All these loudly religious persons with "direct" cell phone lines with God, who also seem to know what God wants of President Yar'Adua! These loudly Christian and loudly Muslim people just get on your last nerve, particularly, if you are a semi retired Catholic, hia! - ILN

Allow Yar’Adua To Resign, Olabayo Tells Relations - Says Ex-head Of State, Gov May Die

Adelowo Oladipo, Lagos - 12.12.2009

As the people wait patiently to receive President Umaru Yar’ Adua from his medical trip abroad, a cleric, Primate Timothy Olabayo, has warned relations and political associates of the president against the consequences of allowing him to continue in office.

Olabayo, founder of Evangelical Church of Yahweh, said in an interview with the Saturday Tribune in Lagos, on Thursday, that the prevailing health problems of President Yar’Adua might prevent him from completing his first term in office.

According to him, ”I’ve been praying for an improvement in his health situation, but my candid advice to his wife is that she should allow him to resign and if she and other powerful politicians around him do not allow him to resign honourably, God says he may die in office because his health may not be able to carry him further.”

The cleric further enjoined Nigerians, especially the Christians and their Muslim counterparts to pray fervently so that the political class would not resort to killing themselves over succession crisis that might arise after President Yar’Adua might have bowed out.

“Thus says the Lord of the Hosts of Heavens, a one time head of state may lose his life, including a one time civilian governor in one of the South-Western states and this may lead to a full-scale war, but this crisis should be avoided so that the ordinary man on the streets would not be made to suffer unjustifiably,” Olabayo stated.

Similarly, he advised that the best thing to happen to Bola Ahmed Tinubu in the unfolding political scenario in Lagos State was for him to mellow down, so that he would not be disgraced politically, adding that the chieftain of the Action Congress (AC) should be mindful of a likely declaration of a state of emergency in the state.
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