Syrians to effect a positive change for a better future. But it is not working and can never work! Assad can never prevail no matter how long it takes to see him kiss the dust!


The real historic problem in Syria happens to be the fact that the minority who have been in executive power for more than 40 years and have amassed considerable wealth through corruption and cronyism and with the military might in their beck and call are desperate to continue the unjust political dominion. Assad and his minority Alawite clan will never abandon power without a fight and that robust fight is what the majority Sunnis are giving them. Like many international pundits one believes Mr Assad's fall is inevitable, a matter of time!

Assad is up against history and history will consume him as it did to Saddam Hussein, Muammar Ghaddafi and Slobodan Milosevic. No dictator in ancient and modern times had ever succeeded in the long run to oppress and suppress the popular will! Assad will not be the last to try his luck but failure will be his in the end. As a leader leading millions of people in an entity it is by their 'grace' that you command and control. And when they have had enough any attempt to bury your head in the sand like the ostrich pretending that all is well will certainly backfire producing fire and firestorm! Things have indeed fallen apart in Syria and the centre can no longer hold! The falcon can no longer hear the falconer!

Assad is fighting for his life and his soul. In all fronts the war is raging and his ruthless forces are bombing and killing people daily indiscriminately. But make no mistake about it: it is an imposed war by a tyranny and the embattled tyrant can never win; he can never have the final say! Assad cannot win the war because his opponents are his subjects in their majority. When the majority decide to say a resounding collective 'No' to despotism no despot survives the mass revolt no matter the amount of people killed in order to postpone the day of reckoning. That day of reckoning is fast approaching in Damascus and as it was with Saddam and Ghaddafi so shall it be with Assad!

Facing high-profile defections (including those of diplomats posted abroad, military top-guns and even the ex-Prime Minister) Assad's regime is bound to crumble. With thousands already killed and millions in foreign soils as refugees one wonders what Assad stands to gain by adamantly refusing to quit power. With little or no economic activity going on anywhere in the country as a result of booming guns, tanks and bombs Assad will definitely kiss the dust but time shall tell when that will happen. But then, the sooner it happens the better!

I am convinced that Assad is apparently taking some grotesque sadistic pleasure in killing and burying thousands of Syrians (his compatriots whose only 'crime' is seeking an end to decades of dictatorship by the Assads) daily, week in week out, using his Alawite-dominated occupation forces and para-military elements. And using his many grave-diggers and undertakers scattered across cities and towns in the war-weary country to bury the dead! For now the recruited grave-diggers and undertakers (some imported from rogue states like Lebanon and Iran) are very busy in their gory commission but Assad's grave will be the very last to be dug up by the grave-diggers and his corpse the last to be buried by the undertakers!

And soon afterwards the grave-diggers and undertakers will be put out of commission! And Syrians will celebrate the end of a sad Assad era and the beginning of a new era of freedom, of democracy and of national renewal. Syria deserves a break from over 40 years of pestilence organized criminally by a family hell-bent on remaining in power even if that means exterminating a million souls! And Syrians deserve to live in peace in their country where true democracy will blossom.

Watching and listening to France 24 international cable TV some weeks ago an old man who had escaped the Assad massacre of civilians and who has now found refuge on the refugee camp in neighbouring Turkey was interviewed and he was in his best stoic element denouncing what he called the last desperate attempt by a moribund regime to remain in power. According to the elderly fellow from Syria: "How can Assad be so mean and heartless as to bomb civilian areas killing children, women and the elderly? My question to him is this: if he finishes killing his people who will he rule over? Trees and stones?"

The French ebulient Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius underwent a working tour of some Syrian refugees' camps located in border towns in Turkey and Jordan. What the experienced diplomat saw overwhelmed him to the extent that he quipped: "Assad is in his very best killing, killing and killing his own people but he must go. He deseves to be beaten robustly and very soon he shall de beaten!" Assad not only deserves to be "beaten" militarily but he deserves to die a gruesome death!

The Free Syrian Army has demonstrated its capacity to rout the regime even in hitherto impregnable Damascus. Daily the disorganized rebels are doing their best to frustrate the Assad forces using superior air power to their advantage. The rebels, despite being out-gunned and out-manned, are holding out bravely especially in Aleppo and other towns near the border with Turkey and Jordan. They try to infiltrate the regime and its arsenal organising daring suicide bomb attacks against prominent figures in the damned administration and encouraging the members of the inner cabinet to defect. Psychologically the rebels are winning the war and Assad is seeing the handwriting on the wall!

We urge the rebels to be vigilant and form a united front. With a credible united opposition that would show real unity of purpose and coherence in working towards organized transition in Syria post-Assad the international community is bound to provide support. Assad is now very restless and desperate and he can do everything to break their ranks and infiltrate their camps. United, there is no force that can stop them from marching to Damascus! With unity they can accomplish the impossible and reach the 'promised' land where Assad and his gang of terrorists would be no more; a land where the blood of thousands killed thus far would be crying for vengeance, a land where the blood of the martyrs would be used to water the tree of freedom!

Now that President Barack Obama has been re-elected for another four years in the White House it is hoped that the Assad appalling crimes against humanity would be receiving more serious attention. The democratic world leaders must join forces to topple Assad and save Syria and Syrians from annihilation. As David Cameron, the British PM, recently admitted on a recent state visit to Jordan the international community have not done enough to help the bloody Syrian revolution. Efforts must therefore be intensified to aid the rebels militarily to defeat Assad and force him to abdicate power.

With Allah on the side of the so-called "terrorists" victoria ascerta! Aluta continua!!


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Re: Assad and his Undertakers!
Lol posted on 11-16-2012, 12:41:40 PM
"No dictator in ancient and modern times had ever succeeded in the long run to oppress and suppress the popular will"

Are you kidding?
George Bush, Tony Blair, several Chinese presidents, many European leaders and government officials from western countries seem to be getting away with.

Between them they managed to oppress and suppress the popular will of many African and Asian citizens!
Re: Assad and his Undertakers!
Obugi posted on 11-16-2012, 18:45:44 PM


Are you kidding?
George Bush, Tony Blair, several Chinese presidents, many European leaders and government officials from western countries seem to be getting away with.

Between them they managed to oppress and suppress the popular will of many African and Asian citizens!

The Westernized African never sees anything wrong in what Oyibo does.
Not only that, the enemy of Oyibo automatically becomes the enemy of the Westernized African and like a well trained dog, he will do his masters bidding.

Same for the Arabized African for most of whom Assad will be a hero.

The African is a caricature of humanity. What a people!

!Get Yours!
Re: Assad and his Undertakers!
Yum posted on 11-16-2012, 19:25:15 PM
Alawites-hybrid Christians/Muslims in a battle to maintain their minority stranglehold over power in Syria.
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