Lately, after the Ruben Abati failed scam it seems that every one has been chorusing hacking all over and how it has reached the shores of our Atlantic and frankly, im getting vexed when uninformed initiates wake up and give sermons on hacking and the evil that overtakes us whilst we sleep(or awake).

Everyone is running round, screaming, the sky is falling, the sky is falling


Does that fact mean that all, or even most, hackers are criminals?

Is that what you think?

Of course not!

So why is there such widespread misinformation about hackers?

Very simply, it's because the criminal hackers, or crackers, have been making news, while the rest are virtually invisible.

For every irresponsible fool writing a virus program, there are at least twenty software engineers earning a living ". . .discovering ways to circumvent limitations."

When the much-publicized Internet worm was released by an irresponsible hacker, hundreds of other hackers applied their considerable talents to control and eradicate the problem. The brilliance and creativity brought to this task are typical of the kind of people - hackers - that my definition is meant to describe.

Hacking is not just a thrill, its like a life, a cult following that lives beneath normalcy of human existence, a subculture that evolved for the thrill of high profile exploits and recognition from peers.

"Hacking" refers to a breach of security as relating to computer systems by any means.

Yeah right.

The term hacker refers to programmers and not to those who unlawfully breach the
security of systems.

A hacker is any person who investigates the integrity and security of an operating system.

Most commonly, these individuals are programmers. They usually have advanced knowledge of both hardware and software and are capable of rigging (or hacking) systems in innovative ways. Often, hackers determine new ways to utilize or implement a network, ways that software manufacturers had not expressly intended.

I am E Pluribus Unum.