Some people think I cry too much about the Rivers State situation.

Someone rightly adviced me on this forum, to "move on from the ruling of the supreme court".

And move on ... i have.

But I ask, how are we going to move on ...

What will be our fate under the leadership of Rotimi Amaechi in event that it is God's plan for him to lead Rivers State for the next 4-8 years as allowed by law.

IBB came, and lead Nigeria as he pleased, with a toothy smile.

And after IBB came Abacha ...

We all know the history.

Children doing verbal reasoning are given questions such as this

IBB is to ABACHA as ODILI is to ______________

If we thought we had a raw deal with Odili, then just wait and see what the lamentations will be after Amaechi. I fear that the Rivers people may not even have voice to lament the way things are going. We have abandonned the state for Rotimi to do as he pleases.

Rivers people are like people spell bound ... hoping on hope ... and taking no action.

If Rotim i must rule, then he should rule well. And it behoves on the people to ensure that he does so.

I am emotionally and psychologically drained from the prospect of living as an oppressed people for the next 8 years ... I wonder of I am the only on that feels this way. Wey all the Rivers people for this forum sef?
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